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  1. Currently have a dilemma in my flex spot. This week I traded for both Sammy Watkins and Will Fuller (separate deals) and now I’m not sure who to start. Watkins is my preferred start but he plays Sunday night and is questionable, and I currently only have Darrel Williams to play in his spot in case of a Watkins inactive. That’s not very reassuring. With that said in the FA pool are Hines, Wilkins, pascal and Marquise Goodwin. Will Fuller plays at 1 so it may be safer play but he hasn’t done a whole lot yet. Would you go safe and play Fuller or risk it and hope Watkins plays and if he doesn’t have to play one of the other options I mentioned in the FA pool? Thanks for the help in advance.
  2. My league starts 8 IDP (25 man rosters 8 offense/8 defense/1 kicker/8 bench) 5 D (flex) 1 LB 1 DB 1 DL Makes things very interesting, certainly not easy but it’s fun. I don’t know why people continue to play Team Defense, IDP is the way to go in my opinion.
  3. It also increases the likelihood of a tie game as well. In my league which has 10 years of history we had no decimal scoring for the first 3 seasons. In those 3 seasons we had 3 ties, in the 7 seasons that have followed, 0 ties.
  4. Everyone is talking about a loss of targets for Ertz, which seems likely of course, however with the additions on offense, couldn’t that open him up to a more efficient season? He was at a career low 10.0 yards per reception last year, while the previous year he was at 11.1. DJax should help keep a safety off of him a little more, probably opening him up a bit. Less targets, better efficiency. I’m projecting him at around 125-130 targets, which if he catches around 70% of them puts him between 87-91 catches. If he gets back up to 11 yards per reception that gives him 957-1,001 yards. Throw in about 7 or 8 TDs seems pretty good to me. A little regression but not the massive earth shattering regression some seem to be calling for in my opinion.
  5. I offered it to him, he accepted. 3 picks in the top 22 sounds really nice, not sure what’s gonna be there at 51 though.
  6. Also forgot to mention I traded my 7th and 8th round picks (82 and 87 overall) to acquire a 6th and a 9th (64 and 105 overall.)
  7. Thinking about a trade offer, need some opinions. I would receive his 2nd round (22 overall) and his 5th round (51 overall). I would be giving up my 3rd round (34 overall) and my 4th round (39 overall). 25 man rosters. Start 3 WR plus Flex. Also start 8 IDP. Thoughts? Appreciate it in advance.
  8. 4th pick? Antonio Brown come on down.
  9. So, RBs, WRs, TEs get credit for all of their yardage at the exact amount (49 yards=4.9) but kickers should only be 3 no matter what? There’s even PPR to juice up skill positions points as well, but still kickers should only get 3 points regardless? A 60 yard FG should be the same as a 25 yard FG? I’m not buying. I’m not saying I like the decimal point system as I prefer the round number for kickers, but I like a little bonus given to the kickers for the longer FGs. 39 yards and under 3 points. 40-49=4, 50 or more=5. Not saying everyone has to play or like the same scoring formats but I think kickers should be valued for their contributions more than just 3 points regardless of how long the FG is. Kickers are people too! ?
  10. As far as I know you can only look at the current years draft results on the app. For instance if you already drafted for 2018 they would show up afterwards on the app. If you want to look at 2017 results you have to go back through the league history archive or your yahoo profile on your PC. Im pretty sure that’s how it works but if someone knows how to do what you’re talking about I’d like to know as well.
  11. No you miss the point because clearly you didn’t read or understand the data I provided. I will say it again, just because you replace the Qb does not mean you replace the amount of pass attempts per game.
  12. QB are lost every season and replaced, the amount of pass attempts are not necessarily replaced. FYI I'm including all games played for every player here, even partial game as to make this fair for both the starter that missed part of a game and the backup that played part of a game. However for the starters and backups I did not include games played with fewer than 10 pass attempts. Rodgers 238 attempts/7 games = 34 attempts per game Hundley 316 attempts/10 games= 31.6 attempts per game Luck (2016) 545 attempts/15 games= 36.3 attempts per game Brissett 467 attempts/15 games= 31.13 attempts per game Palmer-267 attempts/7 games= 38.14 attempts per game Gabbert-171 attempts/5 games=34.2 attempts per game Stanton-159 attempts/5 games=31.8 attempts per game Winston-442 attempts/13 games= 34 attempts per game Fitzpatrick-163 attempts/5 games= 32.6 attempts per game Wentz-440 attempts/13 games= 33.84 attempts per game Foles- 97 attempts/4 games= 24.25 attempts per game As you can see, attempts went down from the starter to the backup every time. Coincidence? I don't think so. Just because you replace the QB does not mean you replace the amount of attempts they have. All of that is to say, you have less targets for WR's because of less attempts from QBs and when you're missing high end fantasy players such as Rodgers, Luck, Wentz and solid QB options like Winston and Palmer for chunks of a season go figure targets are going to go down, that's common sense. It doesn't mean its a league wide trend necessarily.
  13. Rodgers missed 9 games Luck missed 16 games Wentz missed 3 games Winston missed 3 games plus parts of 2 more Roethlisberger missed 1 game Palmer missed 9 games Think that had anything to do with pass attempts going down?
  14. OBJ has literally never averaged any more than 10.83 targets per game in his entire career, so where you’re getting this 12-18 number from I have no idea. 10 targets per game is what OBJ has done and if he plays all season I seriously doubt he doesn’t get 160 targets. Give Eli 550 attempts, which he hasn’t had that few since 2013, and see where the targets distribute. Heres a hypothetical... OBJ- 160 Engram-100 Shepard-100 Barkley-100 In this unrealistic scenario that Barkley gets 100 targets on top of his rushing load and Engram and Shepard also get 100 each. Eli would still have 190 targets to spread around amongst his WR 3-5, backup TEs and backup RBs. Also, wouldn’t having more options help Odell so he’s not keyed in on as much? I get concern over an injury or holdout but neither has been reported to be a major concern at this point. Odell is being slept on this year in my opinion. He’s like your WR8 it looks like. I’ve seen others say he’s not a 1st rounder. This guy is elite, he’s good for 90-100 receptions 1200-1400 yards, 10-12 TDs, and has done so every year he’s played at least 12 games, and that’s not being force fed some insanely high target amount for a #1 WR either. Opinions are opinions I get it, but I think you’re way off on this.
  15. I’d rather not draft either one of them at their current draft cost to be honest.