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  1. How does my team look?

    I don’t usually do this but I’m curious what others think. i kept David Johnson in the 5th and Watson in the 9th. 10 team PPR league start 3 WR’s/Flex I think My RB’s are a little weak after DJ. Mixon is a question mark, Ingram is suspended , Coleman doesn’t have the starting job. QB - Watson , Rivers RB - Johnson, Mixon, Ingram, Coleman, Hines, Ballage WR - Hopkins, Evans, DT, Goodwin, Cobb, Hurns TE - Kelce DST - Jax K - Bryant
  2. Crazy to consider taking DHop over Bell or Antonio Brown?

    10 of the 20 keepers are WR’s. I am keeping David Johnson so I think a WR gives me more balance. If I grab Bell or Gurley then I’m looking at a guy like DT , maybe Baldwin but that’s no guarantee. As I said above , It’s a 3 WR league so they tend to fly off the board quickly. Last year my WR’s were horrible and I drafted #10 & #11 Gordon , M Thomas, Lee, ODB, JuJu, Woods, Theilen , Landry , Hill, and Diggs are being kept. I would love to grab a Bell , Gurley, maybe Zeke or Barkley but I am worried what the WR landscape will look like when it comes back to me in the 2nd.
  3. Crazy to consider taking DHop over Bell or Antonio Brown?

    I worry about my WR's if I take a RB over a WR. By the time it gets back to me it may be slim pickins for the 2nd round/3rd round
  4. Crazy to consider taking DHop over Bell or Antonio Brown?

    This is a 3 WR league and wideouts go fast. I feel like I’m always behind the 8 ball with WR’s in this one. hopkins had 5 less catches than brown and about 150 less yards but Hop has 4 more TD’s (led wideouts with 13). Hopkins also led the league in RZ targets all while playing with 4 separate QB’s. I can see Hopkins having 15+ TD’s this season. i think they are really really close. It’s a tough call. A combo of Gurley/Bell/Zeke/Brown will be out there with DHop. If i grab a RB like Gurley or Bell I would have a shot at Baldwin, DT , TY, MAYBE Evans or Fitz. Like I said WR’s go fast and every year I try and plan this out and it never works out that way.
  5. I have the 3rd pick in the draft in a 10 team PPR league (keep 2). I’m keeping David Johnson and DeShaun Watson. A decent amount of WR’s are being kept. The biggest names are M. Thomas and ODB. WR gets really thin real quick so I feel like I need to grab a WR with my first pick so I have a stud WR on my roster. When it gets to me at 3 I figure I will have some combo of DHop/Bell/Brown/Gurley to choose from. Since im keeping Watson is it crazy to take DHop over Bell or Brown? I really like the idea of having DHop and Watson together. If for some reason Gurley slides to me at #3 I will have to take him but I don’t see that happening.
  6. 14 Team H2H Dynasty Offseason Trade Offer

    I would keep Severino. He is a solid pitcher that has had some ups and downs but he’s only 24. Everything @tonywow said is spot on. If you were in a rebuild I’d consider it but since your competing it hurts your pitching staff. I would want at least 1 player that could help now. It could end up being a good deal down the road but we can only go by what we know right now and it’s not a move I would make.
  7. Eovaldi vs. Rodon ROS

    Rodon for me Eovaldi has some good outings but he also has gotten rocked twice in the last month. both times he went 2.2 innings an gave up 9+ hits and 8 ER. I guess you can take the good with the bad. Eovaldi will likely get you more wins. since June 24th Rodon has only had 2 games where he let up more than 2 runs. He’s been pitching really well and deep into games lately.
  8. Trade picks for Adams? WHIR

    It’s a fair trade IMO so it comes down to preference. I do like Theilen this year with Cousins throwing the ball. Adams seems like a good bet for 10+ TDs. He had 75 catches and 800-900 yards even with Rodgers only playing 7 games last year. Id probably make the move but wouldn’t blame you for standing pat.
  9. Keep Luck or DeShaun Watson?

    I have David Johnson locked in. Other then that I have Hogan 7th round and that’s about it. We can’t keep players drafted in the first 3 rounds and players move up 2 rounds each year they are kept. i kept Martavis last year and that was horrible.
  10. 8/18 - GAME DAY THREAD

    Where can I see this?
  11. 8/18 - GAME DAY THREAD

    I live about 15 miles from CBP and it’s not raining where I am. I do hear a little thunder off and on though. The weather says there is a 30% chance the thunderstorm will continue into the 6 o’clock hour. I hope degrom can get back out there.
  12. Luck on the 14th Watson in the 9th Watson was fun to own last year. Regression may be coming but I have the 3rd pick in the draft. With Gurley, Bell, AB and Hopkins out there I should be able to get Hopkins. I like the idea of having Hopkins and Watson. Luck seems to be playing pretty well so he could be really good value in the 14th. We keep 2 players per year and a lot of WR’s are kept. If I don’t take a WR in the first round it will be slim pickins when it comes back to me. As a reference last year I had the 10th and 11th pick. The best WR available at the time was Dez Bryant.
  13. Not to be a jerk but why reply if you never played in a keeper? It just doesn’t seem necessary to me but then again, neither do 98% of your other posts. my core players are: Correa - got him , Buxton and Mazara for Stanton back in 2016 Arenado - acquired him in a blockbuster dynasty deal last year Story is looking great to but I’m not sure I’m ready to call him a core player. He was a throw in for the Arenado deal last year. Benintendi - drafted in our MiLB draft DeGrom - got him off of waivers when he broke out 3-4-5 years ago.
  14. Danny Jansen 2018 Outlook

    Obviously it’s doeant directly affect Fantasy but is there Any concern the Royals stole 4 bases off of him and Borucki tonight? im not sure if it was Borucki being slow to the plate or something DJ was doing wrong.
  15. Taylor Ward 2018 Outlook

    I agree and I’m a fan of Ward. I do like he has only been caught stealing 3 times out of 21 attempts this year. In his best year MAYBE he reaches 20/20 but I’m thinking he will be an 18/12 guy and hoping for a nice Average/OBP. His BABIP is sky high this year so he will regress but hopefully he can be patient up there and take some walks.