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  1. NBA Playoffs Talk

    yeah now that i checked the box score he has a whopping +30 today
  2. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Also it is so easy to say assemble a super team but you have to consider the following: 1. Even if you have 4 superstars, it is a matter of making them buy into the system accept their roles. - Steph was a back to back MVP, but when KD came in last year, Steph made an effort to defer to KD and had no problems with him taking the alpha dog title from him. How many 2 time MVPs can swallow their pride and do that in their PRIME? - Klay became lesser part of the offense, you don't see him complaining. - Draymond almost disappeared in the scoring department, but he embraced his new role as vocal leader and anchor on defense. Ask OKC how that super team worked out for them. That's why even if LBJ joins say Houston, there is no guarantee they would defeat the Warriors. 2. KD took a huge discount, getting paid just 2m more than JJ reddick to keep Iggy in the team. - for us it is so easy to say that, ok he is set for life, giving up what 12m is nothing for him. If that's the case, why didn't LBJ take less money from the Cavs this past year? and now CP3 is reportedly telling people, he will not be signing for anything less than the max offer. winning titles is great, but let's face it money also makes the world go round. It is not easy to give up 12m just to keep the team together. - Klay has been quoted also saying he is willing to discuss his contract once he is a free agent to stay with the team. - Ok so some might say, Curry didn't give the Warriors a discount and signed for the supermax. Come on, he was the most underpaid player for the previous 4 years, so don't even start with that This is the best team of all time, even better than Lake show, 90's Bulls, Kobe-Shaq Lakers
  3. NBA Playoffs Talk

    so who wins Finals MVP? Steph sucked in game 3, but back to his old tricks today. KD carried them in game 3, but is below average in game 4. both showed up in 3 out of the 4 games. KD was more consistent because Steph was so bad in game 3, but in the same time GSW wouldn't have won game 1 without steph, because KD was bad in the 4th and OT. I think KD deserves it more because his game 3 performance was so epic, but steph I am sure is the "emotional" choice for some voters because he has never won it. He had bad game 3, was big in their game 1 win. Set finals record in game 2, and set the tone here in game 4 for the blow out I think we will see a co-finals MVP. when was the last time 2 guys shared the award?
  4. NBA Playoffs Talk

    I don't know what's up with LBJ, but this is the first time I have seen him not bring it in an elimination game. Before when he sees Curry switched to him, he sees blood and isolates penetrates. Today it has happened several times, but he has rarely taken Curry to the basket, often times he looks to pass.
  5. NBA Playoffs Talk

    The block/charge was clearly a blocking foul, LBJ was outside restricted area and he clearly didn't establish position to take charge, KD bumped into LBJ's arm because he was sideways instead of his chest. I think the issue is, for you to overturn the call it has to be convincing enough because the original call was a charge, so that's the issue. But in the end, it was the correct call. Cavs had so many chances to win this game because Warriors had a horrible 4th quarter missing shots after shots, this was their golden opportunity and then it slipped away. The problem for the Cavs is, they played probably one of their best games ever in the playoffs. Well LBJ and Love carried the offense, but the role players "DID" their jobs by not committing major errors, bad turnovers, they shot good %s. That was before Hill missed the FT, and JR smith became famous around the world.
  6. NBA Playoffs Talk

    refs didn't cause warriors to lose this, rockets were just red hot, and gsw ice cold. it happens
  7. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Rockets Warriors reminds me so much of the Sac Lakers conference finals. Some similarities - Lakers were heading into their vying for 3rd straight finals, and had up and down regular season. Same with Warriors, where people think there is already mental fatigue with the team and they just can't wait for playoffs to begin and skip the entire process - Sac had home court advantage - Many experts also believed that time Sacramento had a very good chance to beat the Lakers because they moved the ball so well and dominated regular season What does this mean? People can say all they want Rockets will give Warriors a run for their money and all. This will be an exciting series, because of how both teams play, but GSW is not gonna lose to the Houston Rockets even if they have home court. I don't see that happening. Warriors are too tough to beat and I believe this is the best team of all time.
  8. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Let's take a look at it this way: 1) I don't think any other coach (maybe except Stevens / Pops / Kerr) could have done anything to make the Raptors win the series anyway. 2) On the other hand, I personally don't like Casey even if he is coach of the year. Raptors this year had better ball movement, but over last few years, they were so reliant on iso-ball with Derozan and Lowry. They have always sucked in playoffs (lost to some teams too not only Cavs). The biggest advantage Raptors had in this series was JV. JV can be erratic, but he has improved, but Casey overlooks him all the time. 3) I think the benching of Derozan played a huge role in this decision. Management didn't want anymore tension and felt shaking it up was the only way to go. In all fairness to Casey, the front office hasn't exactly done a great job in trying to build a contender, and they are stuck here with mega deals to Ibaka, Lowry, Derozan. Front office has also drafted so poorly except for OG. At the end of the day, they needed to make some changes, head coach is easiest guy to replace or blame for a team's failures. People are saying this is probably first time ever a guy wins coach of the year and gets fired in the same season. Well true, but to begin with, he should not have been coach of the year anyway. It should have been Stevens or Snyder
  9. NBA Playoffs Talk

    i think 76ers will win the series, but just think about this. What if Sixers didn't trade up for the top pick, they would have Tatum (assuming they decide to draft him, and I think they would have drafted him because he makes the most sense as a guy who can space the floor for Simmons and Embiid) instead of Fultz??? If 76ers had Tatum, they are gonna destroy the Celtics big time. And they also keep a lottery pick for next year's stacked draft class. But who knows, maybe if Tatum ended up with them, he wouldn't be this good without Brad Stevens' guidance
  10. NBA Playoffs Talk

    WHy are the Pelicans trying to battle the Warriors in a 3 point shooting contest?
  11. NBA Playoffs Talk

    philly will win I think. Celtics shot the ball so well, they were draining contested 3s at end of shot clocks and Sixers shot so poorly from 3. Well you have to give credit to Stevens, he knew what he was doing. He said the game plan was to limit the Sixers 3s, so he didn't mind if Embiid feasted, it worked. They have their own trio now of Horford, Tatum and Rozier, the question is can they sustain this kind of production in a 7 game series? Whatever happens, Brand Stevens has proven that he is the BEST coach in the NBA right now, even better than Pops. He is the modern day Popovich, when someone goes down, team makes sure next man up is ready. I have no idea how he is in X & Os, but he is excellent at directing his players and making them understand what their roles are and the players love him so they respond to him. Imagine what Boston would look like if he had Hayward, Kyrie healthy
  12. NBA Playoffs Talk

    Ty Lue is really the biggest idiot coach in the NBA right now. So it took him 6 games to figure out that they are better off starting Tristan thompson at Center (even if he is not good at all), to give them at least a physical presence and avoid Love playing the center spot. Worked wonders for Game 7. Now for some unknown reason, he goes back to his small ball death line-up with Korver and JR starting instead of Tristan, and this is against Raptors who start JV and Serge. I hope someone asks Lue this question post game on why in the heck he decided to start small again when small ball is clearly not their strength because Love struggles at Center??
  13. NBA Playoffs Talk

    76ers cant buy a 3,d an thes celtic making tough shots all game. celtics cant afford to let this slip away, they are not gonna shoot this well from downtown all series
  14. NBA Playoffs Talk

    yeah, RWB bought ticket a one way ticket out of OKC after tonight's game. The other players sucked so RWB had to take over, but man 43 FGAs, and in the 4th quarter he shot contested shots after contested shots on isolation plays with no ball movement. Reminds me exactly of how the Rockets - Thunder series ended last year.
  15. NBA Playoffs Talk

    okc doesn't really have the luxury to make that choice, doesn't melo have a player option? because if he does, he is cashing that in. And on the other hand, PG13 is unrestricted FA so he controls his own destiny