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  1. JD for Robbie Ray- WHIR

    I would keep jd. Ray and a closer is not enough for me to make a move. It looks more like you’re trying to find a fit just because someone is interested. I bet if you put jd on the block and let it known he’s availabke you’d get back some much better offers.
  2. General Tso's Keepers

    Miller, Godley and the last guy would be jimmy Nelson. I think Nelson really came into his own last year before getting injured. A cheap guy on the up and up is never a bad thing.
  3. Some Early Keeper Questions.

    Id go Donaldson, Martinez, Hoskins and personally I’d keep Bird because I just think his upside is tremendous and you’ve already seen glimpses of what he can do. You could go with a different young player that tickles your fancy as your last guy.
  4. I get to keep 6 guys no fancy keeper rules and you can keep them forever. My other 5 keepers right now are Harper, Rizzo, severino, bregman and Nola. I’m not usually keen on keeping closers but kimbrel is one of the few that are exceptions. I’m just weary of pollock giving me nothing again as a keeper for a 3rd year in a row. I also have faith that he can return to being a top player but these injuries the last two years certainly worry me. Do I take the chance on pollock on hope for the best or take the sure thing in kimbrel?
  5. Oh I'm quite familiar with rushs MO. I take nothing he says seriously. I'm usually all against keeping closers but kimbrel is one I would keep. I've kept pollock two years now and haven't gotten much out of him. I don't know if I want to keep him for a third year and not get what I expected. Love him but injuries have turned me off
  6. Yea I felt that way too but I just wanted to list all 3 to get some outside perspective
  7. So I'm currently deciding on two of my last three keeper spots. It's keep 6 no penalties , no limit on how long you can keep them. My other keepers are Harper, Rizzo, Bregman and Severino.
  8. Sonny Gray 2017 outlook

    Garcia is scheduled the start that game I believe.