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  1. Tonywow, so based on what you said, Yes the WW for pitchers is non existent in this league right now. The highest percentage owned guys (this is ESPN) are Bartolo Colon, Jordan Hicks, Colin Mchugh, Clayton richard, etc. whereas im grabbing hot new hitters left and right for my bench each week. Im guessing if im in a win now mode this would mean in my situation i'm better off with sale ROS? I know I could play the WW like I did last year when I got alex wood, jose berrios, zach godely but ill probably have to get pretty lucky again for that to happen.
  2. Thanks for replying both days, so yeah i'm in win now mode and no I wouldn't keep sale hes to expensive. I see what your saying and i'm leaning against it as well. Just want to make sure i'm making a decent decision
  3. I posted yesterday with a similar trade, but basically we have worked out my Sale for Harper. He offered me the trade so I can accept it any minute. Im hesitant because my lineup is C: Ramos 1b, Rizzo, Belt 2b Merrifield, Chris Taylor, Chris Owings ss: Swanson, (taylor and owings) 3b: Moustakas, Villanueva OF: Bellinger, Marte, Teoscar, Peralta, SP: Sale, carrasco, C Mart, Garrett Richards, Buehler, Stratton, Liriano, Medengen RP: Ottavino, Bradley, Reed, Zach Britton Its a Points league with Weekly lineups. 10 pitcher starts max. It is 3 guy keeper with 2 batters max but I wouldn't keep harper $40 when i have bellinger $6 and guys liek swanson, teoscar, and buehler at $1 each. My worry is that I wont find much SP help on the wire any time soon. We start 3 OF so at this point it would Be Harper, Bellinger, Marte. Then id have to decide in my util between Teoscar and Villanueva when both of those guys could be breakout and are currently must start players. Even Peralta is becoming a must start lately. However when Rizzo heats up and potentially gains 2b elig again (has 1 start I need 10) I could shift bellinger to 1st, rizzo to 2b, and my OF would be Harper, teoscar, Marte which would be best case scenario but could and probably will take months. I currently have the best hitting team by far through this point in the season and my SP has been dominant as well. Its a 14 team pretty deep league, and these guys don't ever trade this is my first real trade offer in 4 years lol. But it is a money league that is pretty much winner take all of almost $2500 so I want to make an early season decision to win. What would any of you guys do in this situation? I'm not super into fantasy on a daily basis anymore so I need help asap!
  4. I make that trade. Marte is for real after a down year and I see shaw and chapman as equal.
  5. If the trade was altered where he wants only SP and is only giving up Harper who would you give?
  6. 14 teams H2H points league My Sale, Rizzo, Archie Bradley for Harper and Kershaw. Redraft, Points, Weekly lineup, auction, keeper league (none of these guys would be in contention to be kept based on their prices). My hitting is already stacked so adding Harper would make it the best hitting team in the league. I would shift bellinger to first and put harper in the OF spot. My pitching is Sale, Carrasco, C Mart, Garrett Richards, Stratton, Buehler, Liriano, Mednegen, Bradley, Ottavino, and Zach britton take this?