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  1. Hail to the Chiefskins, hail victory! Doug Martin (ankle) is officially inactive for Week 11. Martin was able to practice on a limited basis and will have a chance at returning next week. Bobby Rainey and Charles Sims should split carries against the Chiefs. The rest of the Bucs inactives are WR Robert Herron, CB Alterraun Verner, DE Da'Quan Bowers, OT Kevin Pamphile, TE Luke Stocker, and CB C.J. Wilson.
  2. Apparently Ryan Tannehill has dual eligibility in some leagues: Ryan Tannehill (ankle, shoulder) remained limited in Tuesday's practice. Tannehill is in no danger of missing Thursday's game against the Bills. The Dolphins are just limiting his live reps on a short week. On only three days rest against a tough opponent, Tannehill will be a lower-end TE2 for Week 11.
  3. A better article would have attempted to analyze the exact reasons why a lot of those running backs had down years in year 2. Did injuries derail them? I'm willing to bet that with many of them that was the case. Were there injuries to key O-linemen? Injury to the quarterback? Brutal schedules? It wasn't a perfect article, but a step up from the "you should be taking x player in round 1 because we say so" types of articles.
  4. I'd rather have facts and data and then come to my own conclusions. I don't mind the author giving his opinion, but just as long as that isn't the main focus of the article.
  5. Let's give them there dues when they put out something good, though. I actually really liked their most recent article on second year running backs. The article was long on facts and information and the author really only briefly inserted his opinion. That's exactly the kind of article that is useful for draft planning.
  6. It's not that... It's the Matter of Fact, Holier than thou attitude in so many of them. Things stated as fact, that when you first come here, you can be swayed by. Go back and read some of the blurbs on players from when they went from unknown to fantasy starter. They are ridiculed with negative, no chance type of comments and then all of a sudden they are "locked and loaded RB1". And people can say it's free all they want. Which is good for us. Just remember, it's all of our 'clicks' on their website that generate advertising dollars that pay their checks. Yes, the Rotoworld blurbs are ridiculous. Take this one for example: The first paragraph has value, the second paragraph has no value whatsoever. It's as if whoever is writing these things is trying to justify a paycheck. Everyone who is serious at all about this game knows Murray's injury history, and most people are in bye week hell and have to start Murray if he's available this week. It's almost gotten to the point where I try to force myself to just not see the blue parts of the blurbs and just read the paragraphs in black.