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  1. Probably just for the road trip to DH. No way he supplants Hosmer, Reyes, or Renfroe.
  2. I disagree. If Villar struggles, he'll still get you a SB or two (last 2wks 0.231 OBP but 2 SBs). If Cano struggles, he still might get a HR or a few RBIs (5 XBHs in the last 2wks despite 0.292 OBP). That helps minimize the impact of slumps. I get that, but McNeil doesn't contribute enough everywhere for me to take some of those lumps. So I traded him two weeks ago at his high point. I also only have a 5-man bench for hitters and pitchers, so I need to maximize the quality of my hitters. I don't have the opportunity to play games with benching struggling hitters or platoon players.
  3. The problem isn't that he goes through slumps, its that when he does, he provides NOTHING. He doesn't hit for power, and he doesn't steal bases. RBIs are very low. If he is not providing average or OBP, then its nothing.
  4. Go Wheeler, Smith, and Erod. Please make me proud...need it after shipping out Thor/Soroka/Boyd in the past two weeks.
  5. Sent: Boyd/Pressly/12th rd pick (after 8 keepers) Received: Merrifield/Hill
  6. Thoughts? Team below. I had previously expressed interest for Whit, but backed off recently. I really needed OF help since Piscotty, Nimmo, Laureano were struggling big time. I have since added Machado and updated my OF to Marte, Piscotty, Winker, Braun, Calhoun with Conforto on my IL for who knows how long. I also grabbed Alvarez. I think I am set at this point, however Winker's struggles concern me and Conforto is out for awhile. Not grabbing Whit means I am gambling on Calhoun to stick, Winker to improve (assuming Conforto is out for awhile). If Tatis and Conforto come back soon, I am in a log jam. I am also concerned that this leaves me too barren on pitching.
  7. Honestly, looked like nothing on the hit. Marte collision looked much worse. But Conforto definitely flopped onto the group. I wouldn't be surprised if he hit the IL. Knee didn't look like an issue. And I just thought I was done fixing my OF....
  8. Picked him up instead of getting in the bidding war on Riley. Very happy atm.
  9. Looks like a likely concussion after he ran into Cano (who had no need to be there). Didn't look bad, but he definitely got knocked out. What is it with my OFers. First Marte, now Conforto. And Calhoun looks good so far.
  10. I drafted then dropped and added ERod multiple times. So glad I didn't drop again and stuck with
  11. I would. I did the same thing a week ago, also sending Soroka/McNeil for Winker.
  12. Two starts in a row with a million pitches for Smith. Sucks because he was rolling tonight. Needed that QS
  13. This rots. Voit, Sanchez, and Villar sitting for the first two days of the week. Go Smith, Gibson, and Musgrove!
  14. He's wild. And when he has to go back in to throw strikes they're pouncing. Not on it today.
  15. Really its just the Angels and Rays. And theres only 2-3 for each team at most.
  16. Its snowing in I know thats what the weather said, but I didnt believe it.
  17. Just traded for him...this is frustrating. Especially on a day with not many games. Hopefully someone listening to the broadcast can chime in if they say anything.
  18. Bummer that he'll likely miss the Colorado series
  19. Not quite 4 weeks later again, but damn close.
  20. Any concern that it is with the hitting coach? Aguilar has been struggling too.
  21. No. Reliever closed out the inning before the Renfroe HR.