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  1. Dynasty Team is terrible but is have the #2 pick

    Pass on that offer. Grab one of the the other rookie RBs and then go after a QB.
  2. Keeper M Gordon or Dalvin

    You would be overpaying for Cooks with Gordon and Green.
  3. I personally would chose either an early QB or early TE but not both. But there’s many different ways to win in fantasy football and I don’t think it would be horrible if you went that route. My preference would be only one or the other if I was locked in to getting a QB or TE early.
  4. I don’t see anything wrong with it to veto. I’d rather have Allen personally but a lot of people are really high on Cooks and Chubb could be a starting RB by the end of the year. Allen is great but also has a history of missing games. Nothing fishy about the deal.
  5. Best Snake Draft Position 2018

    I’d like to be 4-5 this year. You still get one of the top guys but you also get an earlier 2nd. I usually end up drafting 10-12 though.
  6. Who Should I Keep? WHIR

    I say the same thing. Drop Wilson off this list and you have your 8 keepers.
  7. Draft pick trade

    In the end you will have 3 picks in the top 24. I like it. There will still be a really good player there (possibly even DJ) at 6. I would do it.
  8. Mixon or Guice? Redraft

    I would also take Mixon over Guice but it’s not by much honestly. I think Chris Thompson’s involvement is getting a bit blown out of proportion by people who are hoping they will strike it rich with a later round pick. He will be productive, but Guice is a better pass catcher than people think. I just think it might not be until mid season before Guice is getting the vast majority of work. I go Mixon over Guice also because of Mixon looking good towards the end of the year. Meanwhile, as talented as I think Guice is, we truly don’t know what he looks like in the NFL yet. I do not think it would be crazy though to take Guice over Mixon though.
  9. What are your thoughts on 2nd pick in PPR?

    I’d rather have either DJ or Zeke at number 2 personally but I also say go with the guy you want. If you pass on Kamara and he blows up, you’ll be kicking yourself the rest of the year.
  10. I’d say that would be a good offer. He could use more RB help.
  11. I’d need to see the other roster to see what his / her needs are.
  12. Who won this trade?

    I don’t like it. You gave up way too much for 2 middle of the road WRs and one of the rookie RBs not named Barkley. That’s my opinion.
  13. Yeah. My guess though is the other owner won’t accept. I know I wouldn’t if I were the AJ Green owner.
  14. In a keeper league.....WHIR

    I would say Henry. Luck has been falling in drafts so you’ll have a chance to draft him I’m sure.