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  1. I just sent you an invitation to the league. I will send you one to join the GroupMe as well.
  2. Someone who signed up decided they don't have time. I have a spot open.
  3. There is a good chance I am kicking someone out in the top tier. I will put you on a list
  4. This team is still available
  5. not everyone off the waiting list responded. I am looking for one more.
  6. previously each person manager 2 teams, a main team and a development team. You would do call ups to the main team. This year I am eliminating the d league team and doing one team with 10 starters and 16 bench spots. Categories are Pts, Rebs, Asts, Stls, FG% FT%, 3PM, Ast/TO. 10 keepers per year. 10 teams.
  7. Ok I will send you a message through Rotoworld with the full roster of both teams.
  8. Let me know if it lets you look at them. Sometimes there are issues if you are not in the league. The 2 Clippers teams are the ones from which you would be picking a total of 10 of the players to keep.