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  1. I think at this point the Titans need to give this guy 17-20 carries a game. If he can be anywhere near the guy we saw in December is another question (my dynasty team hopes so) but if they don’t at least start out by making him “the guy” then something is truly wrong with the Titans. I think he proved he should at least be given the shot.
  2. I got a sleeper alert that per ESPN GMs believe that the offers Bell are getting is $11 to $12 million per year. That could explain why he hasn’t signed. If this is true, this could turn out to be one of the most boneheaded moves by a player. I guess we will find out sometime soon.
  3. I’d go Kamara, Conner Mixon. You are set up very nicely at RB then and can concentrate on WR and TE after that.
  4. I like Hunter Henry. He was a prime candidate for a breakout this year before his injury. A lot of people are forgetting his talent. I’d rather have him over Ebron. Ebrons value appears to be TD dependent to me.
  5. I think Josh Allen is a nice stash. He was a QB 1 in the final 3 weeks. I’d stay with him over Robbie.
  6. I would flip my 2nd for OBJ. He is an upgrade over Hilton. I see Green and Hilton in the same tier so I would just keep Hilton over Green.
  7. It is a lateral move to me. So if you have any doubts regarding Gurley I don’t believe the trade would hurt you.
  8. I wouldn’t trade both those picks for one of them. Based on how many keepers you are saying will be kept I’d consider your first for Drake or your 2nd for Pettis or Edelman. Doing both for one of them seems too much to me
  9. I like Kupp here for best ball. He had great chemistry with Goff.
  10. I’d go Gordon. I find it too hard to not have a combo of Zeke and Gordon.
  11. I think you may be over valuing what your 1st round pick represents. His offer isn’t all that insulting. I wouldn’t pay that price for Robinson mind you, but it’s not insulting. See if you can do your 1st and McGuire for Robinson and his 2nd. Doubt he’d do it but it’s worth a shot.
  12. Bell and Beckham for sure. I’d wait to see reports on Guice. I’d rather take a shot on him over Henry if Guice is looking good.
  13. I think Kelce is worthy of a 2nd round pick though I would think that he’d go into round 3 in an 8 team league. I could be wrong though.