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  1. Christin Stewart - OF Tigers

    Just adding to this, it's been said in this thread before but his defense is not great. The Tigers also don't have any benefit to bring him up other than generate major league at bats. By keeping him down, they are saving that service time while also letting him work on his defense. If they don't call him up by Super 2, then he should at the very least get a cup of coffee in September. Remember that this team is far from competing and that their window is not for another few years at least.
  2. Jorge Soler 2018 Outlook

    He was out of the lineup because he wasn't producing at all and the Royals don't necessarily have a good track record of letting their young players "play it out" and develop (see: Raul Mondessi), not anything to do with his general upside or talent. Also I don't see this as the breakout but more the correction for his previously terrible performance. Something appears to have clicked and he is getting back on track. He has the upside for this to be his breakout but I do see him coming down to earth eventually and settling in somewhere in between where he is now and where he was a few months ago. I don't see the batting average being as high as it is. I could see him settling into a .250 / 24 HR player when it is all said and done.
  3. 2018 Call Up Watch Thread

    Also ignore my blurb on Merryweather because he has UCL damage. Shane Bieber though is now slightly more intriguing.
  4. 2018 Call Up Watch Thread

    Here's a few I like as sleepers: Luis Urias: He'll be held down for service time reasons but could be brought The Padres aren't competing right now but their middle infield situation is a mess and once the super 2 deadline passes, they won't have a good excuse to hold down Urias, especially if he is knocking at the door. Magnerius Sierra: Brinson is getting a lot of hype on the move to Miami but Sierra is fairly polished. His glove is going to get him in the lineup at some point and he has shown that he can compete at the MLB level. Service time shouldn't be an issue so I would assume Miami just lets him play it out at the major league level. As for what he can provide at the MLB level, I think he is a good bet to get on base and steal bases. Not much power but i'll take a top of the lineup speed guy. Kolby Allard: I'm honestly not sure how much I like his prospects longer term but in the short term I think he is a good prospect to own for this year and next. The Braves are going to have injuries in their pitching staff and while they are deep, Allard is pretty much big league ready. He has the type of profile that can probably fool major league hitters for a little while before they eventually catch on which is valuable if you can sell high. Julian Merryweather: Not going to be lights out but is close to the majors and should get an opportunity once injuries hit the Cleveland pitching staff. While they are deep at the major league level, their upper minors system is pretty sparse. Shane Bieber also fits this mold but I assume Merryweather gets the chance before him and could wind up being a solid contributor to their rotation.
  5. 2018 MiLB draft results thread

    It's not like he did one stupid thing, he did a lot of stupid things. That said, I agree that he is being discounted a lot but there are still overall question marks. He dominated rookie ball last year but he was 21. I'm more curious where you would have taken him? To me i'd take him over Carlson, Crouse, Bukauskas, Baz but would rather have Peterson, Faedo, and Pearson over him.
  6. 2018 MiLB draft results thread

    Note mine but Ralph from Razzball posted the first round of one he did the other day on Twitter which I found helpful because the idea of Hiura or Ramos lasting to the double digits seems impossible to me.
  7. Keeper help

    Out of those, I'd go Smoak and Weaver. Story at $2 is tempting as I think he is good for a bounce back but it's hard to argue with the power that Smoak showed and Weaver has fairly high upside for $2.
  8. 2017-2018 Off-season and Hot Stove Thread

    It's official No word on the return yet
  9. Noah Syndergarrd trade dynasty

    I would not do the deal. Not necessarily because I don't think it's enough but I don't think it's enough of a win now move for you. Faria has been really good but he is still a rookie and there is still plenty of time for the league to figure him out. Albies and Jimenez are good dynasty league pieces but they are still risks. I do like Bauer for the rest of the year but if you are playing for now, I would try to get better starting pitching than just flipping Syndergaard for what are essentially extra pieces.
  10. Trevor Bauer or Sean Manaea? WHIR

    Bauer. As the poster above me said, clearly something is wrong with Manaea. Bauer seems like he is actually starting to put something together after all of this time of expectations.
  11. Aaron Nola vs Jon Lester **WHIR**

    Nola. If you end up dropping him anyway in an eight team league you should be able to find someone else better. Both are serviceable but go with the hot hand since there is depth on the wire.
  12. Lucroy or Ramos ?

    Both are kind of a gamble but i'd probably go for Ramos. Supposedly they tweaked his swing and i'm a sucker for a player adjustment. Coors factor is nice with Lucroy but that only makes a difference if he starts hitting.
  13. Benintendi or Acuna?

    That's a tough one but as you said, it's all upside with Acuna. At this point it's honestly just about whether you would want to take that risk. I would probably go for Acuna just for the possible production from a fantasy standpoint but giving up Benintendi for that is tough considering how safe he is. Still, safety usually doesn't win you championships.
  14. 2018 Keeper: Rosario or Arcia

    I would take Rosario. I don't trust the power that Arcia is displaying and think Rosario will get on base more frequently.
  15. Story for prospects

    I would rather have Sheffield. At the very least, Sheffield has the luxury of being a Yankees pitcher and there is some hype involved in that. The deal is interesting in that Kingery is a similar prospect to Story a couple of years back (was overlooked and gained more and more interest as he kept overperforming). Tyler O'Neill's stock has fallen pretty dramatically now that he is in STL with a crowded outfield. Overall, i'd probably keep Story but it's close and the main reason is that Story has the Coors factor. I would understand making the deal but I don't think I would do it.