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  1. because Ainge knows he will not pay IT2 the max to stay next year. So for Ainge rather than let IT2 walk, deal him together with the pick for Kyrie.
  2. Kyrie and IT2 are both below average on defense, but it is much easier to hide Kyrie and protect him on D because at least he has the size. Just ike Steph Curry, you put the right guys around him, you can hide him on defense. But IT2 is just too small for the NBA, he can score and all but again I don't see him as a guy who can lead his team to a title. Not sure if Kyrie can, but they have a better shot with Kyrie than with IT2 . It all boils down to one thing, Ainge doesn't feel IT2 is a max player, he doesn't want to pay him the max deal next summer. Overall this is a good deal for the Celtics, they over traded but what they are running out of time on IT2 contract too. They also have to extend smart next summer or just watch them walk away. Celtics could have done better if they decided to part with their assets earlier in the offseason when guys like Jimmy Butler PG13 were traded for peanuts, even DMC last trade deadline. So I believe, there must be something in IT2's hip that Ainge fears will linger into next season. Also if Lebron does leave Cleveland as is being speculated by almost all media outlets, I don't think Cavs will pay IT2 max salary, they will let him walk. In that case the deal becomes Kyrie - Brooklyn pick, crowder and Zizic. and Boston wins that deal easily. I don't think Boston has any plans to max out IT2, but they decided too late on this, maybe during draft time they were still undecided, or maybe hope they it2 will take a hoem town discount, that's why they didn't draft Fultz, but when it became evident IT2 was looking to get paid, Ainge had to make a move.
  3. It2 for kyrie is NOT a lateral move for the celtics. Maybe in fantasy NBA it is, but no way is this a lateral move in reality. I like IT2, but I have always believed that IT2 is not a superstar who can lead your team to a title. Is Kyrie a perfect star? No he has his deficiencies. too. But I think this is a win win deal. This deal went down for the ff reasons: 1. As good as IT2 is, Boston didn't believe he is the player who can elevate them to the next level. 2. Boston is not and will not be ready to pay IT2 $200m next year, and it will suck if they just see him walk away or be forced to pay him 200m and have their team stuck in a neutral direction 3. Cleveland wanted to deal Kyrie before training camp to avoid distractions. 4. Boston believed it could convince kyrie to stay in Boston. Did Boston give up too much? I think yes. If reports are to be believed, best offer Cleveland had was Bledsoe and TJ Warren for Kyrie. Man that offer sucks! So I believe Boston had the leverage here to force Cavs to accept maybe the Lakers pick instead of the Brooklyn pick, something like that. Cavaliers also win in this deal. As long as LBJ is healthy they are still the favorites to win the East. So does this give them a better shot at the Warriors? Probably no, but they were dismantled with Kyrie there anyway. At least if LBJ does leave, they now have that draft pick to look forward to. They can even dangle that pick for immediate help if they want to if LBJ cries about lack of help again and land another very good player. See The Cavs can now maybe package tristan / JR smith and the pick to land a disgruntled all-star. A team might bite because they want the Brooklyn pick. That makes LBJ happy. Will it make LBJ stay is another story. Tristan and JR SMith are now very pieces they can use to match salary and include the pick to land a star. So for the short term best case scenario for the Cavs IT2, Crowder, LBJ, Love and another potential all-star if they can package TT JR and brooklyn pick for it. Hypothetically speaking if they can get someone like Boogie if Boogie isn't happy with that Pelicans if they struggle, imagine IT2, Crowder, LBJ, Love, Boogie. Now that is a team that can beat the Warriors on paper. As for Boston, they are set up so well now. THey have a top 5 coach in Stevens, a true star in Kyrie to pair up with Hayward and Horford. Better chance to develop their young assets, still own 2 lottery picks for next season. So this is a win win for both teams
  4. hi, league is comppsed of rotoworld members, going into year 9 already. here are the details fantrax weekly h2h 14 teams, 6 make playoffs free rookie/free agent draft yearly. scheduled for sept.4. offline draft done thru fantrax chatbox can trade picks only up to 1 year of succeeding season active league. start 9, 6 reserves team: conley, irving, batum, pg13, eric gordon, george hill, aminu, melo, galo, love, ibaka, gobert, ryan anderson, jamychal green, robin lopez owns round 1 pick 13 and round 2 picks 3 & 13 if interested, you may pm me her or email me or reply here with fantasy credentials thanks
  5. He was taken at 47th overall in the mock draft, even if he ends up becoming top 50 player, he can be taken much later than round 4 where solid proven players are available.
  6. even if he has a bounce back year, i don't think he should be ranked in the top 15, best case or earliest he should be taken is late round 2. Maybe safer mid round 3. At round 4, he is a good pick. but not #11 when there are so many better choices
  7. i will never draft this guy ever again, but if available in rounds 12/13, why not. not in rounds 9-10 though. he and joakim noah are the worst contracts today
  8. no idea too why people like chriss so much, i feel he is a very poor man's amare stoudemire.
  9. Fultz > DSJ. DSJ has clear path to minutes, and veyr good coach in Carlisle. Carlisle made Yogi relevant, so I am sure he can maximize DSJ. But Fultz, when I watch this guy, I see someone who is just so smooth with the basketball. He is always so calm and cool, even seems effortless. He also averaged good steals and blocks in college, stats that normally translate well to the pro level.
  10. was impressed by Isaac but I don't think he gets enough minutes to contribute. Magic fans say he is a better version of Aaron Gordon, he is so long though and fast, but needs to bulk up. Josh Jackson seems like a safer bet. I think Jackson is much better than TJ warren, TJ might start initially but Jackson is the superior player, and it is not even close. But I think fantasy impact will be felt during mid season already. One guy I really like is Tatum, I see him and I remember prime Danny Granger. The problem is where is he going to play? he would be lucky to get 15-20 mpg.
  11. let's see, i am rooting for the guy too because i want 76ers to finally be relevant, but I would be cautiously optimistic. So many people say they worked on FT shooting 3 point shooting, but didn't materialize in real games. It works for some, but not for all. I watched him summer league last year was impressed, but felt he was also looking to pass too much. and afraid to shoot. One key to his fantasy value too will be steals and blocks, He is so athletic he should be able to get good steals and blocks easily, but people also said the same thing about Andrew Wiggins. So it really depends
  12. Why is Brogdon so high up in the list? we know he won ROY, but come on, Ingram Jackson etc will be better than Brogdon
  13. I think SImmons will be a better player in reality than in fantasy. Unless he improves his FT%, FG% and TO, this guy might be hurting you in those 3 cats as much as he is helping you in assists and rebounds. In reality though, I think he will be a good player. has the size and speed. Hopefully he can learn how to shoot because that will be the key to his fantasy success
  14. It will depend on what kind of numbers or achievements Kyrie can do without LBJ. example 1: Kobe. stepped out of Shaq's shadow, did pretty well, and cemented his legacy as an alphadog example 2: Pippen. MJ's sidekick, but I don't think people are bashing him for that, and is still considered one of the best of all time. And during the 1 and half years that MJ semi-retired, he did pretty well on his own too. Is there a player who decided to step out of championship opportunities and play on his own and failed? Hm I don't really remember or at least have no example on top of my head. Because this is indeed a strange case. But again, Kyrie just beat LBJ to the punch. I think it is pretty obvious in the inner NBA circles that LBJ is more likely to leave Cleveland than stay there after 2017/2018. He has done nothing to squash the rumors at all. Kyrie doesn't want to be left with LBJ's "buddies" who are all signed to max deals but can't do crap.