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  1. Need to make a drop. WHIR

    Thanks Pal. It is a 10 team league. Last week I was worried about my RB’s with Bell coming back but now I’m feeling a lot better with Mack, Smith and Chubb. i appreciate the replies everyone. I dropped Reed
  2. Graham or Olsen WHIR

    Sorry for the late reply but Graham > Olsen
  3. With Gronk news, trade Hyde for Njoku?

    Depends on how you feel about Hyde. If Fournete comes back after the bye week then Hyde likely won’t get many touches moving forward. The trade seems weird to me but it looks like Fournette may be out longer then we think. If they were just looking for depth for a week or 2 you would think they would sign a vet from FA. I like Njoku better than Uzomah but Hyde is the question mark. i think I’d try and get Uzomah first but if you cant land him then pull the trigger for Njoku. Thanks for the help with mine
  4. Need to make a drop. WHIR

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I replied to yours
  5. There is no way you can drop Bell. I agree his status is up in the air but that could be a very costly mistake. I would pickup OJ Howard but it’s close. I just think he will be better over The course of the season. As I was reading through the thread I was thinking drop Gabriel or Watkins. You do start a lot of RB’s and WR’s each week with your league settings. 2 RB, 2 WR and then 2 WR/RB is a lot of players and I’m not sure how many byes you have left. I actually like what @Juke said. Roll the dice and play without a TE this week. Next week you can drop the cardinals D and pickup Hooper or Howard. I wouldn’t drop the Bears D because they will definitely get picked up unless you are using a high waiver or will outbid someone if you use FAAB. My first choice is play without a TE because of your league settings. If you don’t want to do that I would drop Gabriel or maybe Watkins. Thanks for the help with mine.
  6. Pick 2- WHIR

    I say drake and duke as well. I used Rogers the last few weeks but he has done most Of his damage while Hilton was out. TY is coming back this week. Ryan Grant got hurt so that will keep Rogers in the mix. Bills D is pretty underrated tho. I may gamble On Smith if he wasn’t playing the Ravens D in Baltimore. I’m curious to see if Smith and Brees can build off of what they did two weeks ago. Thanks for the help with mine
  7. Worth moving Ertz? WHIR

    I love Ertz and he’s averaging 11.2 targets per game. That’s a nice amount of targets for a TE. Kittle has been solid but your gambling on Chubb. We just don’t know how he is going to do with the leading role. He may be special but there is a chance that he isn’t. I personally dont think your RB’s are all that bad. There are some question marks but there is some upside too. Chubb May end up being better than them but I think you can keep Ertz and squeak by with Mack and Ito since freeman is out for the year. If Dalvin can get healthy that would be a big bonus. Me personally, I’m all for gambling on Chubb but I don’t think I would if I have to give up ertz. I’d stay put but it’s close. having ertz is like having another great WR every week. Thanks for the help with mine
  8. Need to make a drop. WHIR

    I need to make a drop for a kicker,. My RB situation was bad with Bell on his way back and Conner’s status up in the air. I grabbed Ito Smith and Mack this week. After the Hyde news broke I grabbed Chubb off the wire (just dropped him for Mack). QB - Cam, Rivers - I don’t trust Can every week so I feel I need to carry 2 QBs. RB - CMC, Conner, Hyde, Mack, Ito Smith, Chubb WR - AB , Adams, Diggs, Gordon, Golladay TE - Reed , Kittle - Reed is injury prone so I feel like I need 2 TE’s I guess I’m looking at Rivers , Reed/Kittle (probably Reed) or Smith/Mack
  9. Trophy Traditions

    Neither haha the commish said it just came in today. I didn’t receive it yet but was surprised to see it came from CBS SPORTS site.
  10. Trophy Traditions

    My dynasty league has been running for 10 years now. Its not that exciting but the champion gets a Bobble Head. I’ll be receiving that for the first time in the next few weeks 🔥
  11. Peyton Barber 2018 Outlook

    How can you compare the two? Barber has played in 35 games and Jones has played in 1 regular season game plus some preseason. I know you own Barber and you don’t want to see Jones on the field but let’s be honest here. Barber had 1-2 decent games last year but he didn’t set the world on fire. He certainly hasn’t done anything this year either. It will be RoJo time soon!! What he does with his opportunity is another story. He may suck just as bad as Barber but with a solid game he could earn more starts.
  12. Peyton Barber 2018 Outlook

    I’ve read in more than one place that Jones may be starting this week. Not sure if it’s true or not but it’s possible. Lets be honest for a minute and admit Barber sucks. Yes he has played some tough defenses but he couldn’t do much when Fitzmagic was on a roll. 50 rushes, 148 yards , sub 3.0 YPC, 0 TD’s and 2 catches. Why shouldn’t they see what their second round pick has to offer. He may suck too but Barber has done nothing to keep the starting job. Barber is a plodder just like Matt Asiata. Asiata was better at it though. lets go Jones!!
  13. Just Got A Bell Trade Offer...WHIR!

    Definitely a high risk high reward situation. It could blow up in your face but it could be a game changer. The thing that worries me is Bell doesn’t seem like he is anywhere near football shape. Since you have Conner I would definitely consider it. This is spot on IMO. Michel is playing well and getting more PT but I hate trusting a NE RB. If Michel loses a fumble you know he is going to the doghouse. BB is known for benching a player for fumbling and giving the next guy up a shot. Or BB could come out next week and pull a Sean Payton move like that happened with Kamara on Monday night. Honestly it may sound silly but If Michel wasn’t on NE and producing like this I’d probably stay put. Since your dealing with hoodie I am more concerned and I’d probably pull the trigger. Personally, I’d get Bell for Michel but wouldn’t blame you for staying put.
  14. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    Ingram got them when it mattered.
  15. Jordan Reed 2018 Outlook

    During the first half it seemed like he was just coming in on third downs. I don’t know for sure but I think davis out snapped him.