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  1. Seems pretty obvious it was going to be Hernandez (before the Angels added runs) the last two times.
  2. My $ is on Hernandez. Because pick a name out of a hat, right?
  3. Error? Yahoo isn't showing it.
  4. Un-freaking-believable.
  5. Who would be next up, Law?
  6. Ray is a mess.
  7. Man he's been bad.
  8. He very well may get sent down soon, but...He has only started 3 games and has only had 12 AB. He was robbed twice, if those are hits and he is hitting .250, I bet everyone feels alot better.
  9. Wow, Pineda continuing to get shelled by the hapless halos
  10. Big Mike getting hammer by the Angels? Great
  11. I just dropped him in my 12-team league and I am alot thinner at IB than you (Miggy and Bryant). I'm just not seeing much hope for him. Might as well roll the dice on Newcomb, he has upside and good pitchers are tough to find right now.
  12. I think Buxton is a WW player. He isn't going to help your current OF, so you might as well roll the dice on Fisher who has been tearing it up in the minors.
  13. I agree. Drop Gallo and Bird, move Villar to DL.
  14. I would look to move Melancon instead of straight dropping him. He should have value to anyone needing saves. I like Knebel over Kitzler, I think he's the real deal.
  15. On the surface Rizzo is much more valuable than CMart, but you know your own situation. I would still try to get another piece to even up the value (Hanley, Matz), but you obviously have options at 1B.