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  1. I’m currently 5-0 in this league. The following is my team Big Ben Kamara Lamar Miller M Thomas B Cooks Kelce Golladay Crowder D Lewis D Westbrook Clement J Winston IR - Burkhead Another owner is winless and has Hunt and Keenan Allen. Should i go after Hunt to replace Miller? should I trust Burkhead when he’s back? Should I offer Miller and a WR for Hunt? Offer Burkhead? Or even go after Allen? any help is appreciated.
  2. I dropped Camargo. As much as I liked his place in that lineup, the combo of power and speed from Myers was too good to give up. Ramos tonight 3/4 2 2b, 3b, 3 rbi Glad I activated him.
  3. I need to activate Ramos. Do I drop Will Myers? Camargo? Ramos Votto Shaw Suarez Correa Marte Rosario Soto Brantley I don't think any of these guys are drop worthy. So I guess the decision is between Myers and Camargo? Camargo has been great lately and batting 5th in that lineup is pretty good. Myers combination of speed and power is intriguing though. However he hasn't looked good in his first two games back. Early, I know. Thoughts?
  4. Ross Stripling 2018 Outlook

    I have Stripling and I'm hoping the same. I had Maeda but traded him with a pick for Buehler today. It sounds like Maeda is there to stay, so I made the move before the deadline. Here's hoping Stripling gets back know, a Hill blister or something.
  5. Which Starting Pitchers? WHIR

    Skaggs is pretty bad tonight, two in a row actually, but his K's are nice. I don't know how I'd rank them, but if you had to drop two I'd drop Musgrove even though he has decent numbers. He lacks wins and K's. Probably Pivetta too but man his K ability is nice.
  6. With Maeda possibly moving to the pen, should I look to move him? I’m in the mix for playoffs but it’s tight and I’ve been super hurt lately. 10 of 12 teams in our league punt saves so Maeda isn’t of much value in the pen. Holds don’t count either. I could probably get Arietta for Maeda and a one round upgraded pick. We have 8 pitching spots. I’m currentky holding 9 because I don’t have a catcher (Ramos DL) we also don’t have a bench. Bumgarner Cole Maeda Archer Cahill Stripling Happ Lynn Roark DL - E Rodriguez, Darvish Ill obviously have to drop a pitcher once Ramos is back too.
  7. Ross Stripling 2018 Outlook

    I did too. Low K's but turned out decent.77 pitches only, would have liked to see him in the 7th. Baez got lit up and blew it for him.
  8. Agreed however I could keep Cole and Madbum. The DeGrom owner pulled out. I could get Verlander today for rizzo or Votto. Just deciding who to trade. Thinking Rizzo because I could then slide Shaw in there at 2b.
  9. One is in desperate need of a bat. He struggled all year and has actually sent me a deal. Thor for Rizzo straight up. I’m just not high on Syndergaard’s health and whether they shut him down early. He’ll move Verlander for one of Rizzo or Votto and a pick. I won’t go that high of a pick though. The DeGrom owner needs a bat as he’s still in it and has good pitching. I’d offer a higher pick in this deal as DeGrom is young and I’d keep him. I just lost Stripling for a bit and Rodriguez prob isn’t back until Sept Happ and Davis for Rizzo intrigues me because of his win potential, low whip and k’s. I need something to get me through with all these injuries. Madbum Cole Maeda Archer Cahill Happ Rodriguez Stripling Darvish i dunno I think that’s decent enough when healthy no? I think Happ helps no?
  10. On my phone so I can’t see signature. I’ll check when I’m home. Thanks for help.
  11. I'd like to make a trade before the deadline when the prices go up. My pitching has been my weakness all year. I acquired Roark when he was hot and he immediately went cold. (i grabbed him off the wire for his start vs the Mets this week). I got Stripling and now he might go cold. My offense has been great and being that we can only keep 4 players, I have no prob moving someone decent for help. Here are some options: I send Rizzo and an 8th round pick (technically 12th after keeper rounds) for JA Happ and Khris Davis and a 9th (13th) Rizzo has been a keeper for me but with the emergence of Soto or even Suarez, I'd have no problem moving him. Does Happ help me enough? I need WINS, QS, and lower ERA and WHIP. I think he helps that. Plus his K's are nice. Davis would add to my potent offense. I send Votto and a higher pick (maybe 5th or 6th after keepers) for Verlander and a lower pick. I would obviously entertain keeping Verlander and there's no doubt he helps improve my pitching. I send Votto straight up for Syndergaard. His injuries scare me. Do the Mets maybe shut him down early? I don't think I'd keep him either. I send Votto and a pick (probably top 7 after keepers) for DeGrom. I won't get the Wins from DeGrom but i'll get the ERA, WHIP, IP and K's. Plus he's obviously a guy I'd keep. Which deal do you think helps me and makes the most sense?
  12. Why would I keep Winker? He's out for the season? Some other lower tier player? He's about the lowest I have, did you look? I appreciate your answer but knowing what's going on with players might help. I have to keep a pitcher, pitching is extremely thin in our league.