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  1. I agree that Mixon has some of Lev's "stop/start" style to his game. Saying Mixon is the next Lev is a bit of a stretch at this point though.
  2. He's going in the 3rd round so unless you draft RB/RB/RB it will be tough to get him as your RB3, and drafting an RB in the 3rd round kind of goes against the entire theory of a zero-RB strategy.
  3. Ketel or Starling? I'm looking at middle infielders until Trea gets back.
  4. You guys holding or moving on? Can't afford to sit on zeroes at this point of the season.
  5. Just wanted to chime in and echo that I thought Doug looked great last night. Showed nice burst and wiggle on pretty much all his touches. Disappointed overall in TB's offense, I thought they should have done much better with Jacksonville sitting their top 2 CBs.
  6. I'd say last year isn't even close to his ceiling. He didn't even have 200 carries. The line has been upgraded with the additions of Zeitler and Tretter. If he can get 250+ carries then his numbers could significantly improve.
  7. I know it's preseason but he's rushed 9 times for 17 yards. 1.89 YPC. I'm gonna have to pass on that Blount.
  8. That's probably where you're going to have to take him. I wouldn't take him over Gronk, Kelce or Olsen though.
  9. Trades rarely happen in the NFL as is, but last week we had an NBA-style, 3-team trade so I don't know what to believe anymore. Front offices are realizing they might as well get value for a guy on an expiring contract that they don't plan on re-signing, even if it's only a late-round pick. I think we need to throw out some of the conventional wisdom we've held regarding personnel moves in the NFL.
  10. We saw what Hill did with all those carries... and it was underwhelming to say the least. There's still hope Hill gets traded too.
  11. Ravens would be pretty cool. Not much in the way of competition and running behind a guy like Yanda would be big. Not sure if the Bengals would trade inside the division though.
  12. I'm Ron Burgundy? I usually just stream and I'm eyeing the Rams week 1 against the Colts helmed by J.R.R. Tolzein at the Colliseum.
  13. He's just heating up again! Gonna give Stanton a run for his money down the stretch here.
  14. 2 steals in 2 days since we all started complaining about him. This is more like it.
  15. Where are you quoting these rules from? As far as I know, none of my leagues having any of these rules.