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  1. Amed Rosario 2019 Outlook

    Anyone gotten to the root of why he can't hit at all at home? I know even his incredible stretch late last season was comprised of predominately road games with huge numbers mixed in with absolutely garbage home numbers. This was a 65 wRC+ guy at home (103 road). From August 1 on last season: Home - 24 games, .507OPS, .108 ISO, 47 wRC+ Away - 29 games, .892OPS, .144 ISO, 141 wRC+ Could be small sample size here, but those are some of the biggest home/road splits you'll see.
  2. Rhys Hoskins 2019 Outlook

    I also wonder how much being asked to play the OF (and being absolutely brutal at it) affected him at the plate. Being able to play 1B and focus more on hitting should help.... as should potentially having Segura and McCutchen (and Harper?) hit in front of him and Realmuto behind him. He'll get more fastballs with high OBPs ahead of him and a very competent bat behind him. Toss in some position flexibility and its hard not to like him as an early 4th round ADP.
  3. Fernando Tatis, Jr.- 3B/SS San Diego

    September call-ups for elite talent on non-contending teams just don't happen anymore. Those teams value the control (if not the Super-2 status) more than a month of experience in September. I think Tatis could make it up this year if he plays exceptionally well and there are injuries. SD has a lot of prospects approaching the point of being ready, so they'll likely start processing them up the chain as they're ready and there's space, especially after say July 7 this year.
  4. Keston Hiura 2B MIL

    Lot can happen over the course of the season. MIL is trying to win now, so they won't hesitate to bench someone or play Hiura in the OF if they think it can help them come July.
  5. Fangraphs 2019 Top 100

    Fangraphs scoring system doesn't really allow for much separation anyhow, so I don't find their lists particularly helpful. Individual player analysis is really their shining point.
  6. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    I love Vlad, but I can't find the compelling roto argument for taking him at 45 over someone like Justin Turner 4-5 rounds later. Yes, Turner is more injury prone, but you also know he has a better lineup around him and Vlad automatically has to miss the first 10+ games himself for the extra year of control. I honestly don't know which category I am certain the Vlad outpaces Turner in to justify the current huge gap.
  7. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Agreed. Vlad is rare air. I think the conditioning is the only concern that separates All Star from potential Hall of Famer. For Prince, yes, neck injury, but obesity can have all kinds of negative impacts. Hard to know whether the neck injury was tangentially related to his conditioning or not, but its certainly possible.
  8. Which Prospect should I draft?

    While you lack pitching, I don't think any of those pitchers warrant passing on several of the hitters. Pearson is the best pitching prospect in that group. In my first pass, I narrowed your list to this: Yusniel Diaz Nolan Jones Gavin Lux Nate Pearson Trevor Larnach Jarrod Kelenic Vidal Brujan Luis Garcia Grant Lavigne Xavier Edwards I think each of these guys can have different arguments made for them. My personal top 4 (since you have 3 picks between you) are Brujan, Garcia, Larnach, and Lux. Brujan has the best speed, Larnach the best power, Garcia/Lux are similar across the board contributors with Lux being closer with a slightly lower ceiling.
  9. Vladimir Guerrero Jr. - 3B TOR

    Would definitely help him to get a little better conditioned. I get that he's 19 and has some time, but I can atest that it doesn't get easier with age. One has to wonder what Prince Fielder's career arc looks like with better conditioning from earlier ages.
  10. Kyler Murray OF OAK

    Question as to whether A's will get a compensatory pick as though the guy didn't sign. Pretty sure they'll be able to get the money back.
  11. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Yeah, I know. Even if he were zeroed out, the Yankees would still not want to give Bryce 25+.
  12. 2018-19 Off-Season and Hot Stove Thread

    Is he willing to take a massive paycut too? It's the luxury tax that the Yankees are being ridiculous about, not the position.
  13. 2019 "Deep" Sleepers

    Yeah, I watched several of the videos over at 2080 and the over time progression is impressive. Struggled badly with breaking balls early, but not as much anymore. He still can safely add 15-20 lbs.
  14. 2019 "Deep" Sleepers

    Sherten Apostel (3B: Signed by Pirates in 2015, traded in Kela deal to Texas)