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  1. this guy should be the mvp and npt rwb
  2. the problem is they celebrated like they got the win. That is what bothering. I a fan of this guy, even if you check early pages of this thread, I have been talking up this guy even before the season started. I also have no beef with him celebrating his milestone, he is just a young kid. But the organization is acting like they won the game is ridiculous. Teams who have better mentality or whatever you want to call it, won't do this. THey will allow the media and other peers from other teams to congratulate him, but not from your own team esp because you lost the game. I think this is why the Celtics have a problem with their celebration. He made great shots and plays all game, but Earl Watson extended the game as much as he can to give Booker the 70. and again, teams with winning cultures don't and won't do that. Remember when Ricky Davis called a timeout to get his first ever triple double? There are some similarities between these 2. Given that they are a tanking team, but still come on. There are a bunch of young guys there so I it is probably normal for players to act that way esp the young guys. But Earl Watson? That coach is a seasoned NBA veteran, he knows better than this Again this performance should be celebrated, even the Boston crowd cheered for him. but don't act like you won the game. I'll leave it at this, had Kobe scored his 81 points and lost, that team wouldn't celebrate as much and act like they won big time.
  3. I agree, Booker's 70 point is impressive, I am a huge fan of the guy too and feel he is the next great SG among the young players in the NBA today, but WTF is this all about? The media and your peers celebrating your milestone after a loss is ok. But you and your team celebrating like you won a playoff series after you scored 70 on a losing effort? Ok Booker is a 20 year old kid, if I was in his place, I also probably would force my way to 70 because you never know when you will have an opportunity like this again. But just keep quiet and a low profile because you didn't even win the game. For them to celebrate like this is ridiculous. You won't see this happen on a team like San Antonio, Golden State etc. But I guess when your team sucks, you have to celebrate something right? But it is this kind of attitudes that can also hinder a growth of a team
  4. I am curious, since he is most likely out for rest of the year with an injury, can't the Knicks just activate him for the remaining games so he can serve his suspension already? Technically, it says he is already doing some light drills, the Knicks could say medical staff has cleared him. If this does happen, will the NBA send a 3rd party medical team to check if he is indeed cleared for action?
  5. Even if Jabari comes back to full strength, when is that gonna happen? Jabari is expected to miss majority if not the entire 2017-2018 season. Giannis is a beast. In a re-draft h2h I would pick him after Harden, RWB, maybe AD. He is definitely top 5, and I won't blame anyone who decides to pick him over RWB or even Harden because those 2 are good but also makes sure you lose TO every week. In dynasty, I would draft him in the top 2. It's a coin toss between KAT and Giannis. The future is so bright. This guy improves every year, I see him hitting more 3s next year
  6. I'll quote CJM in his tweet directed at Parsons: We hit the lottery by not signing you. This is going to be one of the worst contracts for the next few years. I am sure Memphis can't wait til he becomes valuable again because he is an expiring contract
  7. H2H, I think Giannis is clearly a better play than Kawhi, now if Roto, I could see a case for Kawhi, but I would still go for Giannis. We don't even know if he has already reached his ceiling already. He improves something every year, I think next year we might finally see more 3s going down for him.
  8. Unless there Draymond and KD go ballistic at each other, I don't see him playing elsewhere except back with Warriors. - KD has said repeatedly he is here for the long haul and just signed a one year deal because he wants to get a new max next season - even if they don't win the title, I don't see him bolting. Imagine the backlash and PR problems he and his team will face if they do that again. Even if they lose, he will stick with this team. Only way KD leaves is if he and Draymond will brawl in the locker room. From what I've read, GSW fans actually aren't very happy with Draymond Green's attitude and recent off court issues and feel he is starting to carry extra baggage. But this is unlikely to happen. KD stays with GSW.
  9. exactly. I admit, I also overlooked him around December, because he had sort of that quiet stretch. But now you cannot overlook him anymore. - Spurs are number 2 team in the West just 2 games behind the warriors. And for all the talk that yes, because he has a better supporting cast and all, I disagree with that. The one thing he has is Greg Popovich, but supporting cast of Kawhi isn't exactly top notch. Aldridge is now the only real guy who you can rely on offensively, and even Aldridge has declined. Parker and Ginobilli are more name value, Pau isn't the same too and they continued to win when he was out for an extended period. Danny Green forgot how to shoot. Kawhi isn't being carried by the system, he is the one carrying this team. - Just look at his averages against the other MVP candidates: vs. Cle 41/6/5/1/1 vs. GSW 32/5/3/5/0 vs. Hou 28.5/2.5/2.8/1.0 vs. OKC 36/8/4/2.0/0.0 - The problem with Kawhi is, he isn't getting much media attention because he isn't making tomahawks or triple doubles like RWB, he isn't breaking anyone's ankles like Harden. He isn't getting as much media coverage as the King. He just goes about what he does quietly and getting the job done. The Spurs aren't also the type of organization to lobby their own guys for MVP or All-Star consderation like other teams do, that's just the Spurs way. - Well why don't we look at it this way. He isn't averaging 5+ TOs like RWB and Harden. He isn't trying to ball hog all the time and shoot your team out of the game like RWB. He doesn't take a break on defense like James Harden. He doesn't cry out to the media that his team needs more help even if he only has Aldridge (and not Love + Kyrie). But the way he is performing this year, and esp against the other MVP candidates, you cannot overlook him anymore. I was sold on Harden being this year's MVP because they way he has carried Houston on his back, but Kawhi's performance in the past month is ridiculous. If Spurs can somehow catch Warriors for top seed, Kawhi should be the MVP. And even if they are number 2 seed, I think he should still be MVP. Awarding MVP to someone like RWB just because he is averaging 30/10/10 but also hurting his team in other ways is crazy for me.
  10. if you own anthony davis it is not to track him mid game. how many times has he had to go to the locker room for x-rays this year alone?
  11. i haven't seen him in actual game action other than highlights, but from what i've read, phoenix fans think he is at the very least a good back up C. They don't seem to be too high on him as a legit starting C in the NBA for a full season. One thing going for him is Alex Len is unlikely to remain with the Phoenix Suns because he is a restricted FA, and I think the Suns are not gonna match a team who will pay Alex Len tons of money. Alex Len is such a waste of talent, he has the size and skills to be a good NBA C, but lack of IQ and maybe work ethic has derailed him. Williams on the other hand is just bursting with energy
  12. exactly. that is why i dont understand how some people were hyping him too much during offseason. bold claims like he is better than young bigs like kristaps, jokic and kat. lr drafting him in round 5-7. we all knew going into the year he was gonna sit out at least 1 of every back to back games. how can he be playable in weekly h2h. now turns out he plays only 31. no matter how good the per 36 mins are, it is hard to trust this guy. even going into next year, it is so risky ro draft embiid. not sure he can handle a full 30 minute workload for 82 games
  13. sprained mcl according to woj, evaluated in a month. i think this is best case scenario flr durant. good thing it wasnt acl. safe to say, he is out for rest of regular season
  14. if he is out 2 months, then he returns mid may, in time for semis. if 3months,min time for finals. assuming they make it that far
  15. see for yourself. out months not weeks and they fear he might not make it back in time fpr playoffs