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  1. I will add you to the list. The list is longer than the amount of openings that I currently have.
  2. I think you will find a good league. I think you should have give my league more of a chance when you were in it. Good luck!
  3. I have added you to the list and should still have room.
  4. Sorry for the late response. I have you on the list
  5. I sent the invitations. You should have 2. Let me know if you have issues.
  6. Which team would you like? Hinkie's Henchmen and Los Angeles Clippers are available.
  7. International Fantasy Basketball Keeper Leagues The top league will be going into its 10th year in 2018-2019. The third tier will be going into it's 6th Season. Call-ups are based on performance since joining. 9 Categories Each category is a win. 34 GP Limit per match-up 10 Keepers per year Visit league for full settings. 3rd Tier 2nd Tier Top Tier Start in the bottom tier and work your way up. Right now I have 2 on the list for guaranteed spots next year but I will need 7.