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  1. Nelson Cruz 2018 Outlook

    Exit velocity a tad higher than last year. BABIP at .236 suggests he’s been unlucky. Park him on your bench and wait for the heater thats coming.
  2. May Closer Thread 2018

    Jeffress is not part of a committee. Knebel is the closer. Though i could see Hader getting the occasional save.
  3. Freddy Peralta 2018 Outlook

  4. Yadier Molina 2018 Outlook

    Any updates on Yad’s nads? I took him for granted, not realizing what a wasteland it is for catchers out there.
  5. Rhys Hoskins 2018 Outlook

    After his crazy start last year, he slowed down when pitchers learned he struggled with breaking stuff. Looking forward to looking under the hood soon to see if thats been a problem thus far.
  6. Trea Turner 2018 Outlook

    OPS of .812 leading off. 1.092 hitting 2nd.
  7. AJ Pollock 2018 Outlook

    Bomb! This dude is on fire!
  8. AJ Pollock 2018 Outlook

    I would prefer some hits but will settle for him actually hitting the ball occasionally. 0 for last 14 with 9 k Rotten.
  9. 4/11 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Closer cannot prevent an earned hold.
  10. 4/11 - GAME DAY THREAD

    How did he cost you a Hld?
  11. Middle Relievers 2018 Outlook

  12. 4/4 - GAME DAY THREAD

  13. Mike Davis 2017 Season Outlook

    93 TDs against SF might be a record. But i would have to look it up.
  14. Greg Zuerlein 2017 Season Outlook

    Looking like terrible weather conditions for kickers tomorrow. Owners might need to start looking at alternatives.
  15. Tyreek Hill 2017 Season Outlook

    Saturday night, prime time? The bench is no place for this man.