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  1. yes shaq is a huge idiot on TV, he is walking a very fine line between entertainment and personal attacks. I think Javale Mcgee shaqtin is hilarious, it made good TV. but when Javale reacted, and Shaq replied that he will beat him up, that is an idiotic comment to make.
  2. very small sample size, and those teams weren't expected to do a thing too, making the playoffs itself was already an accomplishment for them
  3. The ball movement by the Celtics without it2 looks better. The movement with IT2 is actually good, but without him they usually find someone open. I think this is a testament to Brad Stevens. He is not getting enough credit as a coach, not even a COTY candidate despite leading this Celtics team that has only 1 real star to the top seed in the East. Spoelstra did a fantastic job with the Heat, but when you have a team that is lottery bound not make the playoffs via tie breaker and another team who isn't expected to be dominant but made number 1 seed? I think it is a no brainer that Brad Stevens deserves COTY award much more than Spo. Aside from the awesome ball movement, I think Stevens does a great job of making people understand and more importantly accept their roles. Too early to say it but I think this guy is the next Popovich if there will ever be one
  4. To begin with, the assumption that Duncan retired because he knew that had no show after KD signed with the warriors is a SPECULATION being made by people. How anyone can call the best PF of all time a a coward is a joke. Only you yourself can know what your body can handle the grind of a full season plus playoffs. Tim Duncan's stats were declining already, his minutes dwindling, and sometimes his team looked better without him because he can't keep up with the pace already
  5. Celtics are not better off without IT2, they are definitely better with him. But I also understand what the point is, I don't see the Celtics winning a title with IT2 as starting PG. Steph Curry is also not a good defender too, but Warriors have so many assets to protect Curry from defense, and not all teams have luxury of doing that where players are so flexible and Durant Draymond can defend players from 1-5 and Klay can defend PG, SG, SF.
  6. He has zero trade value. Aside from declining big time, he has that heart issue that causes him to miss games at random. He had that good game 6 against the Rockets but that is it. Guy can't rebound, can't protect the paint. I actually prefer Pau over him. Pau's post game is not what it used to be, but at least he still defends and rebounds. Maybe it is because he has to adjust not being the main man, but I watch this guy, what I see is not a poor player, but a better definition is a lazy player. i don't see the effort. I feel they are better off when David Lee / Dedmon in there because the 2 bring in so much effort and energy crashing the boards. This is the problem with the Spurs now, they have Kawhi of course he is the building block, but what do you do after? people will say it's Kawhi and Aldridge so just add CP3 problem solved, no way. The problem now is they don't have cap room to sign a legit player who can play well every game because they are paying Aldridge the max, this is their biggest problem. Many stars will actually line-up to play for Pops everyone loves to play for him, but they don't have the money and flexibility to sign one. They might not be even be able to retain Mills and Dedmon if they get signed to big offers from other teams. Manu is retiring, Parker is hurt for who knows how long. Best thing Spurs can do right now is get Aldridge off the team and rebuild another core around Kawhi. Aldridge being the highest paid player is eating up a huge cap space and is not helping. But I doubt Spurs will just trade him for maybe an expiring contract/s, it is not their style to give players away. Their mentality every year is give their best shot even if they don't have shot at the title. Maybe the Celtics want Aldridge, swap Aldridge for Smart or Bradley and some contract fillers. Retain Dedmon, hope to get a marquee FA.
  7. Upon 2nd look yes this Aldridge play was definitely intentional as well. But I saw the Dedmon play as well, I don't think that was intentional, but Aldridge's is definitely a big yes. WTF is up with these players? Purposely trying to hurt a player. They are all playing the game that they love, or if they don't love, they all do this for their livelihood. NBA should crack down on these type of plays, you can hurt someone seriously with this. The earliest recollection that I have of someone doping this is when Jalen Rose did this to Kobe during the Finals when he was with the Pacers. I think Adam Silver should take a good look at this, suspend someone who does this for at least 5 games and a hefty fine.
  8. Congrats to Manu for a wonderful career. I think this is definitely the last game for him. First ballot HOF when you consider both his NBA and international game accomplishments. Top 5 international player of all time in the NBA. One of my favorite players too. Spurs fans deserve to win another title, everyone stayed on because they realize this is very well the last game of Manu already. One of the best fans in the world. Guys like MJ, Kobe, Vince Carter, Penny Tmac, Iverson are the ones that made me watch NBA on a regular basis, but it was Manu who was responsible for making me interested in international FIBA competitions.
  9. If you look at Celtics forum, fans support IT2, but at the same time most are on board to sell high on him because of his deficiencies. People are upset that IT2 got hurt not because not sure if he can return healthy, but because it decreases the chances of them dealing IT2. Fans want to keep Smart and allow him and Fultz to be the back court of the future. Ainge has a dilemma this summer- if he keeps IT2, it is unlikely that they win a title with him as their starting PG. again he is a great story, but I don't think he can carry a team against heavyweights. Fultz gets stuck behind IT2, delaying his development process, and when IT2 because a free agent I don't think Celtics will pay the max to retain him if they have so many guard assets on hand. If they trade IT2 and make Fultz their PG, which marquee FA can they sign then because they take a step back being a title contender at least for now? Ainge has so many assets, but he needs to figure out what he wants to do with them this summer. The waiting game is over
  10. I read in ESPN/bleacherreport that KD said teams complaining about the massive blowouts in the NBA playoffs should just stop watching the games. What an irresponsible comment to make. Doesn't KD know that the reason why players can now sign for 200m contracts is because of their viewers?? The NBA has a global marketing appeal that the NFL NHL or MLB can only dream of, that's why their TV rights also cost so much more, and why teams can afford to pay these stars. What an idiot comment. And no Curry is complaining that Dedmon's screen was a dirty play? WTF. Zaza took 2 extra steps to make Kawhi land on his food. Zaza knew what he was doing there. If there was a dirty play in this series or in entire playoffs, it belongs to Zaza. Celtics surviving now, might win game 3, but this just means Cleveland will blow them out for game 4. I see this as actually something good if Cavs do lose today. It is better to suffer a loss and be able to recover before the real battle that awaits you so you get that out of the way already. Anyhow, I think we should start making predictions for GSW vs. Cleveland. I saw GSW in 5 games. The only thing that can stop the Warriors is themselves. Blowing that 3-1 lead from last year could still be haunting them and work in either a good way or bad way depending on your mentality. And who needs Andrew Bogut when you got Javale Mcgee? I think Warriors actually play better with Mcgee starting at Center. He provides interior defense, and he is so athletic, that when defenders close in on the big 4, Mcgee can always get his shots inside with ease. This is just another example of how well GSW management has build their team. Haters love to blame Durant, that they got an easy way to becoming the best team in the NBA. But the small moves that they make are phenomenal as well. No one wanted Mcgee, he was playing overseas. They sign him as a reserve player, eventually making his way into regular rotation, and now he is a perfect fit for this team because he does the dirty job for them. The thing to watch in the finals is KD LBJ match-up. I think they will be matched up against each other on both ends of the floor. Klay will be on kyrie, steph on whoever is playing SG, draymond on Love so KD has no choice but to guard LBJ. I don't think Green can guard LBJ because they need Green to be in the interior. On other end, LBJ also has no choice but to guard KD unless they want Love on KD and he will kill Love. I think KD can actually win 1-1 match-up against LBJ he is so smooth
  11. that's why that is unlikely to happen unless he is willing to sign an extension with them, like what Kevin Love did in the Wiggins deal. I think Jimmy Butler is a realistic target to trade the number 1 pick for. Bulls players are not happy with management so some moves are bound to happen there. But if they get Butler, how do they fill the big hole in rebounding? No C on the market, and other pf's are pretty much Al Horford clones
  12. The Atlanta Hawks team from 2 years ago can give them a good run for their money as the worst number 1 seed in the East ever. The Eastern conference is just a joke. I have been waiting for years for this conference to become more competitive. Rose's Bulls had the best chance of becoming a real threat to Lebron, then Rose's career went on a downward spiral in a blink of an eye. But Boston as it stands with their assets have the best shot at being relevant again. They have so many assets and money to become a team to beat. Best case: - they sign Gordon Hayward, then trade the top pick and maybe Marcus Smart and some expiring contracts for a legit Big Man Stud. - they trade top pick and ? for Jimmy Butler. But who do they sign to play C? There's no real good C in the market this year. Only PFs The point is, if Celtics want to continue becoming relevant, they have to deal that number 1 pick for a superstar. I think teams like the Bulls, Pelicans, Pacers will strongly consider trading Butler / Cousins / George away for that number 1 pick. There are so many unhappy stars around the league right now, teams looking to rebuild again. Ainge should stop stacking assets and pull off a big move this summer. Even if Celtics actually do that, I am not sure if they can top the Cavs in a 7 game series. LBJ is a tier above ordinary franchise players. The only guys who are on that level right now- Durant, Curry and Kawhi Leonard. I don't consider Harden and RWB to be part of this list because they cause lots of damage aside from their possitive contributions, RWB actually even more harm that good. You need to have a player that can match-up with Lebron. GSW-Cavs is gonna be an entertaining series.. hopefully. Playoffs has been so damn boring. Only entertaing series out of round 1 was Clippers vs. Jazz, and no one actually cared much for that series because whoever advanced there would be destroyed by the Warriors in the next round anyway
  13. Wizards would have been better match-up wise for competitive purposes vs Cavs. I could see wizards extending it to at least game 6. They have the size and the speed to do that. Celtics are just no match. They will get killed in the boards for sure, and Cavs are also a faster team than them, maybe even better shooting team. This is gonna be a sweep, or 5 games at best. Also Cavs are not as good in ball movement like Spurs and Warriors, but they are masters of forcing switches / mismatches on pick and rolls. Either LBJ gets isolation against a weak defender after a pick was set, or Love posting up a guard after setting a screen and killing them on the post. If Celtics want to win a game, they have got to find a way how to solve this problem. This will be the same problem the Warriors will be facing if Curry gets on mismatches. Difference is, GSW has much more fire power on offense they can afford to give up some points on defense. And they have good last line of defense in interior in Green, Mcgee even Durant. If Kawhi plays game 3, I think Spurs will win that game. Kawhi is a class act, that play by Zaza IMO was clearly a dirty play. Maybe he didn't intend for Kawhi to land on his foot and hurt him, but I am sure he purposely put his foot there to make it uncomfortable for Kawhi knowing he has an injured ankle to bother him. League should stop this. You can injure someone badly with that type of play. A player who after review, is obvious did that on purpose should be suspended 1 game and fined.
  14. I think people expecting the Spurs to be competitive in game 2 without Kawhi will be disappointed. Sure the replacements did well in closing out the Rockets in game 6, but the Warriors is a completely different team. Pops will have his team ready to play, but I think this will be a blowout. That game 1 loss was sad, that was a great chance for the Spurs to beat the Warriors to get home court advantage. Also I think Kawhi is officially the best player in the NBA, man he has evolved to be a true scoring machine. I think Durant is still a better scorer, but Kawhi is very close to his level already. And defensively, no MVP candidate is even close to him there. So hopefully in game 3 he will be ready to play. Sad that Wizards failed to move to Conference finals, because I feel Celtics is just no match for the Cavs. Cavs has better size and speed. Celtics are going to get out rebounded big time in this series, and LBJ will exploit IT2 on defense. Will not be surprised if Cavs sweep the Celtics. I hope not, IT2 is a great story and inspiration for fans.
  15. Apparently, according to news reports Harden partied hard right after they were eliminated. For some this may mean nothing, but as a franchise player, I think you should be more responsible than that and set a better example for the team.