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  1. Anyone else? SPs up to Carrasco have been kept. 1B up to Gallo have been kept. I have the 7th pick so no matter who I cut, they’re going bye bye and no one is interested in a trade... WHIR
  2. Thanks for helping with mine. I really like your offense. Looks like you were able to get some vets at a discount (Brantley, Donaldson, Cutch), something I’m hoping to do in some of my leagues. Getting Marwin also helped solidify your depth. Solid pitching to start the year. Looks good to start and you have some lottery tickets that are easy cuts if they begin the year poorly.
  3. Corbin, Stras, Greinke, Paxton
  4. We can keep 5 in a 12 team H2H 5x5. It’s OBP instead of BA. I have the following players that could be kept: Arenado Correa Benintendi Realmuto Rizzo Syndergaard I can’t find a 2-for-1 trade partner right now. I could maybe try to get Harper, Judge, or Verlander...Do you see any trade with these players that would make sense? If I cant find a trade partner, who do I drop and try to get back if I get pick 1 or 2?
  5. I like LACs match up better next week than Dallas’. I think you stay put unless you really want to hold 3 defenses. I don’t trust WAS defense because I don’t trust their offense to keep the defense off the field
  6. Brady Coleman Hooper Bills especially if Stafford is out
  7. I usually would go with Mayfield since he protects the ball better, but that IND vs DAL should be a higher scoring game so you should get a better chance for a big game if you go with Dak this week
  8. I’ve bought into this week being Cousins redemption week so Cousins at home in the dome
  9. Another vote for Cousins. New OC, and you know he’s heard the negativity directed towards him.
  10. Thanks for helping me. I would tend to go Ertz over Samuels even if Conner is out, so if he’s in, I’m definitely going Ertz over Samuels. Philadelphia will probably have to go to the air against Dallas and Foles will need Ertz against a good Dallas pass rush
  11. I got burned by T Smith twice this year so I’m not touching him anymore. I actually like Moore and Sutton this week actually. Both teams will want to (have to?) throw and will be against defenses that allow plenty through the air. I also like Ridley just for this week, but he’s third place.
  12. So I keep hearing and reading that Cooks is a must start. I’m in a .5 PPR league, 1 pt/10 yards and here’s my lineup against the co-top-point-getter in the league: WR - D Hop WR - Thielen RB - Elliot RB - Chubb FLEX - Mixon I don’t think I really see a spot for Cooks so I’m looking for your thoughts...WHIR
  13. Sorry it took me awhile...Luck and Uzomah (hope that he’s a checkdown for the backup QB whose name I can’t remember right now)