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  1. Maybe. When I saw the @, I took it to mean ballpark or at east a combination of pitching and environment. Some people don't realize today that Miller Park is a top 5 hitters park in baseball. Either way with Braun and Villar back tonight (or at least expected back), it helps the whole line-up, including Thames. Great week for Brewers hitters.
  2. Just doesn't have anything that is generating swings and misses anymore. Chase rate on everything, especially the change-up, has bottomed out. I guess you can try to stash him in hopes that he figures it out, but he's simply not useable if he can't generate even modest swings and misses.
  3. Miller Park is a better hitters stadium, especially for lefties, than Great American Ballpark. The thing that should encourage Thames owners more though is that Ryan Braun is back. Thames enjoyed most of his success while Braun was healthy and hitting behind him. That may not necessarily be the reason for Thames April success, but lengthening the Brewers lineup and having Braun behind you in a lineup has to help.
  4. This guy should absolutely not be alive. Risk to humans everywhere. As for KRod, no... just no. There is no way I am going down with that ship. Maybe in some far flung universe I'll be wrong, but I refuse.
  5. Bullet dodged it seems!
  6. need the X-rays still.
  7. So, this is either a day to day or a 4-6 week injury. Sweet.
  8. If he goes to AAA first, then they're probably not looking at Devers as an option before August or so. If you promote to another level, you typically want to see another few months of success there. If so, that would signal that Red Sox seem content to follow a different path then they did with Benintendi and Moncada. I'm just not sure why he hasn't been promoted to AAA if that's the case.
  9. To me, I'm just not sure what Boston stands to lose from finding out. They are getting a new negative out of 3B right now and generally don't buy the premise that you can ruin a guy by bringing him up too early. Maybe by bringing him up too early and leaving him in if he fails. We've seen guys like Berrios and Judge struggle their first time up, then be fine after those struggles. It doesn't kill most guys. If its me in Boston, I'm calling up Devers today. I'm playing him. If he struggles, I'd probably be looking to deal for a 3B, then send Devers to AAA for more seasoning. If he succeeds, he rides the job out. I just don't see the risk here.
  10. He posted on twitter, so he's alive... but thats about all we know. Some city's beat writers are downright negligent.
  11. Indeed. I gave Hurdle too much credit. mp nailed it. I got it wrong. Now, obviously, it should be Rivero's job for real.
  12. You would literally need to be drunk or planning to drink heavily to start Tyson Ross tonight. Hold and watch? sure. There is a really, really spotty track record for pitchers coming back from TOS... I'd much, much rather this be Tommy John. Ross, who has never had great control, struggled to throw strikes in his last 2 AAA starts. I would not even start Ross in an AL-only or 20 team league tonight.
  13. Kind of a fluff article with a clickbait title. It basically says what we already know. Torres will be the Yankees 3B sooner or later. Torres has been hitting much, much better of late, but honestly Headley has been decent for the last few weeks (.319/.411/.426 in June). Torres also have a 28.2% K-rate in AAA. I don't expect that lasts, but I think the Yankees will want to see that get down to closer or below 20% before making the move. I still think we're talking about a month (or a bit more) before a promotion.
  14. Those two examples also might argue against Acuna. That is, they are both defensively good already, but both struggled (Simmons for years) to have their offense translate.