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  1. I made that switch. Not sure how I feel about it, but I have always loved adding Gomez because he isn't just a speed guy. He won't run as much as Smith, but he's also helping in homers.
  2. Combo meals are so tasty. This guy is crushing.
  3. I'm not concerned. He was a bit unlucky with some bloop hits that did some damage. His slider wasn't great tonight but velocity was awesome as always.
  4. Then Hernandez will get the 9th. I should've held him over Street.
  5. From looking at this I think it has to be his hand. The ball is still traveling super fast when it gets past his shoulder so if it hit the shoulder it only grazed it. And no way he's coming out of the game if a ball grazed his shoulder. It also changes trajectory right where his hands are. FML.
  6. He was pulled from the game and it looks like it hit his hand from one angle.
  7. This guy is awesome. Every time it seems like he might be starting to slow down he starts eating again. Homers in back to back games to get him up to 18 for the year. What a stud.
  8. I'm on the east coast so I couldn't stay up to watch the whole game but I watched the first 4 innings and thought the biggest issue was control/command. His velocity was back up. I think the lowest fastball I saw was 94 and mostly saw 95-97, but he was struggling to hit his spots. He got behind in several counts so he had to throw fastballs, which is obviously going to lead to some hard hit balls. It was about what I expected given his recent struggles. I think he'll start to find his groove again and start hitting his spots. His first start back when he dominated for 5 innings he was throwing first pitch strikes in nearly every count. Hopefully he'll start to get ahead in counts again going forward. I am fairly encouraged by this start.
  9. Ok all 9 runs coming in one inning may be surprising, but a young guy getting bombed at Coors is pretty much par for the course.
  10. It's not "what else was going to happen" as if there was no way he was going to have a good outing. It's more that some people are actually surprised about it. There is absolutely nothing surprising about what happened tonight, regardless of how well he has pitched prior to this evening. And as far as Arizona goes I rarely start Robbie Ray there either. That place is another launching pad. Toronto is up there as well.
  11. Command still isn't there yet early on but the velocity is back up to 95-96, which is obviously good to see.
  12. I don't own this guy. I don't own any Rockies pitchers because unless your league is super deep they aren't with owning. And this was coming... He pitches at Coors. I made the mistake of starting Strasburg last year at Coors. I think he had already given up 8 earned by the end of the second inning. This is Stephen Strasburg... Nobody is safe at Coors.
  13. I hardly ever start any pitchers at Coors. I honestly don't think I've ever owned a Rockies pitcher.
  14. Facing a great lineup at Coors, what did you guys expect? You have yourselves to thank for starting him.
  15. This is exactly my line of thinking. Both Bautista and E5 were total trash before drinking that Canadian Kool-Aid. Nobody bought into them at first either, and they have both been top power bats for over 5 years now. He's hitting for average which signifies to me that this isn't just some power binge like a lot of these guys.