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  1. 3peat in my dynasty league. 6th title in 13 years. Feels great man
  2. Picked him up for next season of dynasty league. Worth a flyer for sure.
  3. I'm not. I don't see the value. He's going to throw probably 3-4 innings max. If that's the case he can't qualify for a win or a QS so he can only help in ratios, but he could also completely destroy your ratios. Risk/reward not there for me.
  4. This is an excellent tout. As I said I hate having any open spots during championship week so I'll be looking to fill in for half time Mitch Garver several nights I'm sure.
  5. I've tried the 3 major platforms - ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS. Yahoo is far and away the best. If they would just join guys like Shohei Ohtani as both a pitcher and hitter into 1 player I would have no complaints for them. Also some annoying little bugs with the Android app once football season rolls around where you'll be trying to access your baseball team and instead be looking at one of your football teams. Usually restarting the app fixes it - just a minor annoyance.
  6. Old man Robby Cano has a 3 game set @Coors against 3 bad right handed pitchers. Not a bad add for tonight with their being a bunch of teams off. I don't like having any open spots in championship week.
  7. How people recover from injuries varies widely from person to person. There have been a lot of cases where this type of injuriy took a while for the power to return. For Olson it wasn't an issue. I would bet Gallo will be fine next year as well. He'll have all off-season to rehab and recover.
  8. .275 avg, .1010 OPS, 30 HR... in just 82 games! 60 homer pace. Best fantasy catcher in the game this season and was free in every league.
  9. He's been pretty awesome lately. Average all the way up to .275. 2 more bombs tonight to put him at 31 on the season. Not bad considering he missed the first month of the season. Had he played all season he would probably have top 5 1B numbers.
  10. Can't blame you at all. We have pretty deep benches so I'm good with giving him some more time.
  11. I'm gonna give him a little more time. I took the approach you mentioned with Hunter Dozier and regret it pretty bad. I'm not starting Santana right now, but I'll keep him as a bench bat given his eligibility across the diamond.