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  1. Robinson looked good in summer league, but come on he is nowhere near the level of the top 10 players in this draft. Summer league can be deceiving. If summer league were a pure basis for how players will eventually perform, then Bayless and Stanley Johnson should be memebers of All NBA teams. With that said, Robinson did look good because he is athletic, but not top 6 good
  2. Michael Porter Jr 2018-19 Season Thread

    hard to take a guy that high who we have barely seen against legit competition. He looked good in HS, but many people who did well in HS struggled in next level, considering how deep this draft is, I value these guys over him (in no particular order) Ayton, Doncic, Bagley, JJJ, Bamba, WCJ, Sexton, Knox, SGA. just too many question marks to risk picks 6-10 for him when you got so many other choices who are much safer and potential big time players too.
  3. I doubt timberwolves will make anymore moves, but yes if either Butler or Wiggins gets traded or hurt, KAT's value jumps up big time. might even be the top player taken if that happens
  4. depends on what you are playing. top 80-90 is not bad, unless you are over drafting him. but if you are taking him at rounds 6-7 then that is a good return. also yes the stocks will be low, but what you are getting with Randle is consistency. There are players who can average 1/1/1 but you never know when they will contribute in those cats, which can be a headache in H2H. With Randle you are not going to get sexy numbers, but you know you are going to get consistent points rebounds and some assists every week
  5. Josh Hart 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    kcp is starting, KCP is the only sure starter together with LBJ.
  6. summer league can be deceiving, that's why you can't just judge by checking box score, but this guy is for real. At worst he will give you blks + 3s, a serge ibaka from 2-3 years ago. But he has the tools to be much better than that. Has the post moves, can dribble drive, has the upside to be good at FT%. When evaluating prospects the stats or cats that can easily translate to the pro level are- Rebounds, Blocks, 3s. If you excel in those cats and you get playing time, most likely they will also carry over to the NBA. JJJ is elite in 2 of those. that's why at worst you are getting a 3s / blocks guy. So I'd say floor: Serge Ibaka (this guy was a consistent top 25 guy when he was in OKC) Ceiling: Chris Bosh with blocks. I think the floor is low, and the ceiling is very high.
  7. i don't really put much weight into summer league fg%, with the exception of say someone like Trae Young who clearly just settles for 3s. JJJ had like 2-3 games of bad FG%, but you can see he has post moves, and driving ability. If he can figure how to mix things up the right way, he will be alright. Trae young is a different story, his biggest problem is he just cannot finish inside the paint against nba competition
  8. I admit, when JJJ got drafted by Memphis, my first thought was, he is gonna take some time to be fantasy relevant because they have Marc Gasol, Memphis not known to develop rookies, they might prioritize winning now with veterans, he is still raw offensively, but watching this guy play in summer league has proven me wrong. He is getting a lot of love because 1) blocks, he blocks with left and right hand with ease and great timing 2) 3s. weird release, but it is quick and works just fine. and his dad Sr. is a great shooter so it must be in the genes These 2 alone 3s and blocks makes him a great source of stocks, ala Porzingis. But this guy also has above average post moves, and can dribble drive to the basket all the way from the 3 point arc which is very impressive. Will not show in the box score, but his ability to post up and drive, will mean he will not be just a spot up shooter which can drag his FG% down because he is so talented on offense. This guy is gonna be special. comparison I can find for him now: Chris Bosh with blocks. which is scary. He also loves to play and is giving it all despite this being summer league, compared to say Ayton, who grabs rebounds with ease, but you could see slacks off at times. Many things can still happen, but I bet right now Memphis is happy no one took their bait of trading Parsons and 4th pick to another team just to get rid of that ugly contract. Player development will be very important
  9. yup, what makes this hurt more for him was it is widely believed his hip injury got worse by trying to play thru injury to help Celtics in the playoff run. But you can't blame Ainge too, that's why he is the GM, he should look out for the team's best interest.
  10. IT2 diehards and some Celtics fans hating on Ainge for dealing him last year, now he is looking like an absolute genious
  11. Bulls overpaid Lavine but they did so because - he was key member of jimmy trade, so they can't just give him up for free and not try to see what the return for jimmy is. Let's face it, no major FA will want to sign with the Bulls over the next 3 years, so maybe they said might as well take the risk and see what we have here, by the time his contract is up, they will see what they have with Lauri, WCJ, and Dunn, then decide from there if Lavine is part of their future. - I don't think you can compare him with it2. With Lavine, you're paying for what you think is still hidden upside and potential. He is not a good defender but at least he he has the size to do so if he puts his mind into it. IT2, I have never believed in him being a star player, check out IT2 threads from way before and I have always believed he is a 6th man at best. IT2 to Denver. His ideal landing spot would have been the Magic, but I guess he was asking for too much that's why Magic didn't make an offer. In Denver he will be stuck behind Harris and Murray, so much for him trying to regain fantasy status
  12. Ayton will have the more immediate impact because he can get a double double in his sleep and in line to play 30mpg from the get go, however, JJJ looks like the better fantasy player among the 2. 3s, blocks, good ft. The only thing holding him back is Memphis system, I cannot remember the last time Memphis was able to develop a rookie, maybe last time was Mike Conley. To their credit though, they haven't picked this high in the draft for a while too. JJJ is a perfect fit with Marc Gasol too if they will give him the minutes. Doncic not playing in summer league will push him down in some draft boards, which is good for people who know how good this guy is
  13. lavine got overpaid, but Bulls didn't have much of a choice, Lavine was a key part of the Jimmy Butler deal so it's hard to justify trading away Butler and just let Lavine walk away after 1 year (more like half year because he was coming back from ACL injury)
  14. yup he is better, but a lot of things can change in one year. Look at DMC, injury has caused a max player to get what 5m?
  15. so it2, a year ago before getting traded, he was talking about not giving Celtics a discount in 2018 summer, and was looking for 200m contract. Now he can't even get a mid level exception. nerlens noel offered a 70m contract, he turned it down, decided to sign for minimum deal. Things can change in an instant. Capela should sign his name on the dotted line if he got offered 85m. That's a pretty good deal for a player who can still get paid when this 85m contract is over