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  1. Deshaun Watson 2018 season outlook

    As we know, these tend to be non-contact. Yep, just a random Thursday I wanna say in practice. My phone blew up from my leaguemates all gloating to me about it. Great friends. Lol. This is exactly how I see it. And it was evident in college IMO. I know injury is a concern, but that aside he'd go in the first, so getting him in the 4-5 range is a steal IMO. You have plenty of guys going in the first/second with injury concerns as well. DJ, Julio, Beckham, Dalvin, Keenan, etc.
  2. Deshaun Watson 2018 season outlook

    Completely understand the QB/RB distinction, but both Rodgers and Watson essentially had season ending injuries, both have injury concerns heading into this year, but Watson averaged 4+ more points per game than Rodgers last year. I realize Rodgers is obviously the far more distinguished of the two, but 4 points is a monumental difference in fantasy.
  3. Deshaun Watson 2018 season outlook

    Durability is fair, but if people are simply talking about some regression that would still put him at the top of the QB list, with a ceiling considerably higher than anyone else's. I guess for me personally I'm looking for guys that are legitimate game/league changers. Getting someone who's gonna go for 1,000 and 7 just isn't gonna win you a championship. Watson could if he's healthy. I'd much rather use a fourth rounder on a guy like that.
  4. Deshaun Watson 2018 season outlook

    LOVE how down everyone is on him this year. Hopefully my leaguemates are as well. Funny to me how Barkley is the next Walter Payton, while never sniffing an NFL field, yet Watson, who absolutely dominated last year, is a "prime" bust candidate. That's some perplexing logic right there.
  5. Saquon Barkley 2018 Season Outlook

    I mentioned it in another thread, but the last two games DJ has played have ended in season-ending injuries. And sure people can say they're fluky, but it can't be completely dismissed. Zeke is a safer pick IMO. Slightly lower ceiling, but barring trouble with the law, a considerably higher floor. DJ is one serious injury away from the commentary going from fluky injuries to can't stay healthy.
  6. Targets in Rounds 4-7

    He averaged FOUR more points per week than any QB in the league last year. And you're telling me his ceiling is the 4th round? How can someone's ceiling be lower than stats they've already put up? I understand if you wanna say the likelihood of that happening again are slim due to defenses adjusting, coming back from injury, another injury, etc., but to say his ceiling is below what he did last year just doesn't make sense. Barring injury pre-fantasy drafts, he doesn't make it to 45 in one competitive money league with normal scoring.
  7. Targets in Rounds 4-7

    As mentioned, a lot will change between now and then, but if Watson's 45 ADP remains steady he'll be the steal of the draft. Barring some weird scoring there won't be a money league in America where he goes past 45.
  8. Yu Darvish 2018 Outlook

    And they just decided to solely pick him huh? If it's so common for news outlets to just randomly make up stories about a player's mental fragility it's pretty odd that Darvish is the only one of thousands of free agents over the years where this came up. That's some bad luck.
  9. Yu Darvish 2018 Outlook

    I realize this is a fantasy forum, so I probably should've been more clear. I meant more in real life. I think it's possible he could be ownable in fantasy in the years ahead, but as like a 3-4 as opposed to a 2. NBC - "Yu Darvish thinks Cubs fans hate him". Yahoo - "Darvish was afraid of how his kids would get treated in LA schools". Doesn't take a psychologist. Because ultimately that's all that matters. People are too concerned these days with advanced metrics. I want a guy with that bulldog mentality that will grind out wins. Not a guy who has a great K/9 but folds under pressure.
  10. Yu Darvish 2018 Outlook

    It rattled him. He thought everyone in LA hated him, he was afraid to sign with them, he was doubting himself going into this year. He hasn't been both healthy and elite since 2013. That's FIVE years ago. I'd agree if it was just one little blip, but it's been a steady decline followed by a devastating WS that he still isn't over mentally. Guy's done. He's 2 games under .500 the last 4 years.
  11. Yu Darvish 2018 Outlook

    Those are good numbers but it's a small sample. Ultimately he hasn't been anywhere near his first three year form, and mentally everyone would agree the WS last year really shook him. Not to mention he's clearly diminished physically as well. I'd put the chances of him regaining his peak form at about zero.
  12. Yu Darvish 2018 Outlook

    He was 10-12 last year with a 21.60 ERA in the World Series. Sorry but that's not "remarkable".
  13. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    I honestly don't think age/mileage plays any factor this year, probably should've left that out. I'm actually a big DJ fan (just in general, not specifically fantasy), but at the end of the day the last two games he's played he's suffered season ending injuries. That just has to cause some level of concern. But I completely agree, any of these four could end up number one and it wouldn't be the least bit surprising.
  14. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    Here's a slant for you. DJ has missed more games to injury in his career than Bell, Gurley, and Zeke COMBINED. Then you add that he's in arguably the worst offense of the four (a distant third at best), he's the oldest, and he's holding out/missing time after a year off, and you have yourself some very legitimate concerns. That's not recency bias, it's simply facts.
  15. David Johnson 2018 Season Outlook

    Zeke doesn't catch enough to be #1 in all formats. Not to mention that offense is going to be well below average meaning they'll stack the box even more than usual. Exactly. You have to factor that in. It's the Patriots effect to a lesser extent. DJ's health issues are a VERY legitimate concern for me though. I'd take any of the other three mentioned over him, with Gurley/Bell as the clear cut 1/2.