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  1. Jerian Grant 2017-2018 Outlook

    IGrant played better than Dunn even when Dunn was healthy, but bulls will give Dunn a chance to shine since he is one of the main pieces the got for Butler
  2. Ben Simmons 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    i didn't watch the game today, and just saw highlight of his passes only. no one is doubting he is a good passer, but fantasy goes beyond rebs + assists. Bad FG%, high TO. Summer league last year Simmons was too much of a willing passer and a scared shooter. Defenders would literally leave him open, stay 1 or 2 steps away from him when he is at the perimeter, and he is still afraid to shoot. his offensive arsenal was purely based on drives The main problem with Simmons is you know he will be overdrafted.
  3. the problem with ball is, because of the hype, he will be drafted early too, and i think it is not worth it. WHile he might help assists, he is also expected to hurt FG% and TOs. If he is available maybe round 6-7 I will take the chance, but pretty sure someone will draft him much earlier when names like Conley, are gone. Might even get picked before Holiday, Teague, Rubio
  4. I think part of that has something to do with Steph Curry being so unselfish and trying to fit KD into their offense. In the first half, Klay was still shooting the same volume, KD put up monster numbers. Curry is one of the most unselfish superstars if not the most unselfish superstar. WHen KD got hurt, Steph got his mojo back, and was super steph the rest of the way. It extended all the way to the playoffs even when KD was back, and he and KD were fantastic together. Even in the finals, Curry was being overlooked because he was willing to step aside and give spotlight to KD. He averaged 27ppg, 8 rpg, 9 apg in the finals. IMO, steph should be a higher pick than RWB esp in roto leagues and 9 cat leagues.
  5. KAT is great, but I won't take him 1st overall in a re-draft league. In a dynasty he is number 1 or 2, but in redraft, I would go a more proven player
  6. Both of them played very well together last year, I don't see how this is going to be a problem this year if they can do it last year. They have great chemistry too because I think they are friends even off the court because they are both from Kentucky. You should be more worried about Rondo, but Rondo loves to pass and he didn't affect Butler or Wade's (if any!) value last year.
  7. I am hoping for a good year, definitely a guy I will scoop up if available mid round 3
  8. even if Bogdan doesn't start from the get go, I am sure he will eventually get 30mpg or close to it with his showing on the court. There are players who just have it in them and know how to win, this guy is one of them. Looking at him and Hield, I actually don't know what Hield can do better than Bogdan, shooting? Well Hield shoots more is a volume shooter, but I think Bogdan is the better overall shooter. Bogdan is also better passer, and can even play PG if team requires him too. Also, Bogdan was on his way to great thing in Europe, I think kings must have at least promised him something or good minutes to convince him to come over already
  9. I bet some guys looking to target this guy would end up drafting bojan instead, even i still get confused with those 2. Nonetheless, I think this guy is a great player. I have been watching this guy in FIBA competition for years, since the Suns drafted him. I am not sure if his lack of athleticism will affect his move to the NBA, but this guy is a player period. He has a sweet stroke, he can pass too. The only thing going against him is if SAC will not play him at SF, there is a log jam at guards. But imo, this guy is better than hield. ANd one thing you can't teach this guy is the Basketball IQ, he has a super high basketball IQ and always makes the right plays. I think this guy is better than Hield and will be a regular guy if not starter for the Kings eventually. very high on this guy
  10. I think the issue here is when or what round you take the risk. because people are drafting him in round 3, which sounds crazy for me. For me it doesn't really matter if he ends up having a healthy year, because at round 3 you can have much safer choices of bigs available to draft. I like this guy, in fact own him in a dynasty league, but people are once again riding the hype just as they did last year. If you want to draft him in round 6 sure take the chance, but we all know someone in your league will draft him much earlier than that, let him take the chance.
  11. so if he is going to play 60 games where do you draft him? definitely not round 3/4 material for me if that's the expectation of the majority, which I think is fair considering he has only played less than 40 games in 3 years, and 39 games last year where he was being branded as relatively healthy at least for his standards
  12. It is also worrisome that until now 5-6 months post minor surgery, 76ers have yet to clear him for 5 on 5 activities a week before training camp. Some might think they are just being cautious, and if they are, then 76ers themselves must really believe Embiid is that fragile that they still refuse to clear him for full activities just a week before training camp.
  13. Tim Hardaway jr 2017-2018 Outlook

    i think there's good chance he can be good, but round 6/7 is a bit early. rounds 9-10 sounds better. he will start at sg, but never know how certain players will respond to having more responsibility on his shoulder esp if not really a superstar
  14. next step for Joker's development is if he can improve blocks
  15. it depends on league settings if you're allowed to adjust your line-ups daily, then he is worth taking the risk around mid round 3. but if the league setting is weekly line-up locks, it changes significantly. Here's the problem with Embiid, I like the guy, hope he will succeed, but even if he can stay healthy for whole year, he is expected to play 30mpg only, and more importantly sit out back to backs, which gives him what 65-67 games at best if he stays injury free? And this is best case scenario. Last year, there were people in here, who were saying they would draft Embiid as high as round 5/6, even already proclaiming he will be better than Towns, Jokic, KP. No doubt he has talent to be better than them, but health is the biggest concern. And why would you take a risk so early when there are many safer choices? You can't win your league with good picks in first 3 rounds, but you can lose them with bad picks