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  1. Unfortunately faces the Bears this week and may need to be benched as a result.
  2. "We're gonna make the reigning 50 TD throwing MVP beat us"
  3. Meh. Sign in the morning, go to practice, 200 YFS and 2 TDs Sunday, profit????
  4. Andy Reid on LeSean McCoy: "We looked at the tape. I've known him a long time. He still has the great feet, the vision. We're lucky to have Damien here, who we consider a starter. I think it's a great situation for them to be in."
  5. Interested to see if Reid is asked about this signing during his next press conference, whenever that is.
  6. His 0-15 stretch is just what the doctor ordered [...]
  7. Looks like Yahoo won't make him IL eligible until tomorrow. Thanks!
  8. Forgot what it was like to watch him go 0-4, glad to have him back!
  9. Like two weeks ago this guy was a sabermetrics darling with elite expected stats over the course of 200 PA's and now he's droppable lol?