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  1. I would probably go with Hopkins and JuJu for sure. I'm inclined to take OBJ over Chubb in a vacuum as that's a really solid trio of WR's, but I'd want to study what you'll be able to select with that ninth pick. If RB options would look to be thin, I could see Chubb. If Chubb gets rolling and Cleveland's passing game is strong, he should be solid and I would think he'd hold off Hunt.
  2. Need to keep five. Rounds are irrelevant. We start 2 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR,1 TE, 2 Flex Adams, OBJ, Rodgers and Kittle are no brainers. Who do you like for the fifth keeper? QB - Newton RB - Carson, White, Henry WR - Cooper, Cooks Cooper seems to be my first inclination, but with half-PPR, does it elevate a RB over a WR? Not as high on Newton, other than the fact that it is a 2QB league. Thanks in advance. WHIR.
  3. I’ve been offered Sale for German and Andujar in an AL-Only six keeper league. I am a Sale fan, but are the other two a strong combo long-term? Overall keeper picture is solid either way. WHIR
  4. CMC and Thomas are two of my keepers in a PPR, so I’m partial to both. In a standard league, CMC is a little less valuable and Barkley would be more of your presumptive RB1 if labels matter. JuJu and Thomas is a heck of a combo and Barkley/Fournette is still pretty top shelf. No problem making that move in a standard setup.
  5. I was offered Aaron Jones and Amari Cooper for Joe Mixon in a full PPR with two FLEX spots. Does the inclusion of Cooper make that worth it? My other RB are Mack, Ingram, Howard, Samuels and J. Williams. My other WR are Julio, Edelman, DJ Moore, M Jones, Tate, J Washington and P Campbell. I’ll shut up and listen. Thanks! WHIR
  6. I just joined a free Guillotine league. Does this scoring system make sense? Seems awful hard to track while watching games. The explanation I received was: “This isn't head to head weekly. If a TD was worth 6 pts. per the norm in H to H, player fpts on the offsensive side would be huge. Looking the season fpts for QBs top 7 are projected at 400+“ Scoring Group Scoring Category Points Offense Fumbles Lost (FL) -1 Offense Interceptions Thrown (Int) -1.5 Offense Passing Completions (Cmp) 0.15 Offense Passing Touchdowns (TD) 0.75 Offense Passing Yards (Yds) 0.07 Offense Receiving Yards (Yds) 0.15 Offense Receptions (Rec) 0.7 Offense Rushing Attempts (Att) 0.2 Offense Rushing Touchdowns (TD) 1 Offense Rushing Yards (Yds) 0.14 Offense Two Point Conversions (2Pt) 1 Team Defense Points Allowed by the Defense (PA-Def) -0.35 Team Defense Sacks (Sk) 0.5 Team Defense Tackles (Defense) (TK) 0.4 Team Defense Takeaways (TA) 0.75 Team Defense Touchdowns - Defense (TDD) 1
  7. Very interested. I’d like to see the Proboards site to get a sense of the rules, MILB roster, etc.
  8. Anyone have sound issues in a Fantrax live auction? Seems to work very intermittently...