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  1. Total disaster today. Even Smokin Joe couldn’t find a life raft amongst the flotsam that is the 2019 Cincinnati Bengals
  2. He’s going to ball out today, bench at your own risk.
  3. 7th round pick, but he makes big plays when he’s on the field. Could be a diamond in the rough for the 49ers in a real football sense but I can’t see him being fantasy relevant this year.
  4. Tough lineup... pitchrlist has him 12/32 today, might pull the trigger
  5. All 3 Texans WRs had their way with the Saints last week... I wouldn’t worry about them shutting anyone down.
  6. I’d bet my bottom dollar Tampa addresses the position in a big way this offseason. Swift would be 👌
  7. He got a lot of quick short passes when he played last year. Good PPR stat lines. Standard not so much. Definitely won’t be a target hog, more like fighting for scraps behind Nuk and Fuller.
  8. You could give these 3 jabronis electric mittens in the middle of the Kalahari and you still wouldn’t have a hot hand between them