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  1. I think all of Gallup’s targets were short except the deep throw to the sidelines. Rest were slants where he seemed to be the first read in 4 of them. He is the deep threat though so hopefully he will start getting targeted there. Fabian Moreau is doubtful and Quinton Dunbar DNP and looks like he’s trending down. Norman typically doesn’t shadow but Gruden had him shadow Jeffery last week. If Norman is on Cooper, Gallup will be facing 3rd string cbs. Last week, Moore and Dak were targeting the rookie CB, Baker, and since Moore seems like he knows what he’s doing...expect them to pick on the other CBs. TLDR: Gallup going crazy this week
  2. Still think he will lead the team in red zone targets by end of the year. We already know he is the deep threat but he is being targeted short a lot. I think he was also the first read in 4/7 targets. They want to get him the ball. Add all these things and I have no problem starting him as a wr2.
  3. Cooks did well last year vs the saints. He also did better vs corners who were slower. Last week was a fast corner. This week, they are slower.
  4. Big difference from 2018 is he isn’t being asked to block as much now. When he is out there, he is running routes which you want to see instead of forced to block like Gase was doing.
  5. With only three rbs left, they pretty much have to use him for 3rd downs unless they are planning to use Ingram in a 3 down role which he has never done in his long career.
  6. I think talent wise, everyone knows it is cooks. The thing is Goff loves Kupp and losing him was a big reason why Goff did poorly since Woods went into the slot to replace Kupp and they are not the same type of player.
  7. Just heard on the nfl fantasy podcast, a guy who is close to the rams say kupp will be the receiver to own and last place would be cooks...and it’s not even close. I drafted cooks pretty early and was very high on him...so hoping the guy is wrong.
  8. I think that’s key here. It will take some time and I bet most people will drop too early.
  9. Lol, I thought you were saying his athleticism didn’t matter. His agility score is 0 because he didn’t even test for those and yes, his tape shows how much agility he has.
  10. No, but when you’re looking for deep fliers, I would rather pick up those with high sparq scores vs ones with low scores. How many starting rbs have s---y athleticism? Do you think it helps that position?
  11. Lamichael James has a 65th percentile burst score. Kamara has a 95th percentile burst score and a 28th percentile agility score. If high burst score = human joystick...justice hill is also 95th percentile burst score. He’s also stronger than kamara. 21 bench reps vs 15. He also squats 565lbs+.
  12. Just waiting for “Amari unable to practice on Monday”. Throw Gallup in your lineup and win.
  13. Cooper has never been a red zone threat. Gallup has been getting rave reviews from camp and he has always been great at the contested catch. Feel like he is going to blow up this year.