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  1. Yahoo, 12 man league. Hoping to be a Dynasty league. This is first year. Just need 1, that’s all, just 1 good manager.
  2. This is a totally free 6 man league on FanDuel. Winner gets in a yahoo season long league for free!!
  3. sign up asap and play for free in my league this year if you win! Need one team in 5mins
  4. Yahoo free league. Cats Earn a $5 FanDuel tournament entry each month as the top team for that month. All I ask is for serious managers. Get in on the ground floor and enjoy this free league with prizes.
  5. Hey guys and gals, I need about 6 very active managers for a 12 team free keeper league. Prizes will be given out monthly, find another free league doing this!!! Leave your email below
  6. Need about 6 to make a 12 team Dynasty league. Must be active!! Prizes will be given out every month th so no matter your record for the season you could still win prizes monthly as long as you are active.
  7. Starting a yahoo keeper on yahoo in the states if you two are interested
  8. Will take names of others outside of TN that would like to play in a startup keeper. The live in person draft may just be for the first 3-5. Then the rest of the draft will be on line. League will be free but with prizes throughout the year
  9. Need to know if anyone in TN is available for a live draft. Format will be Yahoo
  10. I use a sorta similar draft so I know yahoo can do it. We draw a draft for first round then another for second round where third round starts the snake. It can be done.
  11. I am very happy you got the kids playing with you. Super cool.
  12. We do a side race all season long called captain's cash where the captain of your team can score points unrelated to the weeks game. The captain with the most points wins up to $50 in cash and prizes. Super bowl squares for everyone in the league with great prizes. Plus rivalry week prizes. Plus more!!
  13. 11 year league needs one more team to make 10. Ppr and idp. Several side prizes included with entry. First round independent of rest of draft. Second round starts the snake order. Very fun league. Join us