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  1. Watching Rivera try to figure out this TB defense is like watching a monkey attempt to solve a Rubik’s Cube.
  2. He was already questionable with an injury. Game was over by halftime. Absolutely no need to push him. The ‘only 14 snaps’ thing is being overblown and shouldn’t be cause to avoid him if you need WR help.
  3. NFL coaches are a pretty fraternal group. Dude secretly recorded and publicized a private conversation between him and his head coach. Finding a coach willing to overlook this isnt going to be as easy as some are thinking.
  4. Looked like a cramp. He was back in on their final play.
  5. Whats up with Jo-Ram? Pinch-hit for in 1rst inning.
  6. You should probably consider eye protection then.
  7. Could be a tofu burger, amirite?!?
  8. A sleeping giant. Health will be the issue. He missed a few games last year and was on a pitch count in the games immediately following his return. Still managed to rush for 900+ yards and 9 TDs. If he and Luck stay on the field all season, i see no reason why he can’t continue to improve...or at least equal last years’s numbers. Receptions will still be limited since Hines isnt going anywhere. My bullish prediction: 1200 rushing yards, 11 TDs 175 receiving, 1 TD.
  9. He hit that HR ball like it owed him money. If you listen closely, you can a actually hear the ball scream in pain.