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  1. They need to get Choo out of the 2 hole.
  2. Seriously? That's hilarious
  3. Someone get Thames a pisscup 💉
  4. Pretty shocking Gogo doesn't have a SB to his name through 3 weeks. I was banking on him as a cheap source of speed but it's not looking good right now.
  5. So he's had a few games, do you think he gets back in the groove now?
  6. His K% is down from last year, and his BB% rate is actually up from last year. His BABIP is a microscopic .111 so there's definitely going to be a correction here at some point, right? Did some digging into his career monthly splits to see if he is typically a slow starter: Mar/Apr: .231/.316/.470 May: .261/.342/.518 Jun: .260/.330/.493 So I guess you could say he's a bit of a slow starter, but he's never started out quite this cold. This guy was actually dropped in my deep-ish 10 teamer so I'm strongly considering a waiver claim hoping for some serious correction.
  7. 10 team, h2, 5x5 w/ OBP instead of AVG. Have had Bird on my bench all season trying to exercise patience but I don't want to miss a Conforto breakout. Post a link and I WHIR.
  8. Seems like a good move, you've got some excess power so it makes sense to address your weaknesses. Help?
  9. Thanks. Do you think he's going to end up playing every day or is Collins gonna keep dicking him around? Seems to me like he's forcing their hand right now.
  10. Beltran easily for me. Help?
  11. Top 30 OF rest of season, assuming he plays every day?
  12. Don't do it... Polanco will get it going soon. Help?
  13. No-brainer for you. Help?
  14. Good call, his schedule has been nothing short of brutal. Still needs to get his mechanics figured out though.
  15. Good call. How many pitches is he sitting at?
  16. Devon Travis might be heating up for those looking for 2B/MI help. HR and a long double off the wall today.
  17. The Jays might ruin Osuna's save opp here...
  18. I believe May 6th is the next time they need a 5th starter.
  19. Can confirm, TT is now SS eligible on Yahoo.
  20. May 1st. I told myself I would wait until May 1st. 1 week Gregory, don't let me down.
  21. Casilla pitched the last 2 days FWIW
  22. Is he going to leadoff or are they going to put him in the 2 hole with Eaton leading off?
  23. Good god if someone dropped Bum I would blow a #1 waiver or 100% of my FAAB for him in a heartbeat.
  24. I think Avisail will fall back down to earth soon. Would you drop Bird for him?
  25. Giles' owners: "Don't worry, the sky's not falling. It's just approaching earth at an acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2."