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  1. It's the kind of Ks that concern me. Last night he got caught looking on a borderline pitch. Then he fought back from 0 -2 to finally chase a slider down. If he's swinging through pitches in the zone, I'll get concerned. He walks enough to start passing on the breaking stuff. And the Ks looking are going to come. He's a big guy, which will lead to some umps calling the high strikes.
  2. According to Twitter, Statcast has that as the second longest homerun at that field this year.........the opposite way and not on the good part of the bat.
  3. Lind is likely being showcased for a trade and it's working somewhat. But that doesn't mean he'll be traded unless they settle for a bag of balls and a fungo. A contender may be willing to throw the Mariners something for a left handed bat off the bench. But yeah, the market is limited.
  4. Heading to AAA Tacoma.
  5. He's been playing a bunch of 1B. Gotta be trade-related.
  6. Which porch is tougher in Seattle? Right or left? I recall it was the right porch that killed Beltre. Although I consider Vogelbach more of a hitter than a masher.
  7. Another good start tonight. 5 IP 3 H 0 ER 2 BB 8 Ks 73 Pitches 53 Strikes 3 Groundouts 1 Flyout
  8. He was MVP of the Futures Game two years ago. He was called up to sit the bench for three days and then quickly sent back down (Why, I have no idea). He's watched guys that he was in front of make it to Texas and stay. All the while he's been shuffled across three different positions. I think he's frustrated and it's effecting his development. He was also disciplined by the manager at one point - likely because he was showing his frustration. Texas handled Chris Davis the same way. Gallo has been widely regarded as a guy with plus makeup, but apparently over the last year his rah rah attitude has eroded. Whatever happens, I hope it benefits him in the future.
  9. Another good start.
  10. Looked good against a good South Bend lineup.
  11. It's either an impending trade, a small injury, or he pissed someone off. Nothing else seems plausible.
  12. Apparently it was the Manager's decision which seems odd. Likely just a smokescreen. He doesnt seem like an attitude problem.
  13. Pulled for a pinch hitter. Speculate away
  14. Are players that big of prima-donnas that they can't handle another player expressing frustration towards a bad AB? Unbelievable. I'd be embarrassed to admit I let it bother me. My kids exercise more restraint than that. What if he had hit a HR? Should he have acted like he had a death in the family. If you don't like it, try harder to not get your a** kicked. Don't reduce yourself to crying about another player's emotion. Take care of what you can control. And just for the record, I don't care about either team of any of the players involved.
  15. This is just players getting pissed off at another player when they should have been pissed off at themselves. They got rolled last night, so they fabricated something to cry about other than the mirror. I absolutely hate hot dogging in football, but this is nothing but Oprah BS. Get over it and try to win tomorrow.