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  1. Damien Williams 2019 Outlook

    If KC doesn't draft a RB (or sign a solid one) the guy's gonna put up RB1 numbers, plain and simple. How much of it is a product of KC being so good really isn't relevant for our purposes. Unfortunately my guess is they draft a RB in the mid rounds and it completely muddies the water.
  2. Auction vs Snake

    I get what you're saying but if a league member was approached before the draft and given the opportunity to take pick 1 or pick 12, 90%+ are going to take the first pick.
  3. Mark Ingram 2019 Outlook

    Ingram is interesting. You look at his stats, particularly per touch, and they're phenomenal (granted he's been on a great offense). But when you watch him he seems so ordinary. If you do like a blind stat sheet test you'd think he'd be a great fit for a lot of teams, but I'm afraid he's at least to some degree a product of the system he's been in. I think he could be a middle of the road starting RB, and an upgrade to teams like Houston, Philly, Oakland, Tampa, the Jets, Ravens, etc., but I have a feeling his per touch numbers would take a hit.
  4. Adam Thielen 2019 Outlook

    No point in going back and forth with a discussion that will change neither of our minds, but I will say this, I think most would agree that virtually everyone I mentioned will be drafted before Thielen.
  5. Adam Thielen 2019 Outlook

    Hopkins, Adams, Thomas, Julio, AB, OBJ, Hill, Green, Juju, Evans, Allen, Cooper, and Hilton would all be guys I'd take over (and are better than) Thielen. He'd fall into that next category with guys like Cooks, Woods, Diggs.
  6. Adam Thielen 2019 Outlook

    I think if you listed the top 15-20 WRs you may be surprised. I can't find too many I'd take Thielen over.
  7. Chris Carson 2019 Outlook

    Yeah I think Carson is considerably better than Collins. I just think they'll try everything they can to have Penny see more action and we know Carson won't be involved in the passing game. Not sure what his ADP is but I assume it's too high for me personally.
  8. Dalvin Cook 2019 Outlook

    Way too risky IMO. He could end up around the RB5 probably at his absolute ceiling, and we know how low the injury floor would be. I wouldn't even consider him until well into the third round.
  9. Dalvin Cook 2019 Outlook

    He's borderline DND for me. Talent and production are clearly there in abundance, but the injuries are just too much of a concern. I can't stand having to worry about reading blurbs about my players on here, and with Cook it's a nearly daily occurrence. I just can't see him staying healthy. Of course there's a point in the draft were he to slip where you'd just roll the dice, but it'd be late.
  10. Mark Ingram 2019 Outlook

    That would be a good landing spot for him. I don't think he's quite as good as his stats suggest, and he looks like hot garbage compared to Kamara, but needless to say that really isn't a fair comparison.
  11. Mark Ingram 2019 Outlook

    Agreed. I think they'll use a mid-round pick on a RB. My point was simply that I wouldn't throw big money at Ingram if I were them.
  12. Mark Ingram 2019 Outlook

    Stats calculated over a full season: Williams - 1280 total yards, 5.1 YPC, 67 catches, 19 TDs. Ingram - 1087 total yards, 4.7 YPC, 28 catches, 9 TDs.
  13. Adam Thielen 2019 Outlook

    Second half of the year was much closer to what Thielen actually is than the first half IMO. Fortunately for people who want him next year that will be the lasting impression, so I don't see him going terribly early. I'd say right around WR15 would be good value for him.
  14. Mark Ingram 2019 Outlook

    I know people will disagree and or flat out laugh at this, but Williams has looked better with KC than Ingram has with the Saints this year. And the offenses are both explosive so that could be considered a virtual wash. Ingram plays much smaller than his size, yet isn't nimble nor fast. Williams runs with more power, is faster and more agile, and is at least as good of a pass catcher. Williams would outproduce Ingram in KC's offense.
  15. David Johnson 2019 Outlook

    As bad as he was last year he was still the tenth highest scoring RB. And that offense was BAD. Could be sneaky good value if he slips to the middle/end of the 2nd round, which as of now I think is very possible.