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  1. If you watch the video you can hear Judge dropping the F bomb as he walks to the clubhouse. I think he realizes the significance of the injury. I'd say 6-8 weeks, making the target return date early June.
  2. You guys think the Yankees Royals play today? I have tickets to the game but don't want to waste my time traveling to the Bronx if it's going to be called. Anyone with insider info?
  3. I bought into him this year, believing what he did in the postseason. Mayhaps we were duped? That Red Sox team sure isn't playing well in the early goings though, so it's hard to say.
  4. I think it's so strange how a guy who only has one season with an OPS over .900 is considered one of the best in the game today, and will command 40 million dollars a year.
  5. People are already speculating how much money he's going to earn in free agency. Am I the only one that thinks he isn't worth top dollar? Career .330 OBP and OPS in the low .800s. Not my idea of elite. Harper on the other hand...