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  1. I guess my question would be how could he look anything but worse on z much worse offense where he's splitting time?
  2. I don't think anyone's saying JWill has more fantasy value than Jones right now, but the gap is narrowing. And if Jones were to get injured, Williams is a low-end RB1.
  3. Generally using an anomaly to support your case isn't ideal. That was an odd game Sunday. When the supposed "passing of the torch" game results in 5 fantasy points for the "lead" back it's not exactly time to pop bottles.
  4. I'd go Allen unless you get heavily penalized for turnovers. The nice thing about Allen because of his legs is he actually offers both the highest ceiling and the highest floor of the three.
  5. There's no light in sight for Mixon, that's the problem. That's not a horrible deal but I just don't see Mixon being anything more than a TD dependent RB3 this year unfortunately.
  6. I'd be shocked if he suits up this week. I still think the most likely outcome is he sits til he's traded or extended.
  7. To the people excited about seeing him in this offense, KC's is light years better so you're gonna get like 80% of the production. Outside of deep leagues he's waiver fodder for at least a couple more weeks.
  8. It's not that outlandish to think a 1-5 or 2-4 Adams owner desperate for wins now would be willing to unload him for lesser value. And let's face it, his value is unarguably less because of the injury, so the buyer is taking a non-trivial gamble.
  9. Injury is obviously affecting him. I think the only legitimate concern here is not that he isn't a top 3 QB, it's not the clear QB1 and thus underperforming his ADP.
  10. Williams is generally a better fit for the offense during the game because he's more versatile. First drive, obviously they're gonna go with Jones. But a close game, hurry-up, passing downs, plays that aren't clear runs - Williams is a better fit for all of those.
  11. He's the better athlete but JWill seems like the better football player. I'd still expect to see something like a 60/40 split, but I'd run to grab JWill. Realistically any Jones owner should have him already.
  12. I've been saying it for weeks now, the guy is criminally underowned. He has flex value as is and would be a RB1 should Jones miss time. And after tonight I'd expect him to see even more touches moving forward. (Not more than tonight, more than his typical workload to start the year).
  13. Definitely not. There'd be hesitation regardless but if Ramsey plays he's an easy sit.
  14. Man I hope it's not Pitt. We see what Juju's doing there. That might even be a worse situation than Cincy.