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  1. James Conner 2019 Outlook

    I believe he showed he can be a top tier fantasy RB. If they trade AB I know there is a huge cap hit for this year. Perhaps that solidifies Conner as they will have limited cap room to make moves and will need to address other issues. That could leave the RBs intact for next year. Of course I have him in dynasty so perhaps this is me trying to talk myself into Conner being elite. Guess we will find out.
  2. Antonio Gates 2019 Outlook

    He would have never played in 2018 if Henry hadn’t gotten hurt. The only scenario I see Gates back is the same thing happening again.
  3. Kareem Hunt 2019 Outlook

    This, unfortunately, is the truth.
  4. Kareem Hunt 2019 Outlook

    If Ray Rice was 23 he would have played again. He wasn’t worth the headache to NFL owners as he had clearly lost a step and was at the age where RBs fall off a cliff. Hunt will find teams willing to give him a chance.
  5. I’d go Kittle. He’s a top tier TE at a position that has a lot of garbage.
  6. Keeper League Question

    I’d keep Kelsey as my 3rd option. Having an elite TE gives you an advantage. It is worth considering Evans over OBJ with Arians coming to Tampa.
  7. Dynasty Trade

    It’s a fair trade. The question is does it make your team better? That would depend on your WR and RBs. If you are good at RB then I’d say go for it.
  8. Dynasty trade Jordan Howard

    I made the trade in the end though I also got a 2nd. I probably over paid but I really wanted him and that’s what I needed to do to get him. Sometimes you just got to get the guy you want, whether it’s good value or not. At least that’s how I feel sometimes.
  9. See a trade here? (WHIR)

    I have concerns about Guice. He has amazing talent but he couldn’t even make it to year 1 as he had that devastating injury. Maybe you could move him for JuJu as a lot of people are really high on him.
  10. Mahomes and Johnson. Even with a down year DJ finished anywhere from the number 10-15 RB depending on scoring. It’s costing you a 10th rounder. That’s pretty good for a guy who “sucked” yet was still a number 1 RB.
  11. Which Side? WHIR

    Wow, that’s tough. I’d lean the Barkley side slightly as I just think he will the top guy for years to come while I think McCaffrey will come back down a bit (just my opinion).
  12. Darnold/Allen Trade WHIR

    I think it’s a good deal. Allen has the much higher ceiling for fantasy football.
  13. Derrius Guice 2019 Outlook

    Early third would most likely be the high point. Prior to his injury this past season he was a 3rd or 4th rounder. That was with a lot of hype. He hasn’t done anything to improve his stock. If anything there will be scared owners which should keep him at an average ADP of the 3rd round at the earliest. He’s a solid hold for sure in a keeper league.
  14. Derrius Guice 2019 Outlook

    So long as he has no set backs in the off-season I think he will be worth a 3rd or 4th round pick in redraft.
  15. 2 keeper leagues help me out

    I think for team 1 it’s between Ingram and Mike Williams. I’d like to see where Ingram ends up first. For team 2 I’d keep Ajayi over Allison personally.