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  1. They should be starting in like early February if you're doing 50 rounds... at this rate you'll be missing the first month of the season!
  2. Yeah, and the price that he's going at makes it a worthwhile gamble in my opinion.
  3. If he only ends up missing the first month of the season he could end up being a steal at his current ADP based on the recent reports:
  4. I like Steamer on Fangraphs: 79/28/91/2/.280 Might be a little conservative but it's a good starting point.
  5. First save of the year... Hunter frickin Strickland
  6. He'll always be a platoon player with his career .181 batting average vs LHP. Verdugo is waiting and might even cut into Joc's ABs vs RHP at some point this season.
  7. Oof, might be one of the worst possible landing spots for him...
  8. German is having an excellent spring with a 1.54 ERA and 18/2 K/BB in 11 2/3 IP. Sounds like he will definitely be in the rotation with Severino out until May but what are his chances of sticking after that? How does the Gio Gonzalez signing affect him long term?
  9. I mean... he certainly has the power and the talent to hit 50 bombs. I wouldn't confuse the possibility and probability of it happening though...