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  1. Every year I aim for rivers as a late pick. Got sniped this year and it saved me. Chargers are AWFUL this year. I would bet that their injury woes are tops in the league (Ingram, James, Pouncey, Henry until tonight), but there is no excuse for being down 24-0 to a team throwing their third QB out there.
  2. Rivers can be better, but he's got turnstiles as an oline not entirely on him
  3. Brady with the running attempt from the 5. I'm just impressed at this point how hard the pats are trying to keep the ball out of sonys hands
  4. Can't even get anything on Gordon or Michel. Ugh. If Gordon can't Excel in this game, he's a bench for me moving forward
  5. Title says it all. One will be in flex. My thoughts.. Julio - Duh Evans - Duh? Gordon - Want to bench, but with Dorsett out and against the Giants this could be a huge game for him. McLaurin - I think Keenum is back which means McLaurin is 100% a start against Miami. Chark - He's been great so far, how can you sit? I know saints D is tough though. I think I sit Chark for now, and start Gordon tonight. and then decide Chark or Evan on Sunday.
  6. Leaning Gordon/Michel, but Thompson has been solid and the Redskins have been falling behind.
  7. You make good points. I don't think I have enough depth for that. How about going after Jones or gurley?
  8. Definitely the first one especially with CJ gone.
  9. No way they take that. They can get so much more from the Howard owner
  10. Team below. My RBs are average...Kerryon, Michel, Thompson, Murray. Other owner has OJ and Cook. Thoughts on offering Evans and Delanie Walker for Cook? Leaves WRs as Julio, John Brown, Gordon with Mclaurin and Metcalf on my bench.