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  1. Thomas Bryant - 2018 - 2019 Season Outlook

    It makes zero sense. He’s always a guy who plays his guys and favorites and doesn’t develop anyone.
  2. Thomas Bryant - 2018 - 2019 Season Outlook

    Scott Brooks is such a horrendous head coach.
  3. Your Best/Worst (So Far)

    And on top of it, if you're punting ft%, why'd you trade for Curry and KAT?
  4. Your Best/Worst (So Far)

    Out of curiosity, how late did you get Otto Porter in your draft?
  5. Your Best/Worst (So Far)

    Best Draft Pick: Either Mike Conley at 56, Lauri Mark at 104, or Harrell at 152 Worst Draft Pick: Actually had a pretty good draft but my worst pick was probably Willy Hernangomez at 137 Best Trade: Traded Enes Kanter & Rudy Gay about 3 weeks ago for John Collins. or Dedmon for Garry Harris Worst Trade: About 4 days before the trade above was completed, I stupidly traded Jrue Holiday & RHJ for Kanter & Jerami Grant Best Add: Derrick White or Thomas Bryant (Added both about a week ago) Drop You Regret: M. Harrell first week of the season.
  6. Rudy Gobert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Nuged by a post up, nothing that doesn’t take place on literally ever post up, ever.
  7. Rudy Gobert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I find it hard to believe a guy 6'5 220 lbs could be manhandled like that. He was nudged no doubt but he wasn't struck with a grenade like he acted.
  8. Rudy Gobert 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I’m just so sick of refs rewarding harden for his bull**** flopping on both ends of the floor. Gobert should have handled it better but that ref is a god damn fool to make that call.
  9. Enjoy the ride gentlemen, this kid is going to provide likely 18-8 with over 2 threes and a block per night. We
  10. Depends on your league settings. If my league wasn’t such a heavy rebounding league, he’d be cut from my team.
  11. He is awful. I cannot believe how much his offense has fallen off this year. He is putrid from everywhere on the floor. The monster step back from the ft line is crazy.
  12. Miles Bridges 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Agreed it’s all tied to Williams injury. Don’t know the extent but Williams is in a sling right now.
  13. Miles Bridges 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    McDermott? The guy who does nothing other than score? Bridges is a good rebounder and can add some defensive stats. Much more upside.
  14. Trae Young 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I knew he would hurt fg%, that was obvious. I’m stunned at how few of 3s he’s hitting. He should be able to average 1.8 at the very least.
  15. Trae Young 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I just can’t believe he is hitting as few of 3s as he is. I know the nba line is further but I was confident 1.8 would be a floor for him. He has 8 games without a 3 made in 18 games and if you take out the explosion he had vs the lakers almost 2 weeks ago, then he has 1 made 3 in his last 6 games.