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  2. He simply cannot stay healthy..
  3. So... time do take your leagues off ESPN, if it wasn't already abundantly obvious before
  4. Here's the article for anyone that's interested: "I won't declare anybody the closer," Maddon told reporters. "I didn't even declare Stropie the closer. Once Brandon's out, we've got to figure it out. Once Morrow comes back, he will be the closer".
  5. Should take this over to the big boy thread:
  6. When the teams officially put the players on the DL. Probably on or right before opening day.
  7. Gonna play himself into everyday ABs at 1B?
  8. I’m surprised yahoo doesn’t have a note up stating the time frame for week 1. They usually do this when a fantasy matchup lasts anything more than a week like week 1, allstar break, etc.
  9. Yeah sorry for the confusion. I am referring to add/drops. We have a limit of 5 pickups per week, which I believe in this case means I only have 5 pickups until April 8th!!! The Japan series really screwed us here...
  10. Falcons reportedly closing in on a deal to make Julio Jones the NFL's highest-paid receiver
  11. Are you sure? I can't find it anywhere on yahoo. Also, I was wrong earlier, Week 2 begins Monday April 8th, so really we're looking at week 1 stretching over 3 different weeks. Does that mean weekly pickup limits reset on Monday the 25th, the 1st and the 8th?
  12. Pretty sure it's after week 1 is done. So Monday April 1st. Edit: Thanks Japan.
  13. Damn you're right. Probably won't be down all that long...
  14. Must-own, provided he's right?
  15. Most players haven’t actually been placed on the DL yet. Side note: Yahoo still has Sixto Sanchez listed as a Phillies player.
  16. He’s off to a nice start after the Japan series, thoughts on MS as a MI option? Any chance we see 20/20 here?
  17. Does anyone know if he'll be DL eligible on yahoo, or just NA?