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  1. As a Adams/AJ Green owner I scooped him up makes a lot of sense as a short term handcuff type until Davante owners can unleash him again.
  2. OL and scheme are ruining it for Mixon, changing the running game style to a crappier one changes lanes and if your OL is trash they aren't capable of executing the new blocking assignments
  3. Well the one good thing is its now week 7, he's had 2 months to gradually learn it so he should be pretty good we would hope....... 2 months.
  4. There is the reality that Lattimore will most likely shadow Chark, remember Mike Evans and Cooper.....
  5. Ugh, I know the shelter part was reported but not necessarily the sentiments with it. Adam Schefter reports this morning: "Bengals’ RB Joe Mixon, listed as questionable for Sunday with a sprained ankle, is planning to play vs. the 49ers but wants to test the injury in pregame warmups just to make sure first, per source. But going in, Mixon plans to play." The team will make a decision after warmups this morning.
  6. Everyone repeat after me...PLEASE DONT BE A HERO JOE, SIT!!!!!!!
  7. I started 0-1 in a 0.5ppr 12 teamer, think I drafted pretty well and scored OK but am now questioning my roster. I need to drop a guy for a kicker and I'm not sure what to do. I had to pick up Gio to cuff Mixon. Thinking Justin Jackson is #1 drop, Justice #2. Thanks. Start qb/rb/wr/te/3 flex/k/d Lamar Mixon Ekeler Jacobs McCoy Justin Jackson Justice Gio ODB Lockett Kupp Sutton Kelce Waller Tennessee
  8. He could be this years version of James White 2018, had some big games a few years ago, future game scripts and opportunity could land him in the top 20 in PPR
  9. Cant wait to see what he does tonight, hes a widely polarizing player and itll be interesting to see if he can do a Michael Gallup like showing, Flacco willing
  10. I hope I wake up tomorrow with a nice little present on my bench and Wallerus did well, otherwise with all the tasty treats I'm gonna load him in the drop queue.
  11. Bonus Dynasty League startup, Sleeperbot,12-team 0.5pt PPR. 25 man roster, QB,2RB,2WR,TE,3 FLEX (W/R/T) D. 3 IR 4TX. few bonus points for yardage/scoring bonuses. Starting slow draft tonight at 9PM. $5 entry fee via leaguesafe. rookies and vets in draft for 2019. Thanks friends.
  12. Head exploding picture meant that I didn't agree with Greg
  13. Football fans for years have been critical of scouts because Antonio Brown slid 6th round. I think we’ve seen in the last few days why. There were issues while he was in college, so he fell. Teams know what they are doing — Greg Gabriel (@greggabe) January 3, 2019
  14. Alright Julio Robby is back on the bench, saying a little prayer for you, god speed buddy.
  15. In over Julio right now, see how long it stays that way, even if Julio plays gonna have a hard time switching back