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  1. So I've been offered kamara and Jeffery for my Jacobs and Watkins. 14 team full PPR Qb- Wentz RB- Carson, Jacobs WR- Cooper, Diggs, Watkins TE- Njoku Did great week 1, not sure if I should stay put our accept and sell Watkins high. Jacobs one of few workhorse backs left and I like the future potential this season.
  2. Is it me or every throw to Callaway a dart and then every attempt to Landry is over thrown by a mile?
  3. Isn't he already at RB1 numbers, thinking he's 8th PPR RB after this week. Not sure if/how his body at his age can sustain this amount of carries though ... been looking to deal him but everyone gun shy about him falling back to earth. Not sure what fair value is right now anyway, I guess I just ride him until that day comes when the wheels fall off. Until that day I will enjoy the unexpected resurgence of the beast.
  4. What are realistic projections for him week 1? I'm nervous starting him over someone like Kupp, between already told he wont start, first game back as well as hamstring issues....What would you think his floor could be week 1?
  5. So I have the 5th pick this year in our redraft league (12 teams full PPR) Start 1 RB - 2 WR - 1TE and a flex)). I know for a fact the first four picks will be in this order, Gurley, Bell, Elliot, and David Johnson. Sooo that leaves me with Antonio Brown .....Right? Only problem is with starting only 1 RB I really want to get a RB with my first pick (Kamara or Barkley) is that crazy not to take Brown? I think WR is deeper than RB this year, I can still get Evans (sometimes) TY, Fitz in the second round. Whereas the best RB available has been Freeman who I never been a big fan of. Just looking for opinions/options you guys think.