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  1. Jets brought in a whopping 16 RB prospects for pre draft workouts. Tied for the most in the league. I like Eli, but I have to imagine those invites were to try and find a backup for Bell.
  2. Starting to? He is a piece of garbage based on his past, even if nothing comes of this (though that doesn’t seem likely to happen)
  3. There has been talk that godwin could man the slot in the arians offense, thereby leaving the outside spot opposite Evans open for someone like watson, who has the measurables/athleticism to do it. Regarding free agency the Bucs are tight against the CAP and there isn’t a ton of talent left out there. I’m sure they will sign someone , but the CAP will leave them very limited . They could draft someone but there are other definite areas of need. It actually wouldn’t shock me if they traded for a pass catching running back like duke johnson. Him paired with Evans, Godwin, OJ Howard and Brate would probably be enough for Arians to work with.
  4. Humphries is on the Titans now. Assuming they don’t draft anyone early, I imagine they will roll out with Evans, Godwin and Watson (another potential sleeper) in 3 WR sets. Plus OJ Howard at TE obviously.
  5. Djax just posted on his twitter that he enjoyed TB, but things didn’t work out and he is now looking forward to his next experience. This may finally be the year godwin gets the volume we all have been hoping he would get.
  6. Cant see how this would do anything besides help, what they did to DJ last year was just stupidly bad. Now let’s pray they get some OL help.
  7. You probably would just be fine moving on then.
  8. Burton but I’m not liking it. Think I would rank it Burton/Ian/Everett at the moment
  9. Stash him on IR and pick up Ian Thomas. Therefore you have the starter regardless of what happens during the offseason.
  10. Lucky me gets to decide between Ian/Everett or Burton as my starting TE this week. Its all about red zone looks really, and I’m not sure Ian has even had any yet?
  11. In my dynasty league the winner gets either the last pick of the 1st round or 2nd round (rookie draft) based on a coin flip. Everyone seems to like it/not mind the rule.