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  1. Um, yes. Assuming he can figure out how to avoid the blister recurring and the MLB stops juicing the balls. He has as much upside as any SP in baseball imo.
  2. Luis Castillo getting rocked... his ridiculous schedule catching up to him?
  3. Hope none of you guys dropped him...
  4. I'm a Jays fan. I hate you all equally, but come on... Todd Frazier is washed up, offers nothing on the base paths, and is barely above the Mendoza line.
  5. Surprised nobody mentioned this:
  6. Robles is arguably a higher rated prospect than Torres It's definitely up for debate (note the word arguably) as to which player you would consider more valuable but both are usually top 5 on prospect lists... you're missing the point of my argument that the Nats aren't going to trade an elite prospect for a 3 month rental in JDM. The Chapman trade was derided at the time and will ultimately end up being an outlier in my opinion.
  7. A trade which was widely regarded as a massive overpay, but they won the WS so the point is moot. Chapman filled a very specific need and was the best closer in the game at the time. Robles is arguably a higher rated prospect than Torres, and the Cubs' system was loaded. Do the Nats really need another power bat? They would be better served moving Robles for an elite closer if that's what the market is going to dictate.
  8. Trading Robles for a few months of JDM would be such a ridiculously short-sighted trade, I have no idea what you're basing your opinion on.
  9. Big W in Fenway. Hopefully this is the beginning of some kind of run.
  10. I thought Washington was adamant they weren't trading Robles... not sure what kind of package Detroit would have to give up to get a prospect like Robles but I'm guessing it would have to include JDM and Verlander. Seems farfetched to me.