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  1. So about the weather though.. Rainy wind and cold. Something just to keep an eye on.
  2. Hilton and duke. Or marlon and duke.
  3. That’s tough. I’m Gonna say Murray but I would get playing tyrell as well.
  4. Williams over Diggs because of the Injury. Diggs doesn’t play as well when he is hurt.
  5. Pick 2 out of the following four player for me to start. .5 PPR. WHIR! James White vs Pit Josh Gordon vs Pit Curtis Samuel vs LA Latavius Murray vs Hou Thanks!
  6. In a deep dynasty so options were limited but I’m going with KC against Jax. Jax offensive line is week and Foles is battling through an injury.
  7. He is trying way to hard to be Bill Belichick rofl.
  8. Very excited to see what he has..but definitely won’t be starting him week 1.
  9. And Kamara is far better than Damian.
  10. There are reasons to favor shady at the moment , but saying he is a Hall of famer as the main argument is a really bad one. Tom Brady is quite possibly the best QB of all time and even he isn’t very useful in fantasy right now. Shady isn’t a useful RB in KC because he is a potential hall of famer, its because he knows the system, is in an offense notorious for producing good RB’s, has a coach that likes him, and he isn't in competition with a clear high end stud RB like Gurkey, Zeke etc.
  11. Love it as a shady owner. Goes from a terrible RBBC in Buffalo to an actual good offense where he could produce even if it’s an RBBC. Maybe I’m optimistic too but I could see Reid getting some juice out of McCoy before he is finished.
  12. Dj had more rushing yards last year alone, yes in last years bleh season, than James White has in his entire career. Also DJ still managed to almost hit 1,000 yards rushing despite a historically bad offense that was always playing from behind and a coaching regime that was god awful. No where to go but up really.