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  1. Is this a 6-team league? You're loaded. My initial reaction is that you should stand pat with what you have. You're the highest scoring team in the league and eventually odds will begin to turn in your favour. You've been unlucky but don't panic, 1-3 isnt insurmountable.
  2. Dalton, better weapons and no major injury concerns. Help with mine?
  3. Unless your league has defined rules regarding this sort of situation, you're totally justified using that roster option as you please.
  4. Be interesting to see what Freeman does tonight but gun to my head I'd take the Kerryon/Baldwin side right this moment. Help with mine?
  5. Would rather have Freeman at this point. Help with my Fournette question?
  6. Grab Ridley asap. Explosive offence and he's quickly earning Ryan's trust and targets alike. Help with mine? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/724294-take-this-fournette-offer-whir/
  7. League and team in sig. Been offered the following: Give: Fournette Receive: AJ Green Pretty fed up with Fournette at this point, could also really use the receiver help. Yay or nay? Thanks in advance for the responses and WHIR!
  8. Absolutely droppable in a league with that format. Should be better options on the wire.