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  1. Cam or Rivers?

    Thank you gentlemen! I’m leaning Rivers but over the last few years he hasn’t played well in KC. Hoping for a shootout.
  2. Cam or Rivers?

    Cam’s last few games have me worried. i like his matchup at home against the Saints but seems tough to trust him. Rivers is playing @KC tomorrow night.
  3. Cam Newton 2018 Outlook

    Is anyone confident starting him this week? He seems to have played well (except for last week's 4 INT's) despite the injury. Hopefully we get a better idea friday or saturday.
  4. I say roll with Winston this week. I’d drop Wentz. I think it’s hard to tell if the eagles turned a corner last week because they played one of the worst teams in the league right now (with Sanchez). They dominated time of possession since Sanchez couldn’t move the ball. I am a big big eagles fan but if Colt McCoy didn’t get hurt I think the game would have been different. McCoy was 4-4 for 50 yards before getting hurt. I like Wilson’s matchups in week 15 & 16 so you should keep him.
  5. DST playoff help

    Thanks for the reply man. I may just roll with the Broncos this week but I was concerned they lost Harris and Wolfe. The second part of my question is the Ravens are on the wire. Should I ride the Broncos in week 15 (at Denver) against Cleveland or roster 2 DST’s now and have Baltimore for week 15 at home against TB. im replying to yours now
  6. DST playoff help

    Our playoffs start in week 15 but I need to win this week to get the #1 seed. I have the Broncos D right now. They play SF, Clev and Oakland the next 3 weeks. I saw they lost Harris and another defensive player last week. Are the Broncos still a good option? I can grab the Titans vs Jags Or the Jags @ Titans for this week. The Ravens are on waivers to and they play at home against TB week 15. Should I roster 2 defenses or roll with the Broncos the next 3 weeks? if i roster 2 DST’s who should I drop? Newton, Rivers CMC, Chubb, Conner, Ware, Kerryon, Mack AB, Adams, Diggs , Golladay, Josh Gordon Kittle Broncos
  7. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    This whole strategy thing is getting old and its only been a few hours. Most people don't give a damn. Everyone has an opinion so move on. Most of us are looking for JC updates but we have to sift through the nonsense.
  8. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    Guice’s initial diagnosis was a sprained MCL so it’s a little different in that regard. on the other hand reports did say he walked on it after the game just like Conner did so who knows. We aren’t out of the woods yet but to me it doesn’t seem like there is any major damage. I wouldn’t be surprised if he ends up with a sprain though. A high ankle sprain would put him out for possibly the rest of the regular season. Hopefully it’s just a contusion like early reports say and he can play next week or the week after.
  9. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    I sort of agree with you but the fact that he walked out of the locker room and wasn’t limping like he did coming off the field is a great sign. It may hurt him in the morning or he may feel pretty good. So far reports are about as good as I could have hoped for. Hopefully we dodged a bullet but we won’t know for sure until Monday or Tuesday.
  10. Trade Jose Ramirez?

    Not even close Man. you should easily be getting more in the deal
  11. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    Exactly. One isn’t better then the other. They are all the same
  12. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    I’m not sure why people are comparing Hunt to Mixon and Rice. I agree that those were more violent but it shouldn’t have happened. He shoved and kicked a woman so in my eyes they are all the same. Lets also not forget about the incident when he punched a guy at a bar in June. That’s two incidents in a Span of 4 months. If the tape wasn’t leaked who knows what he would do next offseason because he didn’t learn anything from the incident in February. The NFL and the chiefs dropped the ball again. It got swept under the rug and the chiefs acted swiftly only after the video came out. I think Hunt will play again but who knows if it’s in 2019 or 2020. In the meantime , I’m going to jump on the Ware train and ride it all the way to the ship. CHOO CHOOOO
  13. Drop Edwards to pickup Ekeler?

    I totally agree with you. I don’t have much FAAB left (forgot to mention that) so I’m just wondering if it’s worth getting involved. I’ll put a claim in for Ekeler and see if I get him but I doubt I will.
  14. Drop Edwards to pickup Ekeler?

    Cam, Rivers CMC, Conner, Chubb, Mack, Edwards AB, Adams, Diggs , Gordon , Golladay Kittle Ravens Tucker not sure I have another drop anywhere