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  1. I would take Hendricks. He's velo is creeping back up.
  2. Very close, I actually like the Turner side. I'm not high on Trumbo or Abreau ROS and love the upside of Turner and J-UP. How does you pitching look? Unless you really need to add a SP, I would take the Turner side.
  3. WHIR
  4. Segura has 3B eligibility in your league? No problem with benching Machado, but be prepared for him to go off and have everyone tell you how dumb you are for benching your studs, never fails.
  5. So you are making the offer? No it's not insulting. In fact, with his SP, I wouldn't be surprised if he takes it.
  6. I have Pujlos, who hasn't exactly been productive either.
  7. It seems crazy to trade away a guy like Harper that can play at an elite level the next 10 years, but that is a haul. I think I would take it. Two youngish superstars and Bellinger has a super high ceiling, plus I'm not a huge Hosmer fan in standard 5x5's.
  8. Not a bad offer IMO. I would be hesitant to give up the best player, but you will gain in SB and SP cats (W,K, etc).
  9. Offered Hanley and Correa for Miggy and Dickerson. I need SS help, but don't want to sell low on Miggy.
  10. Droppable? Who are you picking up on the WW that you would drop Odor for? Also, he has enough value, hype and name recognition that you could move him for something.
  11. Anyone watching the Rays game? Yahoo was showing a SB for Miller and now none. Was there a review or just yahoo being yahoo?
  12. Can't mess with a hammy. Running him back out there in 2-3 days could really be asking for trouble.
  13. How many games has he started at 1B so far?
  14. Any concerns with Maurer? Seems pretty shaky, but I'm not sure there is a great alternative in that pen.