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  1. Dissly dropped WHIR

    A guy in my league just dropped Eifert for Dissley. I don’t hate the move as Eifert hasn’t done much so far.
  2. Trade for J. Howard? (WHIR)

    I would do it. The Raiders do not look very cohesive as a team while I think the Bears will continue to get better. Howard will get more TD opportunities as time goes on.
  3. Royce Freeman 2018 Outlook

    He’s not a drop unless maybe we are talking an 8 team league. I don’t even know if then that you should. He’s a guy that probably needs to grab some bench for now on your fantasy team if you can.
  4. Trades : League Vote or Commish approval

    Avoid a league vote if you can. Too many people see a veto as a strategy to use to stop another team from getting better.
  5. I got offered in 1/2 PPR David Johnson and Robbie Anderson for Jordan Howard and Phillip Lindsay. Robbie means nothing to me in this trade but I do think DJ can still bounce back. But is Howard and Lindsay too much for him? While DJ is talented that Cardinals offense looks bad. WHIR of course if you leave a link.
  6. Trade Bell get David Johnson??

    If you can get DJ for Bell I’d say take it. DJ will have better days and will be a true number 1 RB.
  7. I would do it. Worry about the bye weeks later after Gronk smash.
  8. Waivers: Fitzgerald or Kittle

    Njoku had a ton of tategets. I’d rather have him than Kittle for the long haul though I would possibly drop Doyle for him. I can see Ebron being the more valuable TE in Indy.
  9. Chris Carson 2018 Outlook

    They spent a first round pick on Penny. A team isn’t going to draft a RB in the first round only to have him sit behind a late round pick, no matter who looks better. They are going to give Penny every opportunity to try to take the lead job. There should be no doubt about that based on draft capital spent. Penny being “eased in” most likely means a 50/50 split to start the season. The only way that stops is either Penny gets hurt or Carson starts looking like Barry Sanders. And even then they probably would still be stubborn and trot out Penny.
  10. James Conner or Derek Henry?

    Conner. He gets the guaranteed workhorse role this week. Who knows how the touches will shake out with the Titans.
  11. Am I offering too much for Bell? (WHIR 100%)

    If he takes this offer you should be very happy.
  12. Week 1 defense (WHIR)

    Maybe I’m just not a believer but I see a team with a young QB who is coming back from a season ending surgery with a big play WR with a hamstring problem and a RB who has declined the last 2 years. The Texans don’t scare me. But I probably am in the minority. If you don’t want to go with the Pats then I think the Steelers make the most sense.
  13. PPR Bench Rb’s

    Duke and Crowell for sure. I lean Murray for the 3rd spot.
  14. Which RB and WR - WHIR

    I’m all in on Freeman. Roll with him. For he over team I’d go Barber.