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  1. Fowler or pirela?

  2. Fowler or pirela?

    I need to cut someone to make room to add one of my protected prospects kingery back. I need to cut one of Fowler or pirela. I’m leaning towards pirela as I don’t trust him and I’m kinda high on Fowler. What do you guys think? WHIR
  3. Trade to address my middle infield need

    I think it’s pretty good. Who are your other closers?
  4. Smoak vs beltre?

    Simple question which is the better bat for this year?
  5. Very unbalanced. But if no collusion I’m against vetoing people’s decisions to make certain trades.
  6. Castillo, price, godley. Although godley and price could flip flop
  7. Need Help Picking 2 Keepers

    Harper then I’d go rendon or kuechel
  8. Love Nola but I think you’re selling machado short
  9. Stanton Deal WHIR

    I like that return for Stanton. Stanton vs Correa is a toss up with slight edge to Stanton but getting Bellinger is a big upgrade over Sano.
  10. Who should I keep

    Scherzer, Bregman and Bellinger. To me Bregman and Bellinger are must keeps. It comes down to scherzer vs degrom. Scherzer is the better pitcher obviously but Degrom is younger and a tad cheaper.
  11. JD Martinez or George Springer?

    Redraft JD keeper/dynasty springer
  12. Sale keeper trade. WHIR

    I think it’s too much for sale. I rather have Judge over sale to begin with. I’d rather look to deal Bellinger and maybe Dee Gordon to a team that needs keepers for some draft picks.
  13. Dealt acuna for sale

    It’s a total win now move. I’ve been so close the last three years and I felt like I always lacked that big time ace. I could regret it but if it’s helps me win it all this year I can’t be too mad. Plus sale is still kinda young so I’ll still get some big years out of him. I did not want to move acuna but the thought of having Severino and sale atop my rotation had me salivating. It’s a 14 team league so pitching it scarce.
  14. Dealt acuna for sale

    Why would I move Nola for kingery? Why is everything you comment so silly?
  15. Dealt acuna for sale

    I love Nola too. I hated giving him up but it’s Chris Sale