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  1. Carlos Martinez 2018 Outlook

    He is so bad right now. I expected him to shake off some rust but it’s been 3 starts since he came off the DL and he is walking more batters he is striking out.
  2. June Closer Thread 2018

    Greene has been money this week
  3. Trevor Story 2018 Outlook

    Tied for the NL lead in RBI with 49. Batting average is up to .270/.340 OBP 14 homers and 8 steals. I think his last 2 SB attempts were unsuccessful but hopefully he can get back on track. Last night he hit a deep ball that was a foot away from being a homerun but what I liked most was that it was an breaking ball and he hit it well. He stayed back and drove it to deep right field. He could hit 30 homers and steal 15 bases By the end of the season. He’s on pace for over 100 RBI and 80+ runs.
  4. Jacob deGrom 2018 Outlook

    What a waste DeGrom was removed after 86 pitches over seven innings in which he allowed one earned run on seven hits with seven strikeouts. The Mets ace, whose ERA dropped from 1.57 to 1.55, has allowed one run or fewer in nine of his last 10 starts. But the Mets are 2-8 in those games
  5. Carter Kieboom-SS-WSH

    Another KieBOOM update. He’s hit safely in 9 of his last 10 games with 4 homers during that time. His overall line is: .296 avg/ .386 OBP, 46 Runs, 10 homers, 43 RBI, 6 SB. 48 Ks , 34 walks hes putting together a solid season so far and it’s impressive considering he had a horrible first month.
  6. Dylan Covey or Caleb Smith?

    16 team Dynasty league Which one do you like better? ive been rostering Caleb Smith but just picked up Dylan Covey this morning. He is worth a flier after what he has done recently. he worked with James Shields recently to work on his delivery and it seems to have helped.
  7. Give Whit Merrifield | Get Trea Turner

    I'm not saying I would do it either but it's not as bad as one might think.
  8. Give Whit Merrifield | Get Trea Turner

    Whit is very close to TT this season. Trea has a couple of more homers and steals but whit has the better average and OBP. I didn’t look at counting stats though. aside from the name this isn’t as bad as some others make it out to be (in redraft leagues). I don’t own trea but he hasn’t been the stud I thought he would be this year. It’s still early though.
  9. Stanton/Bryant for Arenado/Torres

    This belongs in the Bryant/Arenado thread but it is what it is. Arenado plays at Coors, so what? Are we supposed to deduct points or apologize for his home park? We didnt build the park, we just own the player. Stats are stats no matter how you slice it. Arenado has put up better fantasy stats than Bryant over the last 3 years. If Arenado leaves Coors then it may be time to worry but until then I’m just going to sit back and enjoy a top 5 player. Arenado would still be better that Bryant if he left Coors. Not by as much but still better.
  10. Andrew Benintendi 2018 Outlook

    I noticed a couple of his homeruns lately have come against left handed pitchers. Is he hitting any better against them? He’s been an absolute stud lately. Any chance he keeps hitting atop the lineup when Mookie comes back? I feel like he has been hitting well out of the leadoff spot. Hitting in front of Mookie and JD wouldn’t be a bad thing although it Would probably take away RBI opportunities but would give him a boost in runs.
  11. Jalen Beeks LHP Red Sox

    Anything is possible but it seems like his stay in the majors may be short based of this article I read. Beeks' stay in the rotation is likely to be a short one, as Steven Wright's seven shutout innings in Tuesday night's game earned him another shot in place of Pomeranz. Boston will move forward with a rotation of Chris Sale, David Price, Rick Porcello, Eduardo Rodriguez and Wright, with Beek providing a sixth option while Pomeranz is shelved. I hope he pitches well and stays up but this seems like a spot start.
  12. Jalen Beeks LHP Red Sox

    I did the same exact thing Monday before lineups locked. I had to make room for CMart coming off the DL and there was talk Beeks may not be up for awhile. I hate when that happens. I held him for about 5 weeks and the week I drop him he gets the call. You know he is going to pitch well and then we will have to drop 30% of our budget.
  13. Stanton/Bryant for Arenado/Torres

    This could either way but saying arenado is overrated and not impressive this season is ludicrous. At the end of May he was 1 home run and 2-3 RBI off of last years stats at the end of May. He finished with his usual 38-40 homers and 140 RBI. Nolan has been heating up and he’s batting .327 with a .417 OBP. He also has 46 Ks/32 BB. The Rockies offense hasn’t been firing on all cylinders. I traded for Nolan last year and I only put minor consideration into where he goes if he leaves Coors. He could end up on a better lineup in a good park like NYY but he may also end up somewhere like Seattle. He could also end up in Coors for another 5 years and at that point you have a proven stud in the best ballpark for 5 more years. He has said he wants to play for a contending team so he will have to see where the Rockies are next year but he won’t signing with the worst team in baseball. It will definitely affect his stats a little but he’s still a fine player. IMO, If he leaves Coors he will still be better than Bryant but not by much. As for Stanton declining I can’t agree with that. He is one of the best power hitters in the league. I’m not ready to say he’s declining. The bryant vs arenado debate is also crazy to me. bryant literally had 1 good year. Other then that he has been slightly above average in terms of power and RBI. Bryant: 2015 - 559 AB’s - 26 HR- 99 RBI - 87 Runs-.275/.369 avg/OBP 2016- 603 ABs- 39 HR- 102 RBI-121 Runs- .292/.385 2017 - 549 ABs - 29 HR- 73 RBI-111 Runs .295/.409 2018 - ON PACE for 24 HR-84 RBI- 96 Runs .289/.400 Arenado - 2015 - 616 ABs- 42HR-130 RBI-97 Runs .287/.323 2016 - 618 ABs-41 HR- 133 RBI- 116 Runs .294/.362 2017 - 606 ABs-37HR-130RBI-100 Runs .309/.373 2018 - ON PACE - 36 HR- 108 RBI-111 Runs .327/.417 I quickly glanced at 2 mock draft articles from earlier this year. They both had Bryant going 10 & 11 so why wouldn’t Arenado be a ahead of bryant? Case for Arenado: Over the last 3 seasons: 1. nolan has average 40 home runs compared to Bryant’s 31. 2. Nolan has averaged 131 RBI compared to Bryant’s 91 RBI 3. Nolan has had the better batting average every year Nearly identical: 1. Bryant has averaged 106 runs while Nolan averaged 104. Case for Bryant: 1. Has had a a better OBP every year so far. 2. Has averaged 9 SB’s per season compared to Arenado with 3 SB’s. am I missing something? The verdict: nolan averages nearly 10 more homeruns and 40 more RBI more than Bryant. this year Nolan in beating Bryant on every category (didn’t check stolen bases so maybe Bryant will take 1 cat) I don’t know where Arenado will end up in 2020 but these are the stats now he is a stud. Funny thing is people are saying he hasn’t been impressive so far but he has a great average/obp and he is on pace to be very close to his year to year stats. Cone seasons end I have no doubt Arenado will have his 35+ homers and 120+ RBI. Bryant is heading for a nice 24 homerun season with 85 RBI and 95 Runs. if you take Bryant over Arenado your crazy. i had a lot of free time to do this while at my daughters dance rehearsal. It kept me occupied in between her dances.
  14. Zack Littell 2018 Outlook

    You don’t have to throw high 90s to be an exciting pitcher. He has 62 Ks in 51 innings pitched between AA and AAA this season. pitchers that have good control and a nice 4 pitch mix can have success in the majors.
  15. Marcell Ozuna 2018 Outlook

    I didn’t know Ozuna had a shoulder injury either. Obviously the Change of scenery hasn’t been kind to him so far but I think that’s because he was pressing. He was trying to impress and that caused him to lose his patience at the plate. As i said above, he’s a talented player and I know what we have seen so far is not the player he really is. I believe he is turning a corner at this point. In his series against Pitt he went 5-10 with 2 homers, 5 RBI, 3 runs and 3 walks. I just read this article and found it interesting. He’s still hitting to many ground balls but he has made some adjustments. Ozuna seems to be in the process of rectifying flaws in his hitting approach, and that will lead to power production. But one bad trend remains; he’s still hitting too many ground balls. According to Inside Edge, Ozuna has a ground ball rate of 58.8 percent over the last 14 days (12 games), tied for the 7th-highest percentage in MLB over that time. The league average for GB rate is 42.7%. Even higher are Ozuna’s ground ball percentages against fastballs (59.1%), and starting pitchers (61.5%) over the last two weeks. And higher still (66.7%) against pitches thrown 94 mph or faster. The only difference is the kiss of good luck on batted ground balls. Over the last 14 days Ozuna has eight hits in 20 at-bats (.400) when drilling a grounder. That’s substantially higher than the league average of .245 on ground balls. And if Ozuna keeps skimming hard-hit ground balls, his luck will turn back the other way … and bring down his batting average. That’s just the way it works. Still, Ozuna is stirring. In his last 21 games and 83 plate appearances dating back to May 10, Ozuna is batting .319 with a .402 onbase percentage and .458 slugging pct. for an .861 OPS. More indicative is his park adjusted runs created (wRC+) of 143 that puts him 43% above league average offensively during this bounce-back stretch. We’ve explained Ozuna’s early hitting-related struggles a couple of times tis season. To briefly recap: Too jumpy at the plate; not taking enough walks. A high volume of hard contact, largely wasted by the inflated ground-ball rate. A significant increase in pull rate, a deviation from last season’s disciplined hit-to-all-fields philosophy in Miami. The smart approach helped Ozuna crank 37 homers, drive in 124 runs, and slug .548. Losing the battle against fastballs … in large part because Ozuna was off balance in lunging to pull pitches. OK, so other than the ground ball rate which is still a problem … What’s changed for Ozuna? Plenty. Take a look… 1. The plate discipline is returning. Ozuna has a 12% walk rate (very good!) and 8.4% strikeout rate since May 10. According to Inside Edge, Ozuna has only two strikeouts in his last 42 plate appearances (4.8%.). The league strikeout rate over the last two weeks is 21%. And over the past seven days, Ozuna’s “chase” rate on pitches out of the strike zone was 5.9%, tied for the lowest in the majors. The league average: 28.5%. 2. Ozuna’s pull-party madness has cooled: Over the last 21 games Ozuna has a pull rate of 32%, has hit the ball to the center-middle 43% of the time, and has gone opposite (right) field at a rate of 25%. Over the last 30 days Ozuna has pulled only 19% of the fastballs he’s put in play, the third-lowest rate by a MLB hitter over that time. And over the past two weeks, his pull rate on fastballs is even lower at 13.6%. Against all pitches, Ozuna has pulled just 26.5% of balls he’s put into play over the last 14 days; that’s tied for the lowest pull rate in MLB over that time and is well below the league average of 46.2%. 2a. On the opposite side of this (pun intended), Ozuna has hit to the opposite field with 38.7% of the balls he’s put into play when facing a right-handed pitcher over the last 14 days. Over the same time frame, his opposite field rate against fastballs on balls in play is 54.5%. 3. Go ahead and throw him a fastball. Not only is Ozuna batting .476 (10 for 21) on fastballs over the last 14 days, tied for 5th best among MLB hitters over that time, but here’s a lot of good stuff from Inside Edge: Ozuna has put 64.7% of his swings in play on fastballs over the last 14 days; 4th highest in MLB. He’s put 100% of his swings in play (10/10) on low fastballs over the last 14 days; the highest among MLB hitters. And he hasn’t missed in 12 swings on fastballs away over the last 14 days; that’s tied for best among MLB hitters. Ozuna has put 66.7% of his swings in play on fastballs away over the last 14 days; 5th highest among hitters. He’s swung and missed only twice on the last 34 fastballs pitched to him. j Ozuna is batting .417 (5-for-12) and slugging .750 on pitches 94 mph or greater over the last 14 days. Now, just wait until Ozuna starts turning some of those grounders into fly balls that travel far. And then we’ll know the Big Bear is all the way back