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  1. The two-way player issue...

    Was pretty clear from my interactions with the CBS fantasy guys on twitter (they are very engaging), this was the way they thought best for Ohtani. I am glad they were able to work with the tech folks to make it work. Capitalism is a beautiful thing. Hopefully, users reward them by the using their system over Yahoo enough to move the advertiser needle. I am sure we all hope that Yahoo Fantasy is penalized financially for their decision.
  2. Tommy Pham 2018 Outlook

    People will (and probably should) be scared of his degenerative eye condition, but man, where he's going now is a huuuge value.
  3. Colin Moran 2018 Outlook

    We'll see who is right. Yes, he'll have value. Basically, any league where you would roster a guy like Solarte is where you want to own peak Moran. I expect this year to be like .260/55/12/60/2 or so.
  4. Colin Moran 2018 Outlook

    I've watched him a fair bit while scouting other players. I take stats in the PCL as a 24 year old with a grain of salt. My eyes simply tell me that this guy will hit 20 HR in a career year, but otherwise, I see a plug. I'm not some professional scout, but that's just what my aged eyeballs tell me.
  5. Colin Moran 2018 Outlook

    Minimal power, minimal speed, solid average. Honestly, David Freese is probably what we're talking about here. Yes, I know he has seen his power improve in AAA, but I suspect that that's a PCL effect that won't carry over to Pittsburgh. May be a bench guy in a 16+ teamer for me.
  6. Gerrit Cole 2018 Outlook

  7. J.D. Martinez 2018 Outlook

    Its not like they are choosing other FAs though. Right now, I don't think the market tells us anything since no one is signing.
  8. The two-way player issue...

    Kudos to your league for doing this. To me (and others have noted this as well), Ohtani is one of the most exciting things going for Fantasy Baseball 2018... maybe a little too exciting based on the 4th round selection in the FSTA... but it sucks that its getting ruined by website design flaws. Your league did well to address this in a creative and thoughtful way.
  9. Miguel Sano 2018 Outlook

    I would caution against using past precedent this year. There will be tremendous public pressure on MLB (as there has been on almost every societal institution) during this MeToo movement to take a stand. Again, not arguing whether they should or shouldn't, but just saying that predicting a potential Sano suspension is likely a different calculus than it was a year ago. I think it also matters here that the accuser is also associated with the game (media). This is much more a "workplace" issue than a "domestic" issue. Anyhow, I just think this is part of the risk equation for Sano. I think the Twins are likely to be increasingly competitive and that should help Sano a lot. Like the player a lot.... but there are a few risks which could end up making him a draft value, even if he misses a month.
  10. Miguel Sano 2018 Outlook

    This is probably the case. Not going to discuss the issue itself, but I think we can all agree that the tides around this issue have shifted for society and that assuredly puts more pressure on MLB to investigate and potentially act accordingly. My guess is we're looking at a 30 gamer at least pending investigation. That said, MLB investigations aren't known for their stealthiness either.
  11. The two-way player issue...

    ' Sorry, didn't realize you were a Yahoo! coder. Didn''t mean to offend. Anyhow, in most any industry I have ever worked, if you cut a corner (even if doing so was totally well reasoned, rationale and appropriate), you (the company, not the coder) own any unforeseen consequence of that decision and have a corporate responsibility to do right by your advertisers, customer, etc, even if there is incurred cost. Otani is young, this is going to be a stain on their platform for years and a marketing point for platforms that do it right. To me, this is bigger than a single player. It obviously is bad PR for the companies that choose to go the cheap way out. Maybe that PR hit is worth it (you're right, I don't know the coding costs to fix it), but it will be a recurring cost.
  12. The two-way player issue...

    Because the people at the hosting services coded all of the players like idiots the first time and don't want to go back and correct their databases for a single player. Yes, they're that lazy or cheap.
  13. Shohei Ohtani 2018 Outlook

    Locking this until he's added to the active (25-man) roster. He has an ongoing MILB thread where he can be discussed in detail.
  14. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    And so the saga ends.
  15. Ezekiel Elliott 2017 Season Outlook

    Summary that I think is appropriate: 1. On the merits of his ultimate appeal, Zeke's probability of winning is low. Odds are extremely high that he's serving a 6 game suspension at some point. 2. This current appeal of the preliminary injunction ruling is a better bet than the overall appeal, but still not great odds. 3. Appeals Courts are busy, so its plausible that a ruling on the PI appeal could go beyond next week. Not sure anyone thinks that's likely, however. 4. Anyone who says they know how (and the timing of how) this plays out over the short term is lying. This has already proceeded at break neck pace by judicial standings, so even the normal rules of our judicial process don't necessarily apply.