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  1. Don't say this. Maddon is a genius. Didn't you hear he took a perennially bad team with a lot of talent to the WS like 7 years ago and won a world series last year with the best team in baseball. But it was a stressful season so...
  2. He was good literally 3 years ago. Not sure how much that matters at this point. Yesterday he was throwing 91 mph fastballs and got torched.
  3. Likely sitting him there. Last night he got screwed for anyone watching. He was pitching fine until the rain came. They wouldn't call it and he was pitching in a down pour. Couldn't throw strikes, probably because he couldn't get a grip on the ball, and walked two guys who both scored.
  4. Good grief he's a strikeout machine.
  5. 3 IP, 1 H, 0 BB, 0 R, 3 Ks. Fastball velo 91-94 and struck out the side in the 3rd. Velo may never get back to what it once was, but at least this was a step forward.
  6. I only have 10 moves left this season and I'm not burning one on Tyler Lyons because I feel pretty confidently they'll just give the job back to Oh. If there is a save opp today and Lyons gets it then I'll reconsider...
  7. There have been no recent developments so anyone who offers any sort of timetable is purely speculating.
  8. Another one. 3 run shot. Is he finally heating up?
  9. Educated guess.
  10. A guy who normally throws 98-100 suddenly throwing 91-94 is a bit concerning and commonly indicative of an injury. Wouldn't you agree?
  11. Why does Blake Parker get no shot at closing? He's been by far the best reliever in the Angels pen all year.
  12. Already attempted 2 steals today. Not sure if they were hit and runs but Stanton swung on both of them. Fouled one off and singled on the next. At least he was attempting to run.
  13. Much needed bomb last night. He has got to get something going at some point. I am not believer I once was, but I still think he can provide some value.
  14. I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you but he only pitched one inning. I wouldn't draw too many conclusions from a guy pitching 1 inning for the first time after a few months off due to injury...
  15. I just found it to not be funny. Guy who took the time to write that is trying way too hard.