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  1. Watkins or Davis?

    Still undecided! Please help! Thanks!
  2. Watkins or Davis?

    You feel good about Gabbert and their injured O line vs the Texans though?!
  3. Watkins or Davis?

    PPR btw. thanks again!
  4. Looking for the highest upside play since I’m playing AJ Green (3 TD) this week. Corey Davis vs HOU or Sammy Watkins @ PIT Thank you!
  5. Sammy Watkins 2018 Outlook

    I really liked his usage last week and I see a lot of upside this week in a potential shootout. I’m actually starting him this week over Corey Davis with a shaky QB situation.
  6. After doing some research on Twitter, it looks like CBS and ESPN are the same way with retroactive stats in H2H leagues. Anyone on Fantrax have a report on how they handled this situation? Thanks in advance.
  7. Thanks for the information on this. I'll be honest, stuff like this really irritates me more than anything else with Yahoo. I have a league mate in our H2H league who started Doolittle on May 15, he gets the save yesterday, but Yahoo will not give him the week 7 stat correction?! This would have affected his outcome for that week in the saves category. He was down 6 to 5 in saves for week 7 and the Doolittle save would have tied him 6 to 6, giving him a tie for the week 7 matchup. I know it's a half a win, but it could make the difference in league standings at the end of the season. I am curious how other platforms are handling this situation in H2H leagues. Please let me know, thank you!
  8. What would you do?

    To me, this is a no brainer. I like the Mookie and Jack side, by a mile. Mookie is the best player in the deal, and you know what you're getting with him. His top tier talent is hard to come by, you don't know what you are going to get out of Acuna and Kingery. I'll take the Mookie in the bank, no question.
  9. What would you do?

    In what context? Keeper league? How many teams? Categories?
  10. 1 more keeper

    ABreg 💯
  11. Pick two out of three...

    JV and AN, no brainer
  12. Throw Machado Back?

    I guess I'm 11th overall in the 1st round, Yelich will likely fall to me after 24 players are kept...
  13. Throw Machado Back?

    Thanks for your help. I guess my hang up is I just don't see a huge difference in potential 2018 offensive production between Machado and Yelich. Yelich will likely have better OBP, more SB. Machado higher SLG. Runs and RBI will be pretty close between the 2, slight edge to Machado. I guess when you consider the scarcity of positions between 3B/SS and OF, Machado has the edge. Does it make a difference that it's a 4 OF league?