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  1. While I think this discussion has value, this started out as league-specific and rule (collusion?) based, so probably best had in this thread. MERGED
  2. Big time control issues over the last couple months. I don't know that he's a good sell right now with those issues, but we're still talking about a top 10 or so pitching prospect with MLB #2-ish upside. Control issues are going to keep him from MILB until 2019 or so, but if he figures those out... look out.
  3. The transformation in control is exceptional. Should go into 2018 battling Honeywell at the top of the pitching prospect lists. To me, he's the top fantasy pitching prospect.
  4. Probably a couple things. He's not on the 40-man roster, so the Rays would need to jettison someone to add him. Also, Honeywell's innings totals over the last few years are 130.1 (2015), 115.1 (2016), and 102.1 (so far in 2017). That means we may only be talking about another 50 or so innings for Honeywell this season. Perhaps the Rays are trying to hold back for now in the hopes of having him August through a potential playoff run? Just throwing that out there.
  5. Since some people in this thread clearly need it, here's an excellent article from Fangraphs about when sample sizes start to become meaningful for various measures. Enjoy! http://www.fangraphs.com/library/principles/sample-size/
  6. Kid is special no question about it. Easy, easy 100 mph. Potentially two other + pitchers. Maybe 90-95% of Syndergaard but potentially with fewer injury concerns (due to the easy action). Still a pitcher, so still not out of the timeframe when you're prone to see them break, but he's definitely getting better. Sort of surprised he's not at Charlotte yet. My guess is that Lopez getting promoted soon could also trigger the Kopech appointment. My guess is that if he stays healthy, we're probably talking middle of next year for a call-up.
  7. Honeywell isn't on the 40-man roster. I don't like the Rays decision, but I can't say I'm surprised unfortunately.
  8. Kittredge is a reliever that they'll use for the next couple days before they need a starter on Friday to fill in for Odorizzi. Unfortunately, Pruitt was scratched last night from his start in Durham, so looks like he may be the choice.
  9. He's really driving the baseball well right now. I don't know that I expect it to continue, but it's easy to see the Adam Jones comps. Doesn't walk a ton, aggressive in the strikezone, good ability to hunt fastballs. Walk rate and BABIP are virtually identical to AAA, but he's managed to shave 5% off the K-rate. If that's sustainable, he's going to be a good complementary type player (5/6th hitter on a pretty good team).
  10. With the Braves fading, I think the most realistic target date is now the second week of April. I can't imagine that they try to wait until Super-Two next season (but I acknowledge its possible). I also guess its possible that they give him a September call up, but that's incredibly poor asset management imo because you're giving up a year of team control for a meaningless month of baseball. Second week of April 2018 allows you to compete next season and keep the control... a la Kris Bryant.
  11. Sucks for many fantasy teams. Sucks for baseball. Don't like seeing the injuries... don't like winning because I have or avoid the big ones. This year more than most... titles will be decided in many, many leagues by who's team stayed the most healthy. Unfortunate.
  12. One of the most perplexing moves of the year.... Yadier Molina has played 81 out of a possible 95 games this season. If that percentage holds up, he'll play ~57 of the the final 67 games for the Cardinals. Molina signed a huge contract ($20 million a year) through 2020. If Molina is the catcher for the next several years, is Kelly trade bait? If yes, then why the heck bring up the guy to play 10-15 games ROS. If no, are they moving him or Molina to another position? Shouldn't you start that process before you recall Kelly?
  13. It definitely wasn't awful, but he should have been called out. An awful AB is a guy flailing at pitches and missing.He was 6 pitches deep when that first strikeout pitch came. Regardless, this has to be the most overanalyzed single AB of the season.