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  1. 500 Wins
  2. Promoted to HI-A Wilmington. I haven't really evaluated his defense. As long as he's in the AL, I'm not too worried.
  3. I've seen him. Good looking swing from the left side and great splits so far. He's a college guy in A Ball, so take that into account. I think he'll get bumped up soon.
  4. My Thoughts exactly. There has to be some correlation there.
  5. Off to a hot start after a year of injury issues. Former 1st-round pick, so the pedigree is there. Still not much chatter about him though.
  6. My bad. One hit was off a reliever.
  7. Only Asheville player with multiple hits off, what I believe is a future major leaguer, in Dane Dunning last night.
  8. IMO, he will not explode until he starts laying off the slider low and outside. Once he does that, pitchers will need to come in to him, which will be his nirvana. Once he tones it down and makes pitchers put the ball in the zone, he'll be a top 20 MI or better. He showed the ability to do it for stretches last year. Once it sticks, look out.
  9. Pitch was at his hands, which has traditionally been an issue for him.
  10. Unfortunately, Gallo isn't afforded the "learn to hit MLB pitching" phase that some players get. He'll be sent back down once Beltre is healthy. BTW, he was one inch away from hitting a double also. And like the previous poster said, nobody else was hitting Carrasco.
  11. I think he'll be up soon if he hits in AAA. I don't agree with the decision, but this move was made primarily as a roster manipulation and Park is not on the 40 man anymore, making him expendable in the short term. Also keep in mind that he cleared waivers last year, so nobody else wanted him. They could be trying to create some value in AAA so they can move him (if they've decided that they'd rather move on). If they thought he had a future on this team, I suspect he'd be on the roster now or he will be shortly. If not, he's trade bait.
  12. There's lots of overreacting to Gallo from both sides of the prediction front. Some think he's a 200 K waste of space that'll run into a few, but will ultimately end up being Russell Branyan. There are others that think he's got unmatched raw power that can't be taught. I lean a little toward some future development. He's really young and he's shown the ability to adjust at each level. The upper levels (AAA and MLB) will likely take the longest to adjust. I've seen him destroy a Clayton Kershaw slider, which not many people do. The issue as I see it is that he's been held back due to the Texan's desire to win now. This means when he does get a shot, he feels like he needs to prove himself immediately, with no ability to develop in the majors. This leads to him losing his good batting eye and swinging at stuff out of the zone. He also seems to get a bunch of Ks looking, but I don't have the numbers to back it up. He's got a bunch of talent, but needs to find himself at the highest level. Unfortunately, he plays for a team that's not patient and unwilling to let him work through it. Therefore, he'll likely be traded in the offseason for pitching and use 2017 as a development year in the big leagues for another team.
  13. It's the kind of Ks that concern me. Last night he got caught looking on a borderline pitch. Then he fought back from 0 -2 to finally chase a slider down. If he's swinging through pitches in the zone, I'll get concerned. He walks enough to start passing on the breaking stuff. And the Ks looking are going to come. He's a big guy, which will lead to some umps calling the high strikes.
  14. According to Twitter, Statcast has that as the second longest homerun at that field this year.........the opposite way and not on the good part of the bat.
  15. Lind is likely being showcased for a trade and it's working somewhat. But that doesn't mean he'll be traded unless they settle for a bag of balls and a fungo. A contender may be willing to throw the Mariners something for a left handed bat off the bench. But yeah, the market is limited.