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  1. Start Mahomes over Stafford with the news of the Charger's injuries?
  2. Trade Bell/Keenan Allen for Dalvin Cook/OBJ?

    Bell and Allen for me. Help? -
  3. 12 Team .5 PPR - I can keep only player for auction price last year. Budget is $200 and FWIW the top RBs go for a lot (e.g. Bell for $81 and DJ for $71 last year). Can only be kept for this season. Todd Gurley - $53 Keenan Allen - $27 Josh Gordon - $1 Kenyan Drake - $1
  4. ASJ or Kroft? Week 12

    Kroft vs the brownies
  5. Darkwa or Dion Lewis ROS?

  6. Rank these receivers ROS. WHIR

    Jones, Adams, Hogan, Sanders
  7. Pick Up Jordy Nelson?

    Need to see who you're dropping, but I would lean towards yes if its anything bigger than an 8 Team shallow roster league help?
  8. Who Should I Start? WHIR

    Team listed below. Have already started Perine and Allen(!), now debating between a couple other spots. QB - Matt Ryan or Mariota WR - D. Thomas (with Paxton at QB) or D. Parker Flex - Dion Lewis, D. Murray, D. Thomas, or D. Parker My Team - 12 Team Standard Non-PPR QB - M. Ryan RB - T. Gurley RB - S. Perine WR - K. Allen WR - D. Thomas TE - J. Graham FLEX - D. Lewis BN - D. Parker BN - K. Drake BN - M. Mariota BN - J. Gordon BN - D. Murray
  9. Doug or Rex or Woody? Whir

    Burkhead, Martin, Woodhead help?
  10. Just lost my starting QB Tyrod Taylor. Just replaced him with Rivers, but wanted to see if it's worth trading for Carr. Original offer is Lewis and Walker for Carr and Collins, but thinking about countering with Robby Anderson instead of Collins. My team is listed below. My Team - 12 Team Standard Non-PPR QB - P. Rivers RB - T. Gurley RB - D. Murray WR - K. Allen WR - D. Parker TE - J. Graham FLEX - K. Drake BN - D. Walker BN - D. Lewis BN - L. Murray BN - S. Perime BN - J. Gordon
  11. Is this trade vetoable?

    Not vetoable at all. Evans is suspended and lost his starting QB for at least two games. Parker has WR1 upside rest of season. Heck the Parker Mariota side may end up winning this trade...
  12. I'm currently 5-4 and in a playoff spot. All my players have had their byes, so I'm looking to add more high upside guys vs your average bye week fill in. My Team - 12 Team Standard Non-PPR QB - T. Taylor RB - T. Gurley RB - D. Murray WR - K. Allen WR - D. Parker TE - J. Graham BN - D. Walker BN - D. Lewis BN - L. Murray BN - S. Watkins BN - J. Gordon Would you drop Watkins and L. Murray for M. Lee and/or R. Woods?
  13. Trading Howard - WHIR

    I'm currently 4-3 and looking to trade Jordan Howard who is a $1 Keeper for guys that can help me this year. My Team - 12 Team Non-PPR 1 Keeper QB - Taylor RB - Gurley RB - Howard WR - Parker WR - Watkins TE - Graham BN - D. Walker BN - D. Lewis BN - L. Murray BN - E. Lacy BN - Rawls BN - Sanu After losing ODB I'm really hurting at WR so would like to trade Howard for hopefully two of these four. We can only keep one player for two seasons so Howard for $1 is one of the best Keepers out there. Which two should I try to trade for? D. Murray CJ Anderson K. Allen A. Cooper
  14. Elijah
  15. Line Up Help. WHIR 100%

    Howard and perine since he won't be competing for carries like the GB RBs