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  1. I’m in 11th place, about 9 categories out of a playoff spot.
  2. Sorry it is a rd 9 pick, not a 6
  3. I give Kershaw rd 20 pick I get Austin Riley rd 6 pick I’m in a 5 keeper unlimited keep category league. my keeper choices as of right now are goldy, Yoan, Trea, benintendi, bellinger, Kershaw, Cole. The keepers count as the first 5 rds.
  4. I think you throw Segura out there and see who bites
  5. Sorry wrong Keller, meant Brad not Mitch.
  6. Should I drop Mitch Keller for Eddie Lauer? Making some final adjustments to my team before the start of the season and Im scared of Keller. My current pitchers are Gerrit Cole, Kershaw, Kikuchi, Ryu, Dereck Rdiriguez, Keller, Strahm, Woodruff, and Pivetta.
  7. Like the Offense, will love it once Eloy comes up and starts hitting lights. The pitching is good, might need a piece or two to make it great.
  8. Is Brandon Woodruff, Trevor Richards, mike fiers, zach elfin or Gio worth the pick up, I can drop Dereck Rodriguez, tanner roark, or Brad Keller.
  9. I have Johnathon Lucory and Yan Gomes is on the board. Should I pick him up?