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  1. Jackson or Hill is the drop. Which one to drop depends on what would you rather have on your bench right now. Someone who you could start in a pinch right now (Jackson) or an upside stash (Justice)?
  2. No, especially in your size league. If this were a 10 team league I might consider it as you would have a lot more options on waivers if you got hit with an injury but in a 16 team league there isn’t as much out there.
  3. I have Dallas right now. The Jags are on waivers. No one has picked them up and I’m not even considering it. If you really want to hold onto the Jags though, drop Pollard.
  4. I would do it. You have a stud in Evans at WR so you can live with MVS or someone else at WR. Michel is a great RB and in a league that size I think RBs are at an even greater premium. Peterson will be waiver fodder by mid year.
  5. Yeah. I don’t see a lot from DT. Not that I think Wilson will light it up but if I had to bet on which one has the better chance of being a weekly producer I’d go Wilson.
  6. Kamara, Barkley or CMC, whomever is left.
  7. Hines for sure. The Colts offense without Luck is not one that I want secondary players.
  8. With the Chiefs signing McCoy is makes me wonder if they would not be comfortable giving Thompson the role of lead back if Williams fails. I’d stand pat.