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  1. Aaron Sanchez 2018 Outlook

    Tonight will be a real test. I don't know that I have the guts in a H2H format to roll him out there. Has the stuff to b very high end, but he also seems overly emotional on the mound. Easily frustrated by calls not going his way or missed spots.
  2. Freddie Freeman 2018 Outlook

    Good afternoon, I know this is a potentially big injury and people are dying to overanalyze the situation in the absence of a conclusive answer, but lets collectively take a breath and avoid ruining this thread by making stuff up, impugning the motives of your fellow posters, or bickering over dumb stuff. We'll know the answer one way or the other over the next three hours, then there will be plenty of time to discuss impacts if its more serious than initially speculated.
  3. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    Straight from the horses mouth:
  4. SP Jesus Luzardo, OAK

    Going to be one of the biggest risers in midseason rankings. Real shot to simply flipflop with AJ Puk (TJ).
  5. Time to drop Jose Martinez for Jose Pirela?

    Dropable in 4 or maybe 6 team leagues. Not in any larger. Pirela is barely better than a JAG.
  6. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    Understood. Everyone thinks this player is a rare talent. One that does not exist every year. I just don't want there to be a perpetuated lazy narrative when I have personally observed something pretty antithetical to that narrative. This is a young, hyper aggressive kid who needs to calm down, take a breathe, and trust his skills. Its starting to happen imo. Hopefully, he's rewarded for his approach improvements.
  7. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    Having watched every AB, I don't see it. For the first week or so, I saw a guy trying too hard... being too aggressive. Got caught stealing. Got doubled off second when he tried to tag up on a flyball and the guy on third didn't. I don't see that overaggression as a sign of laziness. Now, while the results aren't there yet... his ABs are getting better. Last night, he had multiple very good, long ABs. He's missing pitches he would normally hammer, but he's more consistently swinging at strikes and spitting on even tough pitches outside the zone. We'll see if he can put it together.
  8. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Haha. I'm always the hedging pragmatist. I'll add him in a couple places now. If he's in Fresno's lineup tonight, I'll cut him again. I'm not at the hold until he gets called up level, but this strategy (adding at even the hint of unusual behavior) landed me Bellinger last year, so I definitely view the last spot on most rosters as fungible.
  9. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    I will only add in the interest of full disclosure.... Tucker did sit out of his AAA game tonight. Bellinger did the same last year before his call. I am not saying that he gets the call... in fact U maintain my stance that the Astros won’t this early. However, in a league where you have a spot.... grabbing just for a day isn’t the worst speculative add.
  10. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

  11. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    Yeah... that protest went nowhere though. Which strengthens the Braves position.
  12. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    My point is that if its out there that his promotion is being held up by his performance... now he's going to press harder to succeed. I don't know the right answer here. Maybe just say, we'd like to get him "X ABs" so he can relax and get some reps. Ultimately, I figure the talent will just win sooner than later, but just seems like a self-defeating strategy that they're employing.
  13. Ronald Acuna - OF ATL

    What doesn't make sense is that they think he's pressing... so I don't see how this helps him not press.
  14. Kyle Tucker, OF HOU

    Correa was a combination of ready and savings... just like Tucker on June 7. Correa also murdered AA. Then slashed his K-rate and did well at AAA. If they don't promote Correa when they did, they gain nothing else unless they wait till mid-April the following year. Acuna started 2017 in Advanced A ball (typically referenced as low minors). Correa started 2015 at AA. Moving 3 levels in one year versus 4 is pretty different, especially when you start at A ball. I would also note that I don't know that the Astros are going to be super willing to toss Derek Fisher to the side two weeks into a season. He was a highly regarded prospect last year in his own right. Is Tucker better? 100% definitely. I just think the Astros are thinking that they can get Tucker some more seasoning, see whether Fisher can get it together, and save 6-8 million dollars in out years where they will be struggling to keep their core together and under the luxury cap. I just think that unless there's an injury... this is the way the team would want to go for a host of reasons.