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  1. Also of note that alll 3 balls put in play, including the single were weakly hit groundballs. Good sign.
  2. Honestly, he's always dominated AAA, but there was a Fangraphs piece that highlighted the mechanical flaw that ruined his first MLB stint and demonstrated his correction in the spring. http://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/do-the-twins-already-have-a-budding-ace/
  3. Britton looked like his old self today with 1 IP, 1 H and 1K. The non-strikeout outs and the single were all weakly hit groundballs. I expect that the O'Day/Brach eras are over for now.
  4. He essentially had no spring training. Hitting in the big leagues is hard enough without a long layoff. He's a guy that I would always find a bench spot for.
  5. He hasn't been recalled this year yet. By all accounts he would have won the 4/5 a lot in rotation out of Spring but pitched very few innings due to being on the WBC team. He is currently pitching in AAA with a 1.29 ERA and 29Ks over 25IP. Watch for news, but if he's available I'd grab him. All signs point to him being recalled to pitch next Saturday.
  6. Enjoy the ride for as long as it lasts. Just be ready to try to sell once the career averages start to creep back. It's been a fun ride regardless.
  7. Nope. Not doing it. WTB expedited humidor installation!
  8. Scary week next week for the first one at least. Seattle without Haniger is fine. Houston getting healthy at home? Cole needs to figure out how to bring back some of that swing and miss ASAP. By the way, looked at all of the metrics I could. Hamels' velocity, velo differential, pitch useage, movement etc all are almost exactly the same. The only difference is that hitters aren't swinging at pitches outside the zone at anything close to previous years. I dont't know how to assess whether that comes back or not, but my eyes tell me that he's just throwing too many "bad balls". That is, he needs to make balls off the plate a little more enticing to get people to think about swinging.
  9. I cannot envision a team like Oakland not putting Hahn out there if he's being effective. They could eventually turn him into a profit via trade if he continues to pitch at this level. Would basically be found money for them.
  10. For further clarification, because of off days, Twins don't need a fifth starter until May 6.
  11. That should scare everyone.
  12. http://nypost.com/2017/04/28/mets-put-yoenis-cespedes-on-dl/ "Doctors examining Cespedes' test results did not find significant damage to the hamstring." Mets medical staff is terrifying. I want to be encouraged by that statement that maybe this is a 2-3 week layoff instead of a 4-6 week one, but I really don't trust them.
  13. Only tidbit I heard today was that the MRI showed the damage was in a different area of the hamstring than the tightness he felt last week. No idea whether that's better or not from a healing perspective, but there ya have it.