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  1. Can someone post this in the Franmil thread too? Jeeez.
  2. Agreed, even with Story's slow start, he's still hitting better than Blackmon, Arenado etc. Coors is coming to ignite that lineup.
  3. Agreed with this. Jays also have like $0.3 million on the payroll after next year. Seems like this was a move to give the kids a half decent bat to hit with going forward.
  4. Definitely worth the dart throw IMO. Just be prepared to expect many 0-4s when he cools down.
  5. I know this is cliche, but, it's early. Miami has held up well to the Rockies in this series. Overall I think this is an encouraging performance from Gray. I didn't get a chance to watch the game so if anyone can chime in on how his stuff and command was looking, that'd be great.
  6. I quickly checked the box score for yesterday's game. I saw he got two hits.. and then I started wondering how the hell he didn't steal a base. THEN I realized it's because it's very difficult to steal home.
  7. I like this. Just want to see some good on-base skills and him using his legs. Not fantasy related, but Ozzie is such a pleasure to watch playing in the field.
  8. I do think the Jays want him to be an everyday player. Dude has loads of skill, and he hasn't been completely abysmal in the majors so far. If he can get to 500ABs in the top half of the lineup I could see 30/12/.260, which is great value since he his basically free in a lot of leagues.
  9. Trevor Story goes 40/30/.300 (wasn't very far off last year) and finishes as the #1 fantasy player while also winning NL MVP.
  10. Yasiel Puig outproduces Ronald Acuna.
  11. I usually don't care about spring training much but I've been keeping an eye on Ozzie. Was hoping to see an improvement in average, walk rate, and therefore steals. Not the case so far. I still believe in him long-term but a lot of people seem down on him for this year.
  12. Definitely a guy I target in every league. I may be higher on him than most other people, I have him ranked around #5-6 reliever.