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  1. 2018 MLB Trade Rumors and Deadline Thread

    Especially a pitching prospect. Baltimore is a pitching prospect graveyard.
  2. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    I should have specified that it was the most impressive I have seen in-person. I wasn't in the stadium for most of Big Mac's juice-infused bombs, certainly none that stood out the way Alonso's did for the shear height and flight time.
  3. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    @96mnc and I were at Nats Stadium for the game tonight and I think I had time for like 3 Wows before the ball landed. Never seen a ball hit like that in my life.
  4. Taylor Trammell - OF CIN

    Overdue for that AA promotion, so yeah, I'd say he sees it soon.
  5. Tim Tebow - NYM

    Its impossible to argue that Tebow hasn't gotten opportunities that exceed his skills. I originally said he would have no shot making the pros, but I definitely underestimated the willingness of baseball to push a player so devoid of the required talent as a money grab. I have nothing against Tim Tebow as a person. In fact, I think he's a genuinely good dude who has used his celebrity to benefit others in a way that many athletes do not. Unfortunately, that doesn't change the fact that he isn't a good enough baseball player to warrant much of the following he has received.
  6. SP Jesus Luzardo, OAK

    I think we're talking May 2019 as the first reasonable shot at promotion. Puk dominated in the spring and was being discussed as an opening day possibility, but more likely, they would have sent him down for some "fine tuning" and an extra year of team control. If Luzardo keeps dominating, I see a similar path for him.
  7. Juan Soto 2018 Outlook

    Soto was recalled on the 20th. Even if he were to gain an extra day of service time (which I seriously doubt), they would have no basis to give him the service time associated with May 16-19. Therefore, in your hypothetical scenario, Soto would need to be awarded the extra day AND the Super-2 timeline would need to magically fall on May 19 as well. I think it's already very possible that Soto makes the cut anyhow.
  8. Colton Welker - 3B COL

    Gleyber Torres had hit no more than 11 homers in the minors before this year. Simply put, the league trend is that players with good contact skills and batted ball profiles... as Welker clearly has... see a bump, often significant, coming to the majors with a juiced ball. That's before we even talk about the Coors effects.
  9. Jake Bauers 2018 Outlook

    I went back and watched all of his ABs so far. Kid definitely hits the ball hard. 60% hard contact rate so far (super SSS). He's more well built that I remember him being.
  10. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    I am bullish about Vlad Guerrero Jr even next year. Barring something strange happening rest of season, we're talking about a top 8 round or so pick in a 12 teamer (with some league-to-league variance). Depending on keeper league rules, that could mean that getting him as a late round keeper is a huuuuuge value.
  11. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    I agree. Time to drop. If he isn't already owned, a replacement stash would be Kyle Tucker. Not a Vlad type impact, but still a top 10 prospect with a broad base of skills.
  12. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Unless some sort of additional evidence comes out suggesting this injury was "faked", let's cease and desist on that line of discussion. Not only is it unproveable, but its is mostly irrelevant to Vlad's outlook.
  13. Jonathan Loaisiga 2018 Outlook

    Watched him pitch some today. Wasn’t impressed. Stuff looked fine... but it was basically the same thing you see in 50 other prospect pitchers. Dunn (Mets prospect) was on the other side and the difference was stark.
  14. Peter Alonso 1b NYM

    If it’s a service time thing, we’re into April 2019. Super-2 has passed by any reasonable approximation of the date based on last 7+ years.
  15. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    And with that, Vlad Jr Watch 2018 comes to a conclusion. See you in April my big beautiful man child.