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  1. Mar/April Closer Thread 2018

    This. The value that CM brings to the table is that free daily email, and the new closer alerts, which will definitely put you ahead of most casual managers. But if you want to be way ahead of the crowd, this is the place to get your info.
  2. Carlos Gonzalez 2018 Outlook

    You're correct - I read it earlier in this thread but didn't verify. It looks like he took some actions to correct insomnia, but there was still the corresponding drastic improvement in production. I'm still in with my last round draft pick.
  3. Carlos Gonzalez 2018 Outlook

    I don't know if any of you have had sleep apnea, but I can attest that getting it corrected is life changing. So he corrects the sleep apnea, then has the Sept. he has last year. I'm not saying he turns into the Cargo of old, because the steals are never coming back. But I think it's reasonable that his Sept. last year is sustainable. You could do a lot worse with your last round draft pick.
  4. Jon Lester 2017 Outlook

    If he doesn't leave with at least a quality start against the Mets tonight then I'm rage dropping. This guy has been absolute garbage to own pretty much all year, but especially dating back to August 1st.
  5. Garrett Richards 2017 Outlook

    I think he's legit but that's a sit for me in daily and roto leagues.
  6. Garrett Richards 2017 Outlook

    5 pitch first inning. Slider hitting 90 and fastball hitting 97. Now up to only 18 pitches after 2 innings.
  7. Garrett Richards 2017 Outlook

    Per CBS Sports: "Richards (biceps) is expected to be activated from the disabled list over the weekend, Pedro Moura of The Los Angeles Times reports. According to Moura, Richards' rehab outing Wednesday was impressive as he topped out at 98 miles per hour on his fastball in a two-inning appearance. With that, the Angels are confident that he'll be ready to return to the rotation in the coming days, with Monday being the target for his first start back. Richards return will be a major boon to the Angels' rotation as they push for a wild card spot."
  8. Brad Peacock 2017 Outlook

  9. Wil Myers 2017 Outlook

    I got really caught up in that 40/40 talk in Feb, thought he was going to take it to another level. I misread - it was him being cocky and arrogant.
  10. José Quintana 2017 Outlook

    For fantasy purposes, he's been a SP3 for the past few years (borderline SP2) that you could grab in late mid to late rounds of fantasy drafts, and in some cases, off the wire. I feel like this year was the first year he was drafted as a SP2/3 which makes this down year even more disappointing.
  11. José Quintana 2017 Outlook

  12. Mookie Betts 2017 Outlook

    Because it's first-world problems. "Oh woe is me, my first round pick is only going 25/25 this year. He's only ranked 19th on the player rater, completely responsible for blowing my fantasy baseball season." That's literally what it sounds like.
  13. José Quintana 2017 Outlook

    On mah bench but I have plenty of other options.
  14. Brad Peacock 2017 Outlook

    McHugh $3.8M Fiers $3.4M Peacock $0.5M Not defending making a decision based upon this, but things like this impact starting decisions in real life vs. fantasy baseball.