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  1. Always has huge stats at any point when he's healthy. Generational banger.
  2. So he will platoon with Story moving forward?
  3. 2 walks today. All concerns out the window.
  4. Any word on his velocity this spring? I can't find anything...
  5. If he plays 130 games I'll make a bet with you that he hits 20+ bombs.
  6. Raking in spring training. Good to see. So excited about this kid.
  7. 3 steals already this spring. Looks like he plans on running a lot again this year.
  8. That's perennial unicorn Bud Norris...
  9. They are such similar players. I wouldn't reach on Mondesi knowing Villar will be available much later. I like Mondesi more of course but everything depends on price tag.
  10. He's going to run wild.
  11. 3rd-4th rounder for Scott White. Pump the hype train.
  12. Well then I guess I was looking in the right direction! My only 3B entering the season was Sano so I'm hoping between Sano and Devers one of them has a good year. I have Mondesi, Villar, and Brendan Rodgers with 2B eligibility so I think one of them will have a good year.
  13. I traded him for Devers, Bumgarner, Glasnow, and Paxton in a dynasty league. Bit of a gamble but I needed arms and I'm hoping Devers becomes my 3B for years to come.
  14. Pretty good article comparing him to Andujar. Steamer projections for them are very similar this season. .270/23/80 for Devers and .280/24/82 for Andujar.