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  1. Went up against Derrick Henry on a team that needed to win to have a shot at the playoffs
  2. Think the Broncos will restructure and extend his contract after this season? His signing bonus was only $15k. 2018 $495,000 age 24 2019 $570,000 age 25 2020 $660,000 age 26
  3. Starting with low confidence on two teams.
  4. Not signing for the 14.5m is like an insurance payment. If he got seriously injured this year that could have cost him much more than 14.5m on his next contract.
  5. That 14.5 million he didn't earn this season is more like an insurance payment. He could have had a serious injury this season that could have cost him a lot more than 14.5 million on his next contract.
  6. No thread on Green? He is playing well coming off the bench.
  7. Derrick Rose is averaging 39 points a game this season when playing in games without Jimmy Butler.
  8. 11 points in the first half of a close game on 4 for 4 shooting.
  9. Benched Watson on 5 of 5 teams Benched Fuller on 2 of 2 teams Benched Drake on 1 of 2 teams Benched Parker on 1 of 1 teams
  10. He caught a pass that was not thrown well for a 1st down. He was actually open for a lot of passes but Mitch barely looked his way which is a mistake because he was missing a lot of his WR throws today. The one good thing for Howard owners is that he was kept in the game on 3rd downs for blocking and pass catching which would have been nice if he was thrown to more.
  11. https://twitter.com/NFL_DovKleiman/status/1051526532177498112
  12. Nagy going to embarrass himself today if he keeps trying to go against the grain and not using Howard on short down situations.
  13. Howard not used on 5 very short down (1 or 2 yards) situations already and it's only the 1st quarter!!
  14. Made the mistake of trying to draft him in the 4th round. Regretting not picking him up now.
  15. I took him with the #26th pick because my next pick was #47.
  16. I wonder what's up with the all the short routes today. Anyone know if that is the game plan moving forward with him?
  17. Only concern I have after watching the game today was that he was playing the security blanket and was taking hard hits on these short routes. On more than one occasion he went to the sideline after getting pounded taking hit after hit.