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  1. Starting because half my pitchers are hurt and I need to roll out any healthy arms I have. Really hope we see a correction of some mechanical flaw Paxton was dealing with.
  2. Back in the lineup, hitting 2nd, playing CF. All systems go
  3. Not to mention Wood and Hill will probably get hurt.
  4. I think this guy deserves to have his name spelled right on his own thread, at the very least.
  5. Well considering Drake is probably Ajayi's primary backup and the most talented back on the roster other than Ajayi (and thus the biggest threat to his workload), he should probably be listed first when going down the depth chart.
  6. Click on your name under the name of your current team... should bring up a list of all your previous yahoo teams and you can see end of season rosters, standings, etc.
  7. What happened to Kenyan Drake?
  8. I would be surprised if Bannister even knew what those terms meant.
  9. I don't see how anyone can be dropping him right now. I highly doubt there's any higher upside arms on your WWs. It probably boils down to one of 2 things: 1. Flaw in his mechanics: hopefully the coaches have seen enough and know how to fix it, or; 2. He's hurt: likely DL stint incoming. In which case you put him in a DL slot.
  10. Vaguely xenophobic and doesn't really add anything to the discussion. Nice. Njoku is definitely a guy to own in dynasty but I have a hard time seeing him even becoming a TE2 in his rookie season. Super raw but crazy athleticism.
  11. Seems to me if they were going to put him on the DL they would have done so already. I'm guessing he's back in the lineup Tuesday.
  12. Doolittle consistently finds ways to hurt himself. Therein lies the rub.
  13. Placed on 7-day AAA DL.
  14. Kendrys just hit an absolute moonshot. I need some statcast on that.
  15. Greg. This is your time. Seize the day.