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  1. I'd probably drop Mikolas and add Heaney going for the K upside but with the understanding you may lose out on some wins with the swap.
  2. It's pretty fair for both sides given your standings but I do like your side better and I think you are buying low on Puk and Hoerner. Puk has higher potential than May and since pitching is so volatile, I would rather go with the potential as opposed to the stable presence in May. Hoerner at that point is an added bonus.
  3. In the case of age, I don't think you need to list them all out given they are all pretty young comparable to the MLB but it should be noted that speed tends not to age well. That said, if SB's are even more important, I think I would rank the three as you have it there in a dynasty league but Alonso and Alvarez are pretty close. If you were to somehow deal Robles for Alvarez and Alonso though, I would do that deal all day but even with a premium on speed I would probably not do that deal if I was the owner of Alvarez and Alonso.
  4. Makes sense - I say go for it. I personally like Nola a bit more based on team context but at that point you are more or less breaking even between Nola and Corbin while getting the slight extra piece with Yarbrough.
  5. This is a hard one to judge without knowing what other prospects are available in your league so that you can replenish your system to know how big of a hit giving up Franco and Manning is. For instance, if Carter Kieboom is on the wire, that eases the sting of losing Franco because you are replacing him with someone who is still fairly top tier. Giving up Franco in particular is tough but you are getting enough back for now where it is not the end of the world. You also have some other strong young prospects in Robinson and Valera. I think this one really depends on if you are confident enough that you have a shot at winning now.
  6. If you need pitching this deal seems counter intuitive unless you really don't believe in Nola.
  7. If you are on the fence about keeping him in the first place then you should do this deal. He's not due back until September and those three could really help you with a push.Out of the two, i'd probably go for Price and Stroman with the understanding that Stroman is likely to be moved at the deadline potentially to a playoff contender which could help with Wins.
  8. Agreed with others that I can't see the other owner taking it. To your point on Giolito regression, it's not out of the realm of possibilities but I would not bank on that. He has the pedigree and it seems like the White Sox pitching staff are tapping into something with their young starters at the moment.
  9. Given your roster size and league context, I am surprised that pitching would be considered crazy thin. In a ten teamer there should be plenty of choices on the wire, especially for streaming purposes. If you are choosing between the two, I would definitely do the first deal over the second deal. Bieber is pitching well but if anything it seems like more of a sell high on him and Baez has top 20 (arguably 10) value. The second deal is fine too but I would rather go for the proven commodity in Baez rather than the rookie swap.
  10. Agreed with the above. If you are comfortable with your save situation, this is a good deal for you. DeGrom is an ace and as you said, Paddack will be on an innings limit.
  11. You can offer it but if the LeClerc owner is remotely savvy, they will probably reject it.
  12. I would definitely do this. Manaea is being undervalued right now and should be able to help you soon. Hicks was dominant in the closer role but there is no garauntee he gets that job back or can even return to his former self, especially with Martinez pitching the way he has. I would probably drop Strickland though.
  13. Just a hunch but if he continues to keep producing in the regular season, I can see the timeshare coming down pretty drastically. He's definitely not a great option for standard leagues at the moment but deeper leagues and two catcher leagues he is still a sleeper.
  14. I'd probably put him ahead of Flores. There is a case to be made to put him ahead of Newton as well but the only concern with Nova is that he is a long ways away and could flame out really quickly. There is tons of upside there as he has real power and speed and if he taps into it all could be a 20/20 threat who has good defensive range and could play all around the diamond. In short, I consider Nova a good post-hype sleeper.
  15. In order for my personal preference: Ruiz, Cabello, Roederer, Downs, Newton, Flores, Garcia, Lavigne, Nunez, Ornelas, Severino, Scott, Marcano Definitely a solid deep league pick. I worry that he has the type of profile that will not age well and TB does take the slow approach with development but their track record is hard to deny.
  16. Did a start up 20 team dynasty league with 20 minor spots (at least 400 owned) and just finished up a 10 round FYPD that has 15 teams and 20 minor spots (at least 350 owned). The other leagues i'm in are more shallow but doing the deeper leagues helps put players on my radar quicker.
  17. Just got done doing a lot of deep drafts so now is probably a good time to mention my targets. Cole Roederer, OF, ChC - The Cubs have a knack for drafting advanced hitters. He doesn't have a stand out tool but does a lot of things well. He seems like someone the Cubs could eventually view as a leadoff hitter someday. Brennan Davis, OF, ChC - I consider Roederer and Davis to be A and B. I prefer Roederer but if I don't get one, i'm targeting the other. Davis is further away but has more upside than Roederer as he could develop a good deal of power and speed. Lenny Torres Jr, SP, Cle - 18 years old, one of the youngest players in the 2018 draft class, and already has two plus pitches. If he can develop a third he could be a top of the rotation name. Carlos Vargas, SP, Cle - Throws 99 and has a solid slider. There are questions about developing a third pitch but there is time for that. Antoni Flores, SS, BOS - Not as much of a sleeper but solid across the board production and could stick at shortstop. Richard Palacios, SS/2B, Cle - Has a nice hit tool with some speed and not as much power. The ceiling is still interesting as his hit tool could carry him to the majors. Kevin Alcantara, OF, NYY - Raw but there are a lot of positive reports coming out from scouts that he could be the next big Yankees prospect. Given the way they develop talent and the obvious ball park advantage, I would take a shot. Players that I thought were deep but others were more interested: Tucupita Marcano, 2B, SD - Interesting name and has plenty of time to develop but the Padres are so deep that a 2B only prospect seems like someone who could be expendable. Alexander Vargas, SS, NYY - Been seeing some pretty aggressive picks for him and while he is a good name to watch, he seems like more of a flier to me. Still, if you can get him in a deeper league, the upside is there. Michael Grove, SP, LAD - Wily mo already mentioned him but I thought I would bring him up again. Injuries caused him to fall to the second round where the Dodgers took the proactive approach to draft him. If he can stay healthy there is a lot of upside in his profile. Gabriel Rodriguez, SS/3B, CLE - Still very young at 17 years old but has time to develop. Probably won't have much speed but could develop a good hit tool and possibly some power. Deep Deep Dart Throws: Freddy Valdez, OF, NYM - Needs a swing change but has a lot of raw power and time to develop. Luis Toribio, 3B, SFG - 18 years old and could profile has a pretty strong power hitter at 3B Carlos Rodriguez, OF, MIL - Speedster with a nice hit tool. Very young at age 18 so time will tell with the profile but he's interesting.
  18. I'm surprised he is not being talked about more. I picked him up for pretty cheap from an owner in my dynasty league before the Lindor trade due to the lack of depth for the Indians and the positive reports.. He's pretty good all around the diamond and the Indians have a lot of holes in their line up so as long as he shows he can play, there is no reason why he wouldn't stick somewhere once Lindor is back. He seems like more of a real-life friendly prospect than a fantasy one due to the defensive versatility but the opportunity to play and the power he has (still growing) could lead to some unexpected results.
  19. Has anyone done any FYPD's yet? It would be interested in seeing some results other than rankings. I'm more interested in the deeper rankings as the class is fairly deep and I generally don't believe there is that much of a difference between the player you would get at pick #12 and the player you would get at pick #42. Also to contribute, here is a top 25 set of rankings.
  20. Both have potential but when in doubt go with the bat in Brinson.
  21. How much is Senzel being kept for? Hard to judge without that but off the bat, I would lean Senzel since the others are pretty pricey. It also depends if you are looking to win now or in the future.
  22. I'm assuming he confused Javier with Franco. That said, Wander Javier still has a good amount of upside. The injury this year is not great but he is still young enough where it doesn't completely crash his value. He's a solid buy low in dynasty leagues at this point.
  23. Ellis is also an elite defender; there is a reason he was Kershaw's personal catcher for years and that he is still sticking around organizations despite his awful bat. Additionally, dWAR doesn't include many catching specific defensive abilities such as framing because those are so difficult to measure to begin with. Add in all this with the fact that Hedges has been hitting better since he's come back from injury. I'm not saying Hedges is the future but I think people hyping up this move for Mejia are mistaken. I also wouldn't be surprised to see Mejia moved again back to an AL team.
  24. I don't buy this long term. Hedges is a much better defensive catcher than Mejia and while obviously the offense hasn't really been there for Hedges, he still has plenty of time. Maybe Mejia is being used to light a fire under Hedges but to me this seems more like the Padres consistent stock piling of prospects even if they have no actual long term plans (see Josh Naylor). If i'm the Padres, i'd push him to play 3B even though that experiment didn't go well with the Indians.