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  1. Just came here for the same thing. Kid looks awesome.
  2. He sucks. I cannot believe the cards score keeper ruled it a double. The ball hit his glove. He didn’t have to dive or slide, barely had to jump and flat out dropped it.
  3. They gave a double to a guy dropping a fly out? What has happened to baseball scoring?
  4. What a scrub. I have never seen a. Major leaguer fn botch 2 fly outs like that. The pirates kept him instead of Austin meadows. God he sucks.
  5. Anyone dropping? There are a handful of guys on the wire producing what this guy has given me.
  6. I hate Max muncy. How was that ruled a hit?
  7. Threw 81 last outing. Conventional wisdom would’ve expected about 90 pitches today as they continue to stretch him out.
  8. What are the fn dodgers doing with Stripling? 71 pitches today with a long lay off coming and you can’t stretch him out? I don’t know if he is worth holding. And F Muncy. That guy is brutal in the field and is constantly costing my pitchers.
  9. I don’t either , but I agree with your assessment. He really would be best suited DH but unfortunately he’s playing in the NL.
  10. Should’ve been out of that inning with a double play. Rios throws to Muncy for the easy force at 2nd and with plenty of time, Muncy throws an awful ball to Pederson at first that pulls him off the bag. Hate how you can’t assume a double play, bc that was one where an easy throw gets it done.
  11. He’s probably going to be optioned down after today, because they have a 4 game set here and will need a fresh arm.
  12. He literally is missing his spots by a mile. Both pitches to bell were literally on a tee and in his wheel house.
  13. It sucks pitching there. Just absolutely awful.
  14. Where have strasburg’s strikeouts gone?