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  1. So Bud survives in LAA. Maybe they will still take him out of the 9th.
  2. Kintzler could be another.
  3. Is Jim Johnson on the trading block. It seemed early in the season there was alot of talk that he would definitely get moved, but I haven't heard anything lately.
  4. Hillarious how he didn't even slide, just headed toward the dugout. I wonder if he's there yet?
  5. Souza just hurt himself on one of the most awkward slides I have ever seen.
  6. What happened to Odor?
  7. Walks the bases loaded, 9 straight balls. WTF??
  8. It's like Betances has completely forgotten how to throw strikes.
  9. I would love to drop him, but there isn't much out there on the WW.
  10. Man has he gone to crap. Another disaster start.
  11. Seems pretty obvious it was going to be Hernandez (before the Angels added runs) the last two times.
  12. My $ is on Hernandez. Because pick a name out of a hat, right?
  13. Error? Yahoo isn't showing it.
  14. Un-freaking-believable.
  15. Who would be next up, Law?