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  1. Which Prospect should I draft?

    Thanks for the help everyone! I really appreciate the feedback. After leaning Drew Waters for a bit I went with Grant Lavigne at the last minute. I will be making a new thread for my second round pick due in a few days.
  2. Which Prospect should I draft?

    Do you like Luis Garcia? I think I’m between Garcia , Waters , Edwards and Lavigne.
  3. Which Prospect should I draft?

    @F@ndemonium thanks for the detailed answer. What do you think of Drew Waters? He may be a 5 category guy if it all comes together.
  4. Which Prospect should I draft?

    Seth Beer and Kikuchi are both out there too but I’m not sure About them
  5. Which Prospect should I draft?

    I really like Brujan he was just selected. There is one more pick before me. we have a 10 max ML system and after this draft is over I’ll be at 10. If I ever need a spot AJ is the first to go but no need to drop him If I don’t have to. My starting pitching is decent so I’m not really concerned with drafting any minor league pitchers right now unless there was a no brained choice left. I have DeGrom, Sale, Buehler, Mikolas , CMart, Bieber, Toussaint , Rodon
  6. Which Prospect should I draft?

    I’d like to hear what some of the other prospect guys think. @garlando @brockpapersizer @96mnc @FouLLine
  7. Carlos Martinez 2019 Outlook

    It seemed like CMart was going back to the rotation in 2019 but a recent RW blurb suggested he may pitch out of the pen in 2019. Cardinals pitching coach Mike Maddux suggested Tuesday that Carlos Martinez could again be used in relief this year. Martinez finished last season as the primary closer in St. Louis and pitched very well in that role. The hope is that he'll prove durable enough for a full-season rotation spot in 2019 -- he battled multiple upper-arm injuries in 2018 -- but Maddux is leaving open the door to more relief appearances for the 27-year-old right-hander. "It was pretty cool to watch him pitch out of the bullpen, wasn't it?" Maddux said. "I liked him out of the bullpen a lot." SOURCE: Cardinals.mlb.com I’m not sure if this means he would be be the closer or if he would pitch in a middle relief/setup role.
  8. Which Prospect should I draft?

    Diaz was traded to the Orioles in the Machado trade
  9. Which Prospect should I draft?

    Our MiLB slow draft is going on now and I pick soon. It’s a 16 team dynasty with 10 max minor leaguers. More then half of the top 100 are gone so im Looking for a guy that has a shot to move up the rankings this year. There are still 3 picks ahead of me Current Minor leaguers: AJ Reed ;( , Albies, Kieboom, Profar, Dahl, Tapia, Buxton, Adell These are some of the guys that are available. Yusniel Diaz Nolan Jones Gavin Lux Jon DuPlantier Nate Pearson Adonis Medina Drew Waters Travis Swaggerty Oneill Cruz Trevor Larnach Jarrod Kelenic Vidal Brujan Cavan Biggio Brady Singer Luis Garcia Grant Lavigne Kevin Smith Xavier Edwards or anyone I haven’t listed that may be towards the back or outside of the top 100.
  10. Chris Sale 2019 Outlook

    I’ve been reading whatever articles there are about Sale. Like BBT said , he claims to be 100% healthy and he is throwing normally. His injury had to do with his shoulder and I haven’t seen any article mention his elbow.
  11. Daniel Vogelbach 2019 Outlook

    Ive always been a fan of Vogelbach. He’s had good numbers in the minors but couldn’t get much going in the majors although he never got consistent playing time. He has 4 homers and is hitting .197/301 OBP in 127 major league AB’s (145ish PA’s). In 2018 he had 100 PA’s and hit .207/.324 OBP. Maybe he will get a shot at some consistent PT at some point this year.
  12. David Dahl 2019 Outlook

    I agree with you on the stolen bases. I think he will chip in about 10 SBs over a full season. I hope it’s more though
  13. Dahl or Aguilar?

    if that’s the case then you may be on to something here. You Ignore rush and most of his nonsense but you still get to see the really good stuff when someone quotes him. I think I’m going to do that. sorry to hijack your thread bud. I like Dahl as well but he has had trouble staying healthy.
  14. Ichiro Suzuki 2019 Outlook

    I read somewhere the mariners plan to play him for their opening series in Japan and then who knows after that. For that 2 game series the A’s and Mariners rosters are expanding from 25 to 28 players. Since Ichiro is from Japan It seems like the Mariners are giving Him one last hoorah to play in a Mariners uniform in his hometown.
  15. Dahl or Aguilar?

    How could you ignore a brilliant sports mind like Rush? I understand he is annoying but some of the dumb stuff he posts makes me laugh because it’s so ridiculous.