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  1. I have him on 5 of 7 teams and was replying to your earlier comment.
  2. Not a keeper league. Yahoo Pro League auction.
  3. In one of my 10 teamers I have Kupp, Thielen, Boyd, Evans, Allen, Kittle, Gordon and Dorsett.
  4. Anyone else surprised this is Jordan Howard's 4th season and he's still only 24 years old?
  5. http://www.nfl.com/videos/good-morning-football/0ap3000001026005/Burleson-explains-why-A-J-Brown-is-most-NFL-ready-WR-in-draft
  6. Went up against Derrick Henry on a team that needed to win to have a shot at the playoffs
  7. Think the Broncos will restructure and extend his contract after this season? His signing bonus was only $15k. 2018 $495,000 age 24 2019 $570,000 age 25 2020 $660,000 age 26
  8. Starting with low confidence on two teams.
  9. Not signing for the 14.5m is like an insurance payment. If he got seriously injured this year that could have cost him much more than 14.5m on his next contract.