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  1. He hasn’t been on the field since his barrage in the 2nd quarter. He was on the fireld for the 1st and goal from the inch line but they had to throw it of course.
  2. $100 H2H Points Yahoo 12 team

    If still available, email me at wake21334@aol.com. Would be interested.
  3. Hello all. I am looking to get into a H2H points league. League fee can be anywhere between 100-200. Has to allow comanagers and can be hosted on any platform. League fees must be through league safe and I would need a draft sometime this week (can’t do Saturday or mid afternoon on Sunday). Any one with a spot open, contact me via message on Rotoworld, or email me at wake21334@aol.com. Thanks.
  4. Chris Hogan 2018 Outlook

    So this guy is droppable , right?
  5. 9/30/2018 Jets vs Jaguars Game Day Thread

    Fournette is bust of the ******** year. He hasn’t played a half a game yet this year. What a bum.
  6. I’m pretty sure that is a bad spot. Looked like he was about a half a yard back from that spot.
  7. Aikman was right earlier when he said how much of an advantage it is for a team to host a Thursday night game when playing at home the previous week. The nfl just gets so much wrong.
  8. I’m just so tired of the horrendous inconsistencies. That was a textbook block in the back. I contend that the college game is officiated better, which is crazy to think about.
  9. How in the ******** world does a flag get picked up , when the ref who threw the flag, had a great view of it?
  10. Nfl officiating is flat out terrible.
  11. Is Everson Griffen this important to Minnesota? This defense looks next level terrible.

    17.9 or better in 0.5ppr from JuJu
  13. Have to use the extra blockers. The left side of that line is horrendous.
  14. 9-16-18 Chiefs @ Steelers Gameday Thread

    Juju looking like a decoy early.