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  1. Alex Cobb 2018 Outlook

    57 million dollars for this garbage!!
  2. 4/19 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Cobb is garbage. Can't believe the O's gave him $57MM
  3. Alex Cobb 2018 Outlook

    Anyone firing him up @ Detroit today?
  4. Cincinnati Reds 2018 outlook

    They wanted to hold Senzel down so badly they canned Price for asking for him...
  5. Tyler O'Neill 2018 Outlook

    Jesus this dude is JACKED
  6. Jose Bautista 2018 Outlook

    "I’ve talked to the guys down there today who said the guy is in phenomenal shape," Snitker said. "A big workout. I’m sure he’s going to be excited about getting back and playing."
  7. 4/18 - GAMEDAY THREAD

    Playing time will probably be a little inconsistent when Donaldson and Morales come back.. but definitely a nice bench bat to have with all that positional flexibility.
  8. Teoscar Hernandez 2018 Outlook

    He looks really, really good... adding now and asking questions later.
  9. Smokin' Joe Mixon had an up-and-down rookie season where he showed flashes of his elite patience and elusiveness but was held back by an ineffective offense and an underwhelming offensive line. Unfortunately, Marvin Lewis was brought back to continue his tenure of mediocrity. I think Mixon will be a 1st round pick in 2019 and is one of the most talented RBs in the NFL today. Change my mind.
  10. Corey Dickerson 2018 Outlook

    Just an off day against a lefty apparently.
  11. Wilson Ramos 2018 Outlook

    He's 5/13 over his last 3 games, he should be DHing over Gomez, Span, Field & Smith honestly. Pretty ridiculous that Denard Span and Johnny Freakin' Fields are getting ABs over him.
  12. Jed Lowrie 2018 Outlook

    A full-on "breakout" at 34 seems unlikely, but he's crushing it right now and that can't be ignored...
  13. Anyone streaming him against the lowly Fish?
  14. Roto league with OBP instead of AVG. 1 catcher slot. McCann - HOU Ramos - TB Lucroy - OAK Cervelli - PIT Barnes - LAD Hedges - SD Wieters - WAS Suzuki - ATL etc. Post a link and I WHIR. Thanks.
  15. Pick 1 Catcher ROS. WHIR

    You’re not worried about his brutal start and sporadic playing time? I’m honestly leaning towards going no catcher because all these guys feel like black holes.
  16. Fair Trade?

    I’d much rather Thor than MadBum so no way I’m doing that. I might consider doing Ray instead but I don’t think it really helps your team much. Thanks for the help with mine.
  17. Nomar Mazara 2018 Outlook

    The Big Chill always seems to have a big game when the haters come in here and pick him apart... so can you guys keep it up??
  18. Mallex Smith 2018 Outlook

    Batting 9th for some reason... I guess because they're up against a lefty? He's sporting a much higher OBP than Duffy or Hech who are in the 1 and 2 holes, respectively. Frustrating.
  19. 4/14 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Cobb 🤢
  20. 4/14 - GAME DAY THREAD

    How is Cobb looking? Just shaking the rust off?
  21. Teoscar Hernandez 2018 Outlook

    My bad, I missed that. Hopefully he sticks near the top of the lineup.
  22. Teoscar Hernandez 2018 Outlook

    Batting 2nd. That was quick. 1. Curtis Granderson (L) DH 2. Teoscar Hernandez (R) LF 3. Justin Smoak (S) 1B 4. Yangervis Solarte (S) 3B 5. Russell Martin (R) C 6. Kevin Pillar (R) CF 7. Aledmys Diaz (R) SS 8. Randal Grichuk (R) RF 9. Devon Travis (R) 2B
  23. Josh Donaldson 2018 Outlook

    Exactly... not sure why they couldn't just DH him for a little while, Kendrys Molasses is on the DL anyway. Probably means there's more to the injury than they initially thought.
  24. 1 stinking RBI on the season Brian?
  25. Whit Merrifield 2018 Outlook

    Soler has no business being in the top half of any MLB lineup, even KC’s underwhelming squad.