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  1. 1ppr - My Tight end has been Jimmy Graham but it has gotten ugly? Play Jarwin in a good matchup? Play Everett as a road favorite? or stick with Jimmy?
  2. This was a vintage AP season. He is one of my favorite all time RBs. At 33 years old he showed why he is a Hall of Famer
  3. yeah, im actually targeting another TE to stream as it appears Cardinals are stingy against TE. That said, Rams are heavy favorite so he could still see those 6-7 targets. Im chasing a better matchup in week 16
  4. Look TE is ugly and I am not touting this guy as something amazing. however, 7 points or more in 5 of 6 games has me playing this guy
  5. Williams without question. I am going all in for him on mine for a flex plug and play
  6. Yeah, watch the who's starting and play those getting the bulk of the carries. D Will and Samuels should both be good plays
  7. I appreciate everyone's feedback including this contrarian view here. The NYG run defense was a big reason I proposed this question! It might seem like much, but 12 to 18 point swing starting the right QB can make a huge difference!! As it stands 7/8 votes are for Andrew Luck vs NYG and that was my original lean. Thanks to those who contributed. I will be sure to respond to any posts tagged
  8. I hate the idea of changing rules mid-season. But I also hate the idea of championship being tied to week 17. You have a better team. Go with your gut. I think combining both weeks would actually help you secure a win if your teams busts this week. Just my 15cents
  9. Both these players are starting in the flex in one of my championships so clearly both are good plays. I don't think either is a bad play. Mack has more upside to me, but Carson is probably the safer and more steady play if that makes sense. depends on if you need upside or stability
  10. DJ seems like a no brainer. The second play is a litter trickier. I would lean Sony or Williams but Mcguire is intriguing
  11. Thanks Fam! If anyone else replies, I will help you as well!
  12. 5 point passing TDs, bonus for 300 and 400 yards - would you Start Andrew Luck vs NYG or Matt Ryan @ CAR? Luck is projected and rated slightly higher. But it appears Matt Ryan has better matchup
  13. so hes the number 1 claim..all in here? there are decent options this week
  14. Gurley CMC Saquan Hopkins Kelce Cooper (dare i say Hunt?)
  15. what about McKenzie the WR getting carries, and Josh Allen running the ball. Not so sure a lock for over 10 in ppr
  16. The last play of the game he let the ball go right through his hands it could have easily eclipsed a 100. I was actually frustrtated that he could of had more but still super pleased with the output
  17. Thomas - the O scheme favors him a lot
  18. Id agree most like McGuire in Standard due to volume
  19. That's my lean, going against the grain in Anderson. Thanks!
  20. 1ppr - 100yard bonus - Calvin Ridley or Robby Anderson? Seems like a case can be made for Anderson here
  21. His value has taken a hit but Im going to be a bit contrarian here and say the Hyde trade is good for the offense, helps sustain drives and keeps Yeldon fresh. Yeldon was producing in PPR even when Fournette was starting so he can do the same here. If the carries are more balanced (he doesn't need a ton) and leads to an improved run game/sustaining more drives, there might be reason for at least some optimism
  22. Getting back to DT. Is there any silver lining for the TNF @ARZ matchup? He is ranked in the top 30ish and still seems like as a better option than most, especially with the bye weeks. Rolling him out and hoping for atleast his 3-4 catch 60 yards floor
  23. Flex Ingram or AP in ppr? Flex DThomas or Yeldon?
  24. So he's back right? Waiting at the airport for his team.. I think you have to flex him as its the only time you can in the first 6 weeks. Looking forward to having him from week 7 on
  25. I've always thought TJ Yeldon got undeserved hate since he's been solid yet unspectacular in his career. I hope he succeeds, but it is Yeldon so I'm trying to remain cautiously optimistic. From my eyes, he seems in the strongest/top form in his career, perhaps he's upped his game for contract/competition from LF. Lastly, special Kudos to those who rostered Yeldon after hobbling themselves with LF in the 1st or 2nd round