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  1. Harden is like RWB, he hates resting, and unlike players from Warriors, whether they admit it or not, these guys are also playing for personal glory or individual awards. He is unlikely to sit out games as long as healthy, maybe sit out during final week but not march
  2. spurs should trade this guy in the offseason if they can get good value, i can imagine this guy is going to be an excess baggage. How many times has the Spurs doctor cleared him and for him to follow his own doctors or the people who surround him instead? He clearly doesn't trust the team medical staff, even if the Spurs team have had a very good history for the last 2 decades +.
  3. D'Angelo Russell 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    sucked the rest of the way, but the explosion just shows what kind of talent this guy has if he can get it all together or have the right coaches train him. he has deep range, excellent passing and vision, good size for a guard too.
  4. The only bonus with those 3 straight games are they are all home games, so no travel involved. but still, NBA should've found a way to fit that game in another date. They were so wary of scheduling too many B2Bs for teams this year, so they should have thought of that
  5. why would they sit him to rest? he already had enough rest during the first 4 months of the season, even had time to eat hot dog during games. In fairness to Carlisle, he is at least giving Noel exposure. Noel is 100% gone after the season, but Carlisle said he knows this guy is playing for a contract so he wants to give him a chance to show what he can do over the final stretch of the season. But why rest him?
  6. him not playing today is good news esp if you need next week. They way they are playing today so far, solidifies that AD should be a legit MVP candidate this year if they continue to make solid push when he returns. Harden still the favorite because Houston is having a great year, but individual performance and if you take most VALUABLE player for a team literally, Davis is more valuable to the Pelicans than Harden is to the rockets. Rockets will still win games without Harden because they have CP3, but Pelicans aren't going anywhere with their current line-up. Also based on reports and updates, Davis wanted to play but Gentry and team decided to hold him out. So yeah he might often experience minor dings to his body, but this guy is a warrior in a sense that he will try to suit up if he can. Pelicans made the right decision and look at the bigger picture, you would rather have a healthy AD, who when healthy is arguably the best player out there, than go for a franchise record 11th straight win.
  7. I didn't watch this particular game, but I have seen enough of what Malone can do to Jokic, from way back early last year. Malone had no idea what he was doing with Nurkic and Jokic. And then happened again this year, decided to play Jokic at the 4 when Millsap went down. Jokic primarily became a shooter / stretch 4 role rather than post player that suits him best. So yes, I didn't catch the game yesterday, that's why I said that. But I have seen enough to know Malone is an idiot head coach who can't and will not be able to get the best out of this Nuggets team
  8. i get nervous everytime this thread is bumped up. to his credit, this sprain could have happened to anyone not his fault
  9. Wasn't able to watch the game, but this is why Malone is an idiot. Even stars aren't perfect they have off games. Jokic is the least of the Nugget's problems right now, and Malone is on top of that list if they fail to make the playoffs. I hope this idiot gets fired in the offseason, and be replaced with someone like say Mark Jackson who knows how to teach and let young players grow
  10. owners with heart problems should not draft this guy lol
  11. thinking of it in a possitive way as added rest for fantasy playoffs
  12. guess who the culprit is? Zaza again. Same guy who injured KD, Kawhi, and just days ago seemed to deliberately fall down on RWB's leg. Well it was Curry who landed on Zaza this time, but man this guy seems to be wrong place wrong time!
  13. Hassan Whiteside 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    My guess? That's what happens once you sign a contract that guarantees you 100 million no matter what happens to you.
  14. Of course players are too blame too, but Thibs is a hard nosed no BS type of coach. He should hold people accountable for NOT making the correct plays. It's not even because I am biased. If you watched the game, it is so obvious that the team lost and sucked so bad on offense because for some reason they changed the game plan. If KAT was getting doubled and all you would understand, but he wasn't even touching the ball. Teague is to blame too because he is the PG, but as the coach, what do you do when you call a time out? A good coach knows how to make in game adjustments. They lost this game because they couldn't score in the 4th quarter because Teague and Wiggins decided they wanted to try and take over the game. Players should be accountable, but Thibs should also be called out. What is he out there for if he can't tell players to make the right plays when he calls a time out? TNT crew said, KAT has no field goals over last 6 mins. How can he have a FG, he didn't even get a shot attempt until the last 20 seconds when game was out of reach.