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  1. why the hell do you keep saying gase? Gase is the jets head coach. Nagy is the bears coach.
  2. his desire to throw every down with a bad qb is the problem.
  3. I’m saying it’s not his fault that he isn’t. And the fact that idiots on here are using a 5 quarter sample size to say he was going to be this bad with Ben is absolute garbage.
  4. He played 5 quarters with Ben , with 4 of those coming against the best secondary in football.
  5. Zero point zero percent chance they trade for a QB.
  6. hard to say that. It is not his fault at all. It was an injury to his qb that lead to this.
  7. Juju is worthless with this current situation.
  8. Alvarez has been an absolute puke all week vs lefties. Fn Astros bench him twice vs gas can righties but put him out there vs lefties.
  9. Second fn time this week I streamed a pitcher in the Colorado SF series and both have been injured mid start.
  10. He was absolutely robbed tonight. He struck out Kendrick looking. Ump misses the call, they go to Hughes out of the pen and he gives up a grand slam. He should’ve finished with 2 earned and 10 ks.
  11. ******** bull**** hp ump in Washington just f’d the win for Nola and cost me 3 bs unearned runs. And on top of it gave my fn opponent a grand slam to Trae Turner. Missed a completely easy called 3rd strike. F you.
  12. God I would love to see the bears somehow blow this
  13. What a fn bum. Way to bury my era on Monday of the championship. You suck.