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  1. Running backs who had “zero chance of being relevant.” 13th rd or later ADP 2017 - Alvin Kamara 2016 - Jordan Howard 2015 - David Johnson AlfMo, Arian Foster, etc was undrafted. but maybe you predicted these guys being relevant at the time.
  2. This is embarrassing. Dylan Cozens thinks Muncy has too many holes in his swing right now.
  3. Touch to compare against one of the best and most consistent hitter this decade, but yeah, Buster's hands are in a favorable position to use a bat wrap. If Pham is moving the bat head towards the pitcher with his hands starting out below his shoulder, he's gonna have a bad time.
  4. The Athletic also did a great story on Aaron Judge and his bat wrap. In Spring Training last year he had a private hitting coach teach him how Barry Bonds used bat wrap to generate more bat velocity . When Judge showed up to ST as just a guy looking to earn a spot, everyone said what the hell is this guy doing with that swing. As Eno's article points out, Pham's bat wrap has indeed created a positive impact on his exit velocity. But what Pham created in more power, he's lost in timing. The heat chart showed that last year he waited on sinkers to hit more that could lead to a higher OPS. Now that he isn't giving himself the same opportunity to see the pitches he wants, he swinging on those bad sinkers that create ground outs. I wish Eno would have touched on how this ties into his dramatically negative results in whiffs on off speed pitches. His swing and whiff rate is up to 50% since April on off speed pitches and the scouting report is out on that as he's seeing more and more. I just assume that since his timing is off on fastballs, it's creating an exponential impact on his ability to hit off speed pitches. Which makes sense. If you're struggling with a two-seamer, you're going to get eaten alive by a curve or change.
  5. A reason to stick with Murphy unless you get an offer you can't pass on. June 12 - June 22 (First 33 AB) Avg. Exit Velocity - 84.3 mph xwOBA - .269 xSLG - .328 June 23 - July 8th (Next 39 AB) Avg. Exit Velocity - 88.4 mph xwOBA - .395 xSLG - .534 FB/LD Exit Velocity has increased 2.4 mph and he's hitting more 21 to 18
  6. Not many players at the age of 17 have posted a 150 wRC+ or more in Rookie ball. At least not this decade. Even 140 wRC+ is an impressive bar to reach. Soto is head and shoulders above his peers in his first taste of pro ball with a 184 wRC+. Albies (160), Devers (146), Acuna (142), Vlad (122), Torres (119), and Tatis (108) trail Soto in wRC+ as well as his ISO of .189 and his wOBA of .450. The Appy League is only 1/3 of the season underway but if Wander Franco finishes his season with Princeton, Soto may have some company. Wander Franco .352/.403/.592 7.8% K 157 wRC+ .442 wOBA .239 ISO
  7. Mitch Moreland - Leads AL 1B (among qualified) in wRC+, wOBA, SLG, 2nd in OBP and AVG Gleyber Torres - Leads AL in SLG, 2nd in AL 2B in wRC+, wOBA, HR, 3rd in AVG. 4th in OBP. He's injured and won't play so Jed Lowrie who is worthy should take his spot, but Gleyber's selection was certainly deserved. Lorenzo Cain - I can see your point, but he is the best glove on the team in the OF and his stats aren't undeserving of a spot. I definitely agree with you on Yelich and either Muncy, Peralta, or Schwarber should have that spot and Blackmon's. Folty - Only if your reasoning is that it should be Stripling here would I agree but I think Lester's spot should have been Stripling's. Otherwise Folty definitely belongs.
  8. Votto over Aguilar and Muncy is a good example of this. Same with Contreras and Posey over Realmuto. NL has to carry 3 Catchers because the players and fans chose the wrong catcher and MLB had to designate Realmuto as the Marlins rep. At least Stripling should get a spot if Nola and Corbin make their scheduled starts on Sunday.
  9. 8 is possible. 9 not so much. I have a list I keep of the my top 175 SP. Out of 57 SP with a with a lower swinging strike % than Baby Pudge's 9%, only 10 have a 8 K/9 or more. Rich Hill has a 9 K/9. Last night did a lot of damage to that K/9. Getting only 1 K dropped him from an 8 K/9 guy to a 7 K/9.
  10. Anyone talking about the start to Wander Franco’s pro ball career yet? Went 5-10 in a double header yesterday with 2 BB, 2 3B, and a HR. batting .371/.418/.629 with a 2B, 3B, and 3HR. .258 ISO but this is a smallish SS at 5’ 10” though he is a solid 189 lbs. my favorite part is that he’s only failed to get a hit once in 15 games, 6 of those games were multi-hit games, and he’s only struck out 5 times in 64 AB (6%BB-7.5%K). I tried not to get too ahead of myself regarding a 17 year olds production only 1/4 of the way into their first season but i went ahead and checked Rookie ball stats going back to 2012 for those under 18 anyway. I’ll wait to compare once more of the season is done. If he is this good....we’re talking Soto, Tatis, Vlad, Acuna hype.
  11. 17/20 solo HR. And hes still bear the top in AB/RBI Cant say move him down in the order either with a .400+ OBP
  12. Had him on the watch list after his first fangraphs mention. Now he’s with TB, for me, until I know if they use him as an opener or closer I’ll have to keep watching.
  13. Gonna play Debbie Downer for a minute, but if this is as down as you can get on Muncy then you have some unreasonable standards. If you feel like he’s hitting a lot of solo shots, you’re not wrong. 14/17 of his HR have come with no runners on. Sure, this can be attributed to 11 of them coming from the 2 spot. I did a quick look at some other 2 hole hitters on top ranked hitting teams. Now the league average for solo HR is around 60%. Muncy is at 82% from the 2,5,7&8 spot. Albies comes pretty close in the high 70s but he only hits from 1&2. The Dodgers are 8th in OBP and 8th in runs scored. I guess my beef isnt isn’t with Max but with the Dodgers. Stop robbing this hero of his RBI please!
  14. So much potential. So much inefficiency.
  15. Wow. 76 mph exit velocity. He did have a 100 mph line drive but didn’t travel far.
  16. Rage drop. Though half those runs are on Andy Green. Should have been pulled long before but tomorrow’s one of those stupid bullpen days.
  17. Yeah, pitch count. He should have been out the inning sooner but Taylor dropped a double play ball with his pitch count in the high 60s. Then Polanco K'd on an 8 pitch AB and Rodriguez worked another 8 pitch AB. Marte singled and then finally Harrison flied out. Should have had another inning in him.
  18. Starting only because my opponent has 8 starts this week and starting Lyles gives me 9. Would love to bench him but gotta chase those stupid IP. Worst. Cat. Ever.
  19. https://baseballsavant.mlb.com/expected_statistics Absolutely he can improve. I forgot where I heard this but he's somewhere among the leaders in K looking. That's backed up by his ZSwing% in the bottom 15th percentile among qualified batters (min. 100 PA). We know he's patient backed up by his BB% and OSwing%, but with his ZContact% being almost in the top 85%, if he'd just swing at his pitches he could produce more than even xstats says he should.
  20. everything @Z06vette said. Now here's how I use that data from statcast and Baseball Savant. Obviously and again as previously stated, if you're hitting the snot out of the ball and not hitting it into the dirt or sky high, you're likely to get hits and more than likely to get xbh. Once I see what unknowns are at the top of the leaderboard I start digging deeper. This is where I first noticed Pham in May of last year btw. First I want to see if their xstats say they're doing as well or should be doing much better. Let's take John Ryan Murphy for instance. When I first posted the top 10, this was before he went on his tear and received more playing time. At that time his xstats didn't jump out as say Matt Carpenter's did last month. Now he's batting .264/.365/.598 while his xstats say you should have expected a .249/.372./.624 line from how well he's hitting the ball. It's not a huge gap from his actual numbers but anyone will take that from a catcher right now. Also in the top 10 is someone I'm kicking myself for not holding on to is Daniel Palka. Xstats say he should have much better numbers than his actual numbers just like Muncy, but here's the second thing I look at which separates Palka and Murphy from Muncy. While they all strike out 24%-27% of the time, Muncy is the only one of them with a BB% in double digits, the other two don't crack 5%. He also has the lowest BABIP at .254. So I know with Muncy there's potential for much more or at least consistency whereas with Murphy and Palka I'll run into some pop but can also get a lot more 0-4 with some Ks.
  21. Two different pitchers on the mound for the Angels in 4 innings. Bad Heaney was getting crushed on his FF. Good Heaney has been getting strikes on off speed and slider.
  22. Might be my last Tropeano start. Nothing he’s throwing right now is fooling anyone. Completely flat just trying to push it to different spots. I only hope Anibal Sanchez is still available when he comes off of waivers.
  23. First earned run given up in his last 25 innings.
  24. Since we last saw Canning he was coming off of starting 4.1 innings of a no hitter. He started the next game with 3.2 innings of another no hitter giving him 8 innings of no hit ball. Tonight he gave up his first hit since this post went up. 1 hit and 1 walk tonight in 4.2 IP (75 pitches). Broadcast said he was sitting 93-95. His last 6 starts 28 innings 7 hits 1 ER 32/16 K/BB (had a 6 walk game) K%=30% Ready to see him in AAA then LA in September
  25. Everyone's drooling over Mac's donkey power but they need to know more about Muncy. Especially in OBP leagues. #7 tonight in 92 AB. For those keeping count, that's a HR every 13 ABs. That's Gallo/Judge like. 1B/3B eligible they've been hitting him grounders at 2B too in warmups.