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  1. Seems like he could have used a bit more seasoning but injuries forced the A's hand... Manaea did a good job of defusing the bombers last night so we'll see if Cotton can pick up where he left off.
  2. Considering streaming him tomorrow against the Phillies. He was dominant in his last start vs Cleveland.
  3. There's a rainstorm rolling over Lake Ontario... ๐ŸŒงโ›ˆ๐ŸŒงโ›ˆ๐ŸŒง
  4. At the very least it gives the Yankees a good excuse to keep him out of the lineup.
  5. Crazy that they would postpone the KC/NYY game already... why isn't anyone else reporting this???
  6. Hell yes he's worth a stream if he's going to be playing every day. Seems to do something every time he's in the lineup. Gets Oakland's sketchy pitching at home over the weekend too.
  7. Only saw that thread and I was wondering why there wasn't any discussion after he signed with CWS. Anyone want to take a shot at an ETA? Not a lot blocking him on the south side..
  8. 1 win down for Berrios, just need the Jays pen to hold on for Stroman. ๐Ÿคž
  9. You mean in terms of performance or workload? From what I understand he's not completely stretched out yet?
  10. In the exact same boat... ERA on the week jumped from ~2 to ~3.5 real f-ing quick.
  11. Time to add everywhere? Tyson Ross (shoulder) could make his Rangers debut next weekend against the Astros. Ross looked excellent in his first rehab start Tuesday with Triple-A Round Rock, yielding only two hits over five scoreless innings. He'll start for Round Rock again on Monday, with the goal of making it six innings, and then we should see the right-hander back in the bigs for the first time since Opening Day in 2016. Ross is a worthwhile stash in deeper mixed fantasy leagues coming off October surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome.
  12. Yeah really unfortunate. He was cruising before the 3 run shot by Domingo Santana. Wasn't a great swing from Santana either, I'm kind of surprised it got out. Sucks he loses the QS but still in line for the W.
  13. It's always league-specific, but I don't think you're going to lose any sleep from cutting bait on Joc.
  14. Fractured hamate... presumably hit by a pitch in the wrist.
  15. Kendrys Morales with the 2 run shot
  16. This, and it's usually a broken hamate that saps guys' power, which is more in the thumb area than the wrist itself... Freeman got hit on the inside of the wrist/forearm.
  17. Here's a pretty good timeline of the events:
  18. It was a small fracture in his wrist. I just saw that his original timetable was actually 4-6 weeks. There's still reason for optimism with Freddie, though.
  19. In 2011, Albert Pujols broke his wrist and was supposed to miss 6-8 weeks. He came back after 2 weeks, ended up hitting 37 HRs that year, and finished 5th in MVP voting. No two wrist injuries are going to be the same but there is precedent for guys maintaining their power stroke.
  20. Starter has to go 5. If the score holds, Devo should get the W. ๐Ÿ‰
  21. Odorizzi looking good? 7 Ks thru 5 IP.
  22. I'm guessing he probably goes back down when Steve Pearce comes back.
  23. Anyone that watched him last season could see he was swinging at garbage pitches. Some of the worst plate discipline in the league.
  24. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, the Titans are the frontrunners to acquire Brandin Cooks in a deal that could send the No. 18 overall pick to the Saints. Would be a blow to his value in all likelihood. Going from Brees to Mariota and leaving the fast turf and dome at home. I was considering keeping him but will probably have to re-evaluate if this trade happens.