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  1. 06/22 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I started Roark and Wright tonight. Awesome. Last year i traded for Roark and he promptly got rocked 4-5 starts in a row. I drop him, other team picks him up again and he's great the rest of the year. I trade the SAME guy this year for Roark because he's pitching great. He promptly turns into a bum again haha. WTF? I might trade Wright for a pick tomorrow.
  2. Hill or Stripling rest of season?

    Yeah I got Stripling for Markakis. I’m happy. Only thing I worry about is Hill’s new adjustment, his curve was outstanding last start. He said it’s the best it’s been since 2016 thanks to this fix. He’s getting laser treatment daily on his blister and keeping his hand in rice to keep it dry. I almost wanted to take a chance on him.
  3. Nimmo/Senzel trade? WHIR

    Hold. And hold tight.
  4. Albies should score more runs atop that lineup as he’s batting now. Whit will give you the SB’s while Ozzie gives you more power. Depending on your categories, I like Ozzie more. But then again I like all Braves.
  5. Hill or Stripling rest of season?

    Dealt Markakis straight up for Stripling.

    I can’t see your team on my phone, I’ll have to check later. I would definitely float him out there and see if you can get two good arms back.
  7. Who would you want? Why? Stripling is obviously lights out right now and can’t continue all season. But will he last the season or get bumped out? Will he be capped on IP? He has never really racked up innings before. Hill has started slow like last year. Will he bounce back like last year too? Is his rotation spot solid? More solid than Stripling?
  8. Berrios trade WHIR

    Sent two offers, one with Maeda and Markakis and the other with Maeda and Eaton. Both deals I asked for a 5th round pick and gave him a 7th back. We'll work from this. Does everyone agree that Berrios the pitcher to grab? Stripling? Is he for real for the ROS? Corbin seems to be struggling.
  9. Trade for Bryant or nah? WHIR

    I don't trust Richards, I stand pat for both deals.
  10. Did I improve? WHIR

    Yup, I like it. help?
  11. I like Springer because of his lineup and where he's slated to bat for the foreseeable future. I'd be looking to deal Gallo as I'm not a fan of those low avg high power guys. I'd offer up Gallo and Morton or Clevinger for one of the guys you have listed and see what you can get.
  12. Noah/Brantley/Myers for Blackmon/Kemp WHIR

    I say it’s 50/50. Not bad if you do and not bad if you don’t. Go with your gut. Noah hasn’t even thrown yet has he? You have strong pitching already, you’re dealing from a position of strength.
  13. Man that’s tough. Probably Wright, although he’s been great. Help?
  14. Berrios trade WHIR

    An owner is willing to move pitching, he has Berrios, Stripling, and Corbin that I’m interested in. Mostly Berrios. I recently added D German and will prob hold on to him. Im carrying an extra bat right now and short one pitcher with Darvish and Archer eventually back. We have no bench, our roster is our starting lineup. 4 player keeper. Basically I need to move a bat in the deal. Im going to offer him a bat and an arm, thoughts as to what combo? Markakis, Eaton, Soto, Shaw, Suarez Maeda, Roark, Wright what combo should I offer for Berrios?
  15. Trade for Archer? WHIR

    Wirh Darvish out I’m losing some k’s. Head to head to losses don’t matter. I also need IP, so it helps.