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  1. Play him. Look what Kikuchi did against the Indians.
  2. A lot of talk in Milwaukee about Chase Anderson, strong possibility he is left on the sidelines. And Nelson won't start the season in the rotation. So right now you are looking at Chacin, Davies, and likely Burnes. Then Woodruff and Peralta if they figure out what to do with Chase.
  3. In a points league, I'm leaning Gattis...Grandal...........Molina. In a similar situation, trying to determine if I roster Gattis or Ramos. Someone foolishly dropped Gattis after a slow start and I pounced at the right time. Ramos likely continues to see his lineup support decrease with the season going on and some trades. We know if Gattis hits that he'll see a lot of opportunity. Grandal seems to have a profile that he can't sustain. Molina seems to be showing his age. I'd also look at Murphy or Meija if he comes back up if you make the *wrong* choice.
  4. Thanks guys! Appreciate the thoughts, was struggling as well with the choice.
  5. We don’t have an IR spot, but thinking about swapping out Collison for him. ESPN h2h points league. My roster is: J Harden N Jokic H Whiteside K Love K Middleton E Bledsoe E Payton J Teague A Bradley D Collison T Hardaway Jr D Smith Jr RHJ
  6. You're right. I should note it is a 16 teamer, so RBs are notoriously thin. I'm probably the strongest there outside of one other team. I have to hope Martin comes back in Week 5 and be a RB3 for me and Murray doesn't lose his starting position.
  7. A redraft league with 6 points for all TDs, no PPR. I have Watkins and Tate as my starting WRs, and could upgrade there by trading Marshawn Lynch for Michael Thomas or Alshon Jeffrey. I have Wentz, so I like the the 2 for 1, but Thomas is probably the better choice. Thoughts? Team: QB: Mariota, Wentz RB: Murray, Cook, Lynch, Martin, CJ2k WR: Watkins, Tate, D. Jackson, Kupp K: Prater D: Patriots, Giants
  8. Doesn't look like Wood is lined up for a start this week. Anyone see anything about him starting on regular rest? I ask because in the last hour CBS has taken his Thursday start away.
  9. Any source on that? I haven't seen that in one article I've read. Thanks.
  10. I haven't seen any updates. I hope so, but I need to make a lineup decision early. Hoping he can help me win my league this week.
  11. Are these 10 man leagues? I'm in 16 teamers and there is no way Hunt lasts to the 3rd round, might not make it to the 2nd. I'm sitting with the 7th pick and I'm intrigued by the workhorse numbers he could get on a great team. Compared to likely backs available, the only one I'd consider over Hunt is Gurley or Murray. Howard, no. Cook, prob not.
  12. Do we think he actually gets two starts this week?
  13. You're right, he always does! It is a keeper, although I don't know if Hoskins will make the cut for me. (We keep 5 and a rookie. I have Kluber, Scherzer, Trout, and likely Machado and one other.) Morrison has been solid all year long, but I don't know if he cracks the lineup in front of Machado or Donaldson unless Abreu went down. Thanks for the thoughts.
  14. Morrison has slowed down, considering adding the kid to my bench. Honestly I probably need an OF as Machado and Donaldson are likely locked in my two utility spots.
  15. Gallo has been on the bench or waiver most of the season in my 12 team points league. Too streaky, even though I love the power. I'd prefer Fisher and everyday stats.