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  1. .5 ppr RB2 needed

    Agreed I would go with drake as well. Breida a close second.
  2. How Did I Do In This Deal - 100% WHIR

    Agreed good trade that should benefit both sides.
  3. Landry or Enunwa PPR

    Landry, the knee thing was probably just to give him some rest. I like Enunwa but Landry has the higher upside. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/720745-pick-1-rb-and-1-wr-whir/
  4. Big Ben vs Fitzmagic who to start?

    Ride fitzmagic until it inevitably derails.. Plus Big Ben is on the road. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/720745-pick-1-rb-and-1-wr-whir/
  5. Drop Barber for J. Williams? WHIR

    He converted to WR? Lol I’m not as high as others on barber, fitzmagic is doing his thing so there is no reason to suddenly lean on barber. Plus Ronald jones is lurking. Having said that though there is just too much competition for Jamal between jones and ty mont. I think he is worth a pickup, but not at the expense of barber.
  6. Hmm both can be seen as boom bust. Amari has always been one and Cole will always depend on if Blake decides to play well or not. I think Amari is the right choice here because there is less completion for targets and his ceiling is higher. Good luck!
  7. Flex help WHIR

    Enunwa. Darnolds #1 target and the higher floor of those players. Brown or woods are ok if you decide to go a different route. Just not Michel, need to see more from him. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/720745-pick-1-rb-and-1-wr-whir/
  8. Godwin or Enunwa at flex, WHIR

    Enunwa. Higher floor and Darnolds #1 target http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/720745-pick-1-rb-and-1-wr-whir/

    Quincy for me. Best floor http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/720745-pick-1-rb-and-1-wr-whir/
  10. Browns or Baltimore, WHIR

    Cleveland. Thursday night games tend to be sloppy, and the defensive line could eat the jets bad offensive line alive. Plus darnold will probably throw a pick or two http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/720745-pick-1-rb-and-1-wr-whir/
  11. Need help picking my RB2 (benching McCoy) and Flex spot. .5 PPR RB2 options: James white at Detroit or Bilal Powell at Cleveland Flex options(pick 1): Keelan Cole vs Tennessee Devin Funchess vs Cincinnati Chris Godwin vs Pittsburgh WHIR. Thanks!
  12. 9/16/2018 Cardinals vs Rams Game Day Thread

    So will the Cardinals ever have a decent time of possession?
  13. Pick 2 for FLEX spots WHIR

    Bump. Curious to see if there are any more thoughts!
  14. Fill My Week 1 Lineup - WHIR

    Would like to help since you helped me but I don’t think you can view signatures on a mobile device?
  15. Solid. But you probably would need another RB if you wanted to be a championship favorite IMO.