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  1. NcNeil hit on the hand...looks like pinky. Staying in the game for now.
  2. Even Machado is struggling a bit. Myers has been playing well, but not consistently. Hosmer/Kinsler are god awful, and Renfroe/Reyes can't keep it together. Margot was looking good, but out for a few days. Tatis is by far the most dynamic player on the team. Those last two SBs really should have been defensive indifferences, but I'm not complaining. They said it on an earlier broadcast, that he really took a jump at AA when they put him at leadoff. They were waiting with him at 6th-ish to make sure he had a grasp of the MLB level and felt this was the time to bump him up. Clearly working. Hosmer needs to clear out of that 2-hole. Go Tatis-Myers-Machado-Reyes.
  3. Single in first ab. No sb attempt when he had a number of chances with Hosmer and Machado up. Somewhat frustrating, want to see him start running.
  4. Depends on how your pitching categories are. I think he can be a great reliever. and will be back in the rotation shortly...injury prone as it is.
  5. I don't think so. I am actually trying to get Sale in one league. His velo is there, I think it should be pretty soon for him to be good. DeGrom should be fine.
  6. Sale owner has some struggling SP and wants 2B help, requesting what it would take to get Cano. Is there something I can do here to make this work? Team below. I doubt Cano straight up would do it. Thinking Cano +SP. Options Noah - I am unwilling to do. Mikolas - Maybe? But off to a rough start. Not sure he would go for it. Tanaka - I could see him going for that, but Cano/Tanaka feels like too much for me. Wheeler - This would have been my preference, but he has really struggled this year. Musgrove - My best pitcher so far, but I doubt that gets it done. Stripling - Doubt he'll take with news of going to the bullpen. Boyd - Interesting, but not enough track record. Kelly - hahaha no.
  7. Yeah, I did. I am so used to my guys being taken out at 5.2IP I figured that was as far as it went. I wouldn't send him out to make sure he leaves the start with confidence...but what do I know. EDIT: But he got out of it before Harper came up. really good start for Wheeler today.
  8. He was miles better than expected though. Pitched better than Syndergaard and Matz. He had some messy innings, and a HR to hernandez is silly, but he looked back on track. That lineup is phenomenal and is going to wreck some pitchers. If you had told me Wheeler was going to go 6IP 4K 3ER, I take that and run.
  9. Very bold. Still waffling on whether to start.
  10. So what are we thinking today? The way Matz and Syndergaard got hit, I want to shy away. I also don't think he is over his control issues.
  11. Team is below. What do you think will get him? Really don't want to give up Syndergaard since it is a keeper.
  12. I think it was the neck. A shame because he was really playing well lately and walking a ton
  13. Boyd struggled in two innings, but finished well. Fastball velo down though...88 in the last innings. Musgrove looked good. One tough stretch with a few consecutive good hits, but also finished well. No walks.