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  1. Is this trade veto worthy?

    It shouldn’t be vetoed. You don’t know what team A has planned as far as keepers next year but it does look like he now has 3 keepers. Looks like a fine trade between 2 teams.
  2. 2018 Vent & Rant Thread

    One point Dan Bailey. That’s all I need (we get negative one for a missed PAT). Starting to look like that’s not happening.
  3. Use #1 WW spot on Hyde? WHIR!!!

    I would not burn a waiver priority on a handcuff.
  4. Curious what you guys think of this trade

    Hard to say without knowing his team roster. It’s not the best trade but it’s not horrible. I’d say he could have gotten more but then again I’ve had times where I really needed help at another position and other owners were being stingy so it’s possible he found himself taking the best deal he could find.
  5. Commissioner's Corner - 2018 Edition

    First, it’s a bit late to be upset about it now, isn’t it? Did they protest it week 4? Or were they ok with the trade when Hunt wasn’t exploding every week? Secondly if it doesn’t appear to be collusion then I see no reason to veto it.
  6. Trade J Brown for A Cooper? WHIR.

    I’d rather have Brown myself.
  7. PPR - Kerryon or Chubb? WHIR

    Kerryon. I want to see what Chubb does before I play him if possible.
  8. Just a gut feeling, but I think the Chargers smoke the Titans this weekend so I’d go Rivers.
  9. Ingram or McCoy? Ppr

    I’d still go Ingram.
  10. TE Diaster...Help!

    I think Clay is a good play this weekend.
  11. Who Would You Drop? WHIR!

    I would drop Fuller for Clay. You aren’t going to start all 3 Texans each week. I see him as the highest risk of the 3.
  12. This Tough One

    I’d sit Ebron and start Brown and Ingram.
  13. Jalen Richard - Drop Hines or Ito Smith?

    I wouldn’t drop either for Hines. Richards role doesn’t change with Lynch gone. He will still be the same guy he has been. Martin will take the Lunh role.
  14. Seriously... doug f*ing martin

    I would rank Mack over Martin.
  15. Drop M Jones or Shepard for Martin?

    I could see droppin Shepard for him. It’s not like the Giants are a juggernaut this year.