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  1. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Had a big week and was undone by Bortles and Gould. f--- that noise.
  2. 2017 Vent & Rant Thread

    Yeah, I blew it today. Cut Vikings dst for broncos, cut Shepard, started Keenum over cousins, started ajayi over Davis. All game scripts in the negative on every decision I made
  3. Dede Westbrook vs Dez Bryant **WHIR**

    I like Westbrook. Thinking the cowboys will try to pound the rock most the game. Both receivers will get their targets.
  4. Need to pick and RB and Flex. WHIR 100%

    What’s the format? Standard or PPR? Burkhead for sure, other choice depends on format. help with mine?
  5. Pick my ugly choices for Flex option. WHIR!

    Yeah, jordy time. Help with mine?
  6. Gio, Ajayi, Williams, or Diggs? 100% WHIR

    Ajayi for me, liking the increase in touches. help with mine?
  7. In agreement, got to go with the pats and Steelers and hope for a shootout. help with mine?
  8. Dion Lewis or Mike Davis as FLEX?

    Same, taking Davis, he’s looked elusive. help with mine?
  9. RB2 help!

    Ajayi @ NYG Perine vs. ARI Davis vs. LAR Who do you like? Tate stunk it up for me yesterday and Hunt cleaned up his mess. Looking for predictable production, I think. Not sure I have it with these three... WHIR!
  10. 12.16.2017 - SatNF - Charger @ Chiefs

    Staying on his feet there, love that center of gravity
  11. 12.16.2017 - SatNF - Charger @ Chiefs

    Let him finish one...
  12. Hope Chicago scores so Detroit has a reason to care.
  13. Hoping for 4 points out of Tate at this point. Pushing for a 70 point semifinal finish. Boys showing up big time!
  14. Not watching the game, can Tate just not get open? Any insights to make me feel better about the rest of the game....