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  1. DeGrom really struggling, early, against the Marlins.
  2. HaHa. Of course they take him out while I'm typing.
  3. With a double header today, Marquez might have to bite the bullet. Don't want to burn through the bullpen in game 1.
  4. I remember that. Edwin E has always been a much better player in the second half as well.
  5. He could not put guys away last night. Four of the Five hits he gave up in fourth inning were on two strike counts and the home run to Schoop was on a 0-2 count. He got alot of swinging strikes early in the count with his changeup, but had nothing with his breaking stuff. I saw somewhere that his spin rate is way down on his curveball. I don't know why that would happen or how easy it is to fix, but the issue seems to be he has lost that electric curveball and is basically a two pitch pitcher right now.
  6. 5 days ago= Snell gets destroyed, Story gets hurt and Hill gets hurt Last night= Snell gets destroyed and Stanton gets hurt. Progress?
  7. Hoe much runway? Could he pitch 5 innings already?
  8. He was missing by alot, this was an all time sh^t show.
  9. Snell set my roto team on fire. Wow
  10. That could have been the worst performance by a starting pitcher I have ever seen. How can he be this bad? The guy was basically un-hittable last year.