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  1. Rhys Hoskins - 1B PHI

    He's ready.
  2. Rhys Hoskins - 1B PHI

    If you expect the GM to come out and say they're trying to trade Joseph, you'll be disappointed. Where there's smoke, there's fire.
  3. Rhys Hoskins - 1B PHI
  4. Luis Castillo 2017 Outlook

    My guess is that the slider and change up have recently developed. He's always been a hard thrower that was ticketed for the pen, but the recent improvement in his secondary pitches could be what has made the difference as of late. Judging by his first few starts, it appears to me he's still learning how to sequence the pitches at the highest level.
  5. Rhys Hoskins - 1B PHI

    There is rarely smoke before a move is made. Seems Philly doesn't want to just ditch an asset (albeit a moderate one) without trying to get something for him. It's kind of like buying a new car, but wanting to take the time to get good value for your current vehicle because the trade in offer is crap. It takes time to list it and sell it for more the peanuts. Joseph would be a good platoon bat for teams with a lefty 1B that has significant splits. Not a huge chip, but potentially one that could net a decent middle reliever or a project prospect with ceiling. Also, in today's game it's tough to value a player that has extrapolated stats that give him 30 HRs. It's really more about run creation and OBP to most teams. Joseph is not bad enough to DFA but he's also not good enough to to dangle like the hottest girl at the prom. I really like Hoskin's future, but I would try to squeeze max value out of Joseph first as well. Or, Hoskins could have banged the GMs daughter and therefore, they're shopping him. Either way, i don't think we'll see any action until the Mid-July range at the earliest.
  6. Rhys Hoskins - 1B PHI

    I don't care if he's heralded or not. The cream will rise to the top. He has power, hits for average, and a good understanding of the strike zone. Plus he'll be playing in a hitter's park. Works for me. I remember scouts being lukewarm on Goldschmidt, Freeman, and other "1st base only" profiles. Guys tend to pump players they were on early. For many, admitting that Hoskins is a real talent would be admitting they were wrong in previous years. Scouts tends to wait for MLB success to admit that.
  7. Michael Chavis - 3B BOS

    Dude had an arm issue that kept him from playing the field.
  8. Addison Russell 2017 Season Outlook

    Beat me to it. The microwave generation thing is getting out of hand. If I didn't own him everywhere, I'd be trying to buy low right now (Keeper/dynasty leagues). He and his wife and children have obviously been going through some stuff for the last several months. Are people too simple minded to understand the impact that has on someone? Go look at the prognosticators falling all over themselves in the Eric Thames thread. This is baseball. There's ebs and flows. Some people see a 23 YO that has shown success at the hardest position on the biggest stage for a championship team. Some see a guy that has always sucked and the truth is finally coming out (the family issues are mere coincidence I guess). This season could likely be a tough one for him. But moving forward I wouldn't think about dropping him as long as you have stash space. Shortstops with his ceiling do not come around often.
  9. Carlos Carrasco 2017 Outlook

    500 Wins
  10. Chris DeVito KC 1B

    Promoted to HI-A Wilmington. I haven't really evaluated his defense. As long as he's in the AL, I'm not too worried.
  11. Chris DeVito KC 1B

    I've seen him. Good looking swing from the left side and great splits so far. He's a college guy in A Ball, so take that into account. I think he'll get bumped up soon.
  12. Jesse Hahn 2017 Outlook

    My Thoughts exactly. There has to be some correlation there.
  13. Michael Chavis - 3B BOS

    Off to a hot start after a year of injury issues. Former 1st-round pick, so the pedigree is there. Still not much chatter about him though.
  14. Colton Welker - 3B COL

    My bad. One hit was off a reliever.
  15. Colton Welker - 3B COL

    Only Asheville player with multiple hits off, what I believe is a future major leaguer, in Dane Dunning last night.