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  1. Gotta love that wide range of opinions.
  2. How do you know he didn’t do anything wrong? Is there a report stating this somewhere?
  3. I just need one of you Bears disciples to tell me where Howard is going. Getting tired of waiting on this!
  4. Hoping all of Texas is up for the challenge in today’s games. Signed, Seattle native living in Austin
  5. All that money tied up in pass rushers and luck has alllllllllllllll day.
  6. Be more patient (cut A. Jones, traded Chubb). Keep SOME depth for the playoffs. I built a starter heavy playoff roster and nearly cost myself a title run after losing OBJ, Conner and Allen (for the most part). On the OBJ topic - maybe time to distance myself from him a bit. Not the least bit impressed with how this season closed out with him.
  7. Finished second to last in my new dynasty. I needed at least one of Howard, Henry or Baldwin to hit so I had an adequate flex every week. They pretty much left me high and dry for 13 weeks and it was too late to recover. I drafted too young also. Both my QBs busted. Drafted Josh Gordon. Burton is awful. Lot went wrong. QB: Wentz, Garoppolo RB: Barkley, Howard, Henry WR: Adams, Woods, Baldwin, Edelman, J. Gordon TE: Burton IDP: Wagner Bench: Prescott, J. Allen, K. Johnson, Edmonds, R. Jones, J. Kelly, Ridley, M. Williams, J. Ross, St. Brown, Gesicki, Arnold lot of upside for the 2023 season or so...
  8. Won 4 out of last 6 years in my main league, including this years title. Can a dynasty be self proclaimed?
  9. Won again. QB: Trubisky RB- Mixon, J. Williams WR: Allen, R. Anderson TE: Ebron Flex: Woods DST: CHI K: Butker Lost a ton of star power before the playoffs and traded away all my depth for guys that didn’t even show up. Feels good.
  10. Wish El Douchebag and the Packers would let the RB take it in from the 1 every now and again.