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  1. I read somewhere 2 days ago Chicago offered Butler for Boston's 3rd pick + a player, Boston declined. At that time I felt this was pure rumor only because I was saying Ainge wouldn't be this dumb to turn that down. But after Chicago decided to accept or deal with the Wolves, maybe Boston did decline that offer.
  2. Even if they kept their pick, I felt they lost that deal big time. Maybe they're thiking guys like Kawhi were drafted middle of first round, Devin Booker, Klay Thompson. Well I bet if you play it by percentages, there are very few players drafted between 13-20 who became regular All Stars. But why am I even saying this, shouldn't even be talking about this because they gave up their pick too! Also isn't it Foreman and Paxson hate or don't get along with Thibs? How could they let Thibs rob them like that. BTW Butler is also on a "bargain contract". KAT, and Butler, and now I think Wiggins will be better that he isn't gonna carry the load at wing spot. Last thing Wolves should do right now is trade Rubio. THey need him to run this team. Might take a year or 2, but if they can keep the core, Wolves will give Warriors run for their money. They need to make good moves to improve the bench.
  3. Wolves got robbed in that deal period. I think lavine and dunn are nice young pieces, but many things cam happen. I definitely think they couls have gotten a better deal. I would called ainge and offered him 3rd pick and zizic or smart or jaylen and Yabusele for butler. I have no idea what ainge is planning holding on to these assets. If Yabusele and zizic comes over and they should based on reports, they need to unload players to get shot at a major free agent salary wise. The longer they wait, the harder it will be for them to land a star. Why wait for kristaps if phil is also asking for a huge haul in return. If they land jimmy butler, it2 continues to be stud, zizic turns out to be as good as advertised they will be team to beat in the east 2 years from now.
  4. my favorite rookie in this draft for fantasy purposes is tatum, but he landed with boston, and if no trade happens, he will not get mins. i see him having potential for danny granger numbers, when granger was in his good years
  5. i think yes but not that much, he hurts wiggins more than rubio.
  6. #3 pick plus maybe smart and Yabusele for butler is imo a better deal than lavine dunn and 7th pick. I don't know what ainge was thinking of, maybe holding out for porzingis or what
  7. Biggest loser : boston. They had the assetd yo make better offer than wolves for butler. Ainge has always overvalued his assets and refuses to deal them to land a superstar. With Cleveland in disarray and facing uncertainty after next year, it is time to parlay those picks into a star. Butler is also safer to target than george because he is no threat to leave next year. Cousins was traded for peanuts, which i think Brooklyn pick alone was more valuable than what sacto received, and now they let butler slip away. Wtf is ainge thinking of
  8. i agree clippers have advantage. cp3 and lbj are very good friends. i think if cleveland doesnt win title next year, and cp3 stays with clippers. we will see the next super team become a reality. wade will also be free agent next summer, i really believe the clips qill assemble lbj's real group of friends together. cp3, melo, lbj and wade have always said it would be fun to play together and this will get close to reality next year. clippers shopping deandre jordan is another sign of that. they don't care about upcoming season, they are more concerned about next summer and if lbj joins lakers, he will never come close to becoming a true lakers icon because he will have short tenure there, but if he joins the clippers, it is another story and he wouldn't be playing in the shadows of kobe magic shaq etc
  9. If lakers don't get paul george how can they attract major fa next year despite clearing cap? I like the move bold move you have to take chances. But Brooklyn i think would've accepted clarkson instead of russell, Brooklyn has been looking to dump brook for years
  10. Dwight and 31st pick to Charlotte for peanuts?? I know Dwight isn't the same player, this is a cap clearing move for hawks, but Charlotte looking good kemba Dwight batum is a playoff team
  11. draymond and lebron are friends off the court. i think that is qhy draymond feels free to always talk trash about lebron because they are buddies
  12. if I were CP3, and I just watched the Warriors dominate the playoffs, I think I would definitely think that signing with the Spurs will be best for me if I value winning more than financial rewards. If CP3 stays in LAC, he gets paid the max 200+M, but I don't see at 32/33 how he would want to waste the last stretch of his career and not have a chance at the title at all. If SAS can find a way to clear cap space BIG IF, I think CP3 will sign with them. CP3 and Kawhi can match Curry and KD.
  13. why would kyrie want out? he is shining just fine in cleveland. love is supposed to be 3rd star, but they just are not using him properly,mor maybe because he cant protect the paint. regardless it is hard to trade love for a better superstar.
  14. cavs closed out the 2nd quarter well. this should've been at least 15 point lead. JR Smith with 2 3s in last 40 seconds.
  15. I agree his line-up or rotation is bad so far, but he is a great coach. he isn't getting enough credit esp now that they have durant. but he is responsible for how this franchise is playing basketball they way it is.