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  1. very smart player, only needs minutes. too is like Phoenix, they can't decide on what direction they want to go to. Sacramento feels like they are contenders that's why their starting Zbo VC and George Hill
  2. I still felt they should have sat him 3rd OT, but well it is in the books. I think nobody knows his body better than Embiid himself. If he feels he can't handle it, he should be honest and tell coaching staff to sit him. It is a long season. Too bad they lost the game too, was rooting hard for them.
  3. Barring any injuries / trade, mark my words, this guy will be starting for this team latest by February. He was already named started, but got hurt in his first game as starting SF, which was a very bad break. He is perfect fit beside Lavine, Dunn, Niko/Mark. Holiday & Valentine are not close to what Nwaba can bring to the Bulls. Very high bball IQ, knows what to do every time, and is a class A one on one defender. The only thing that will hold him back from starting is because he is playing so awesome from the bench!
  4. A superstar and franchise player should not only be able to put up numbers, but maybe even more important is he makes people around him better, who qualifies for that? Obvious ones are LBJ, Curry, Durant, others? Kawhi can do that, but people say it's because of the system, or at least LMA hates it! Harden- just ask Ryno, Eric Gordon, Ariza, Capela CP3, GIannis, Wall they do that too. Kyrie seeminlgy learning to do that too with his young guns Brown and Tatum. Going younger- Embiid and SImmons both do that. Westbrook is more in line with someone like Cousins. THey are good in filling up the stat sheet, but can they make their team mates better? Not even close. It's also not because he is a ball hog, Kobe was a ball hog but he made Lamar Odom better, Bynum, Pau. Shaq wanted the ball too, but look what he did for Dennis Scott, Horace Grant, Nick Anderson, then for AC Green, Glen Rice, Horry etc. Jordan too for countless of players. That's why RWB is great and all but if I were to build a team from scratch? he wouldn't be in my top 15 maybe not even top 20
  5. i don't have the numbers, but I bet he has a good shot of having the worst impact in FG, FT & TO among all of the players today. what a great stat right? As for him being a cancer to a team, yeah no doubt, it would be fun to watch him and wiggins team up too. At least RWB will rack up all the rebounds and assists that he can because wiggins doesn't even try to rebound or get an assist. Russ also can't wait for the all-star game, because he will try really hard and go all in in bagging his 3rd all star MVP in 4 years!!
  6. well philly is on a 2 game week so if any, this is the best time to have back to back career high in mins played
  7. if this will go triple OT, i think it would be best to sit him already
  8. you can't blame KD for leaving OKC, who would want to play with this guy except for Kanter who then just shipped to New York too
  9. so he is going for 44 mins, this makes me nervous, but at the same time you got to stop babying him and see what he can do physically, he said he feels great just trust him and trust the process
  10. 5/21 from the field 5/10 from the line. this is your reigning MVP folks. well he does have a triple double which is all the media seem to care about
  11. Hopefully not serious, Gobert is also a fast healer.
  12. first waiters dives to his knee, now favors flls on his knee
  13. nice stats also from wiggins because at least he is 50% so far from the field. 12 pts and 1 rebound across the board, filling up the stat sheet
  14. Jahlil Okafor 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    starting to feel like nerlens noel all over again
  15. It was one of those youtube videos, not sure if from ESPN, but there was a panel predicting COTY, then one of them mentioned Mike Malone as his/her sleeper pick and then everyone was like saying oh yeah etc etc. This guy is comparable with Dwayne Casey