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  1. Evan Gattis 2018 Outlook

    Gattis has been the Astros primary DH. He hasn't played Catcher this season and McCann is hitting .215 so I doubt he would be competition at DH. Marwin Gonzalez could possibly factor in with Tony Kemp getting playing time in LF.
  2. Fantasy Strategy Thread

    Nice. I did something similar. Drafted Wil Myers (1B, OF), Dee Gordon (2B, OF), Manny Machado (3B, SS) & Zack Cozart (2B, SS, 3B).
  3. Jake Odorizzi 2018 Outlook

    I'm going to roll the dice. Houston's offense has been relatively cold out of the gate.
  4. Joey Lucchesi 2018 Outlook

    Very solid outing today (5 innings, 7 k's only 1 hit allowed), but it's an obvious benching @COL.
  5. 4/5 - GAME DAY THREAD

    That was the 2nd time today he got called out looking on a pitch that was well off the plate.
  6. Jose Martinez 2018 Outlook

    I added him this morning because the Pit-Det game got rained out and I didn't have anyone to replace Marte. Nice opening day decision.
  7. Charlie Morton 2018 Outlook

    I would say it's sustainable because he looked like a different pitcher last year. Risk is definitely there if he gets off to a bad start since he has McHugh and Peacock behind him in the Astros rotation.
  8. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    The darkhorse is probably J.D Davis. Hinch was interviewed during the spring game today and said one of Reed/Davis/White would likely make the team with Yuli's absence and there wasn't a clear favorite. Davis is the guy in that group that's off to a quick start with a couple bombs already this spring. Still I think Fisher is the guy starting opening day.
  9. 2017 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    How would you ever know if it cost you future world series, though?
  10. Colin Moran 2017 Season Outlook

    For the starting lineup, sure. But the Astros still have 4 OF with Springer/Reddick/Aoki/Marisnick on the roster and no backup IF, which is why the Astros had to bring up Moran/White instead of Fisher. For example, Bregman left last nights game with an injury, if White is not on the roster who plays the IF with Gurriel/Altuve/Marwin?
  11. Colin Moran 2017 Season Outlook

    White or Moran being promoted had nothing to do with Fisher. The Astros needed a backup IF in case of an injury. Now Bregman is day-to-day so Houston might be looking at bringing another IF up. I think Fisher's being up has more to do with Springer being injured than anything else.
  12. Colin Moran 2017 Season Outlook

    Fisher couldn't have worked because Marwin Gonzalez has been the Astros only backup IF all year. Even if Marwin plays the IF exclusively the Astros would still need a backup for in-game purposes.
  13. Colin Moran 2017 Season Outlook

    Because Moran is injured? Fisher wasn't bypassed when the Astros brought Moran up instead and I don't think the Astros will be bringing Fisher back because Moran might be going on the DL.
  14. Derek Fisher - OF HOU

    Because Marwin Gonzalez was the Astros only backup infielder. With Correa going down, they needed another IF for depth.
  15. AJ Reed - 1B HOU

    Are you talking this year or long term? I'm at least expecting both Beltran (DH) and Gurriel (1B) to be solid for Houston this year.