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  1. Lol at this idiot. Crow never tasted so good. Dude is crushing.
  2. Hasn't Watson been struggling of late? 2 blown saves over the past 2 weeks and a lot of runs. His WHIP is dreadful. I don't think a change is imminent, but if it continues...
  3. 100 mph coming from the left side with a nasty slider. You can't see the comparison? Scouts do...
  4. I just added him. Kinda surprised he was available considering how many other potential closers are owned in my league, but this guy truly looks like Aroldis Lite. He could be an elite closer if Watson falters or is moved.
  5. Kinda figured this would happen. It was fun while it lasted...
  6. Why do so many closers have to have these terrible habits? I hate Ken Giles's pre-pitch leg pump and arm drop.
  7. Has he never read the bible? Does the story of Samson and Delilah not ring a bell? Look at what Sano and his lovely locks are doing to baseballs this year.
  8. But how is he supposed to generate that 85mph fastball without it?
  9. I hate him because he chokes up on the bat with a 0-0 count. Just get a different sized bat if it's too big. I'm pretty sure Freddie Freeman uses one of those souvenir bats they give out to the first 1,000 people at the game.
  10. I'll take homers over walks. Owning Salazar Slytherin and his dreadful BB/9 is not fun.
  11. His mom might though. Didn't Kluber's mom get on here and defend him?
  12. Agreed. Jason Werth pulls this off IMO. To me he is teen wolf. But Blackmon looks like trash.
  14. It kinda feels like a prospect making his debut. I am pumped for this guy to get back out there tonight.
  15. There is a thread for venting and ranting, and I love that thread and what it represents. But the venting and ranting in that thread is usually justifiable - this player sucks, my team is getting decimated by injuries, my opponent is having the week of his life, etc. Well what about the irrational hate that rages deep within your heart for no real reason? What are you supposed to do with that? You can let it out here. If you've got hate in your heart, let it out. I'll start. I hate Dallas Keuchel. For me there is a lot to hate about him - his out of nowhere rise to the upper tiers of pitching ranks with no pedigree, his low K rate, etc. But what I really hate about him is that ugly a** beard. Have some class and shave your ******** face, or at least trim it to look respectable. Some guys can pull this off, but it looks hideous on him. Up next is Jacob deGrom. Elite pitcher - one of the best in baseball, there is no arguing this. But that hair? You look like a clown. You are a major league pitcher, not a bloody rocky god. It works for Thor, but not for you. Cut if off.