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  1. Play him. Look what Kikuchi did against the Indians.
  2. A lot of talk in Milwaukee about Chase Anderson, strong possibility he is left on the sidelines. And Nelson won't start the season in the rotation. So right now you are looking at Chacin, Davies, and likely Burnes. Then Woodruff and Peralta if they figure out what to do with Chase.
  3. In a points league, I'm leaning Gattis...Grandal...........Molina. In a similar situation, trying to determine if I roster Gattis or Ramos. Someone foolishly dropped Gattis after a slow start and I pounced at the right time. Ramos likely continues to see his lineup support decrease with the season going on and some trades. We know if Gattis hits that he'll see a lot of opportunity. Grandal seems to have a profile that he can't sustain. Molina seems to be showing his age. I'd also look at Murphy or Meija if he comes back up if you make the *wrong* choice.