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  1. Should I trade Mookie?

    I like #3 the best. Machado is a stud and you're getting a top pitcher in return. Machado/Paxton is better than Blackmon/Snell so I like that one the best.
  2. Correa a buy low candidate?? whir

    Yes, definitely try to buy low on Correa! He will improve your team a lot at that position and he should be back soon. Could use your opinion. Thanks!
  3. Nick Castellanos, Dynasty League. WHIR

    I think you have to make this deal. Yes, you lose 2 prospects, but Castellanos is proven and playing well now. Thanks for the help with mine!
  4. Potential Blockbuster Trade! WHIR!

    Should I try and include a different OF besides Haniger? Polanco seems like not enough and not sure he'd find a lot of value in Cespedes. But then I wouldn't feel as bad getting Lester back if I didn't give up a solid OF as well as Scherzer. I definitely think my team right now is pretty balanced and I just beat the guy in 1st before the AS break b/c I had better pitching. Though, the top 2 teams have more hitting and do a lot of streaming SPs. So maybe that is the way to go. Not a lot on the WW, with just guys like Teheran, Bundy, Pivetta, and Ross.
  5. Can only keep 3 - WHIR

    This is a good problem to have. I think 4 is your best case if you can swing Harper and Noah for Trout. If you can't swing that big of a deal, then try to move Harper. But, #1 is not a bad position to be in. Good luck! Help?
  6. YES! Make that first deal. Severino coming back to you is great value! Help with mine?
  7. I think the Trout side edges it out slightly. But, it's a pretty even trade overall. Help?
  8. Potential Blockbuster Trade! WHIR!

    I'm in 7th place right now, but have been on a tear lately as my team has gotten healthy and other hitters have turned it around. I agree Scherzer would be a huge blow and I'm not stoked on Lester either. But, he would need an OF to go back to his team and he doesn't have a lot of other good pitchers outside of Lester or Nola (which I can't get in return) so I'm just looking for some return value if I send an OF.
  9. I think I'd rather keep Folty over Happ. Either one would be a good piece for Muncy though. Start there and see what they say. Help?
  10. I think you could trade MadBum for Rizzo. Good luck! Help?
  11. I'm not sure if it's enough of a return for Sale. Baez is an upgrade, but I think Sale warrants more. Help with mine?
  12. Big time closer help... WHIR

    Out of all of those arms, only Osuna has a guarantee to close. I'd pick up Yates first out of the bunch, but SD might trade him soon too. I think you have to see how CLE uses Hand first, though. Help with mine?
  13. 12-team H2H, keeper league, standard categories + Total Bases & Quality Starts. Keep 3 every year for your first 3 picks in next year's draft. I know my pitching isn't strong, but I'm thinking of trading Scherzer and Haniger for Mookie and Lester. Would you do that? I would lose a lot of pitching stats, but my hitting would be pretty awesome with Betts. Or should I hold with Cespedes coming back and hopefully Cano being a boost in a couple weeks? I just know I can't trust Ces to stay healthy and Hoskins and Haniger have been pretty streaky. My pitching would take a big hit with losing Scherzer though. I definitely know how Rush is going to vote on this one haha My keepers this year were Arenado, Trea, and Scherzer. Next year I would definitely keep Arenado and Scherzer and I'd have to pick a 3rd between Trea/Marte/Hoskins/Suarez/Haniger depending on how they finish this season. Obviously, replace Scherzer with Betts if this trade happens. Is that better for me overall? Right now, what's your opinion on my 3rd keeper? **I'm aware of my surplus of RPs haha. I'm waiting to see how things hash out with the trade deadline. Tepera and Minter are in decent situations for the next couple weeks and too good to pass up. Appreciate the help! Leave a link and I'll return the favor. Thanks! C- Hicks 1B- Hoskins 2B- Gleyber Torres 3B- Arenado SS- Trea Turner OF- Cespedes OF- Marte OF- Haniger UTIL- Gurriel UTIL- Eugenio Suarez BN- Eaton BN- Gregory Polanco BN- Cano (SUS) DL- Thames SP- Scherzer SP- Hendricks SP- MadBum SP- Taillon SP- Marco Gonzales SP- Hill SP- Chacin RP- Jansen RP- Seranthony RP- Rodon RP- Tepera RP- Minter DL- Ryu
  14. June Closer Thread 2018

    Also pondering this. Does it even make sense to roster Giles at this point in standard leagues? Rondon seems to have the hold on the position.
  15. I think Albies finishes ahead. I know everyone is waiting for him to regress, but he's giving you so many more counting stats than Whit. The SBs are nice, but not much else is there. Help with mine? Still need help finding a solid WW bat. Thanks!