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  1. I remember when Santonio Holmes went from the Steelers to the Jets...... could be a similar path for AB.
  2. Antonio Brown might be done after going on Instagram saying he wants his release from the team. Wallerbeast's value going way up by the minute......could be a top 5 tight end by year end.
  3. Why any team would take a risk with this diva is beyond me if he gets released. After seeing all of the garbage he has pulled to date, I would think every GM would have their reservations.
  4. All in favor of Nagy being benched for this debacle???__________________
  5. All this talk about being goo goo for Montgomery by the coaching staff was a joke!! Absolutely terrible play calling and the Bears couldn't even utilize what probably amounts to there best weapon outside of ARob.....WHAT A JOKE!!
  6. Guys- I've been sitting back and listening to everyone's comments as I've been writing on many forums for some time now. My two cents.....Gordon is 28 years old, probably in the best shape of his life physically and mentally. I believe in this life that everyone on Gods green earth that works towards a much better place for themselves at least deserves the benefit of the doubt. We have come across many an athlete that has had many issues, whether it be mental, physical, psychological, drug or alcohol related. Mental illness and drug addiction are real and clearly an obstacle that is tough to overcome. He doesn't beat women or children, he hasn't been indicted on murder charges....... the guy has demons with drug and alcohol addictions. He is still in the prime of his career, is clearly playing with what amounts to be a fresh start, new year, playing with the GOAT, in an offense he now is familiar with and we all know how talented he is. My prediction honestly......he will surpass 1200 yards and grab 9+ TDs. I feel he is at the turning point of not just his career, but his life choices and now will be his time. Take this FWIW everyone...... but this is my honest assessment after following him throughout his career and many an article I've read about him. Believe everyone...... this is Gordon's time..... and if not, so be it and move on if you doubt.
  7. Where is the "its happening" old man waving hands in the air image?? Can someone please oblige.
  8. Yandy Biceps is reminding me of Jose Bautista when he really came on. This could be a special breakout...... I'm glad I grabbed him when I did.
  9. I'm not buying..... his minor league numbers and last few years say that all these Ks are a mirage. He's done this against Toronto .....and still lost and the Yankees who are just missing everything right now, including their roster. Detroit has no offense and eventually no run support will ultimately be Boyd's demise. I will stay away.
  10. Nice read.....Hicks is their closer of the future.....period. He throws heat at 101 with a devastating slider that sits at 82 .....and just buckles knees. He is absolutely filthy and those thinking that either Reyes who stunk up the joint or Martinez who is an injury risk nightmare to save the day..... think again. The Cards have their boy...... his name is Jordan 'Haunted' Hicks!!...... because he is flat out scary!!
  11. Guys.....Hicks I don't think was available as he just pitched 2 innings in the last game for the win. I think it was like 35 pitches....I didn't expect him to go tonight.
  12. Bold prediction: Goes 1 for 3 with a homer and 2rbis against Max tomorrow!! Mets fans go nuts and win a tightly contested 3-2 battle with their new closer, Edwin Diaz, shutting it down for his first save.
  13. Not buying it......he is done. Had his chance tonight and was even starting was against Cleveland. This guy is dead to me!!
  14. I have to say that Gasols numbers have really suffered since coming to Toronto. I just don't see the appeal of holding onto him if you can get someone off the wire that will get similar if not better numbers. He is effectively in a legit timeshare and seems to be getting the short of the stick on playing time regardless of him starting or not.