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  1. Aaron Rogers would be the best QB of all time if he actually started checking down receivers and stopped bird dogging guys downfield. Aaron Jones is criminally underutilized in the passing game.
  2. Gordon to the Pats is shaping out to be a worst-case nightmare scenario. Why am I not shocked? What a waste of talent. Imagine him on the Rams in the Josh Reynolds role.
  3. If he had to pick one QB, Spielman would rather have Rogers than prime GOAT. Lol, ok pal. Officially on mute.
  4. Kelce dropped 17 (inches from 24 - not even counting his 0’fer on first 5 targets in first half) against that first “top” defense. I double down.
  5. Edit: Mea culpa for the tangent. Doo Rag is cold.
  6. Love Sam Shields and I agreed 100%, but his injury history isn’t exactly stellar. And if Oko doesn’t come in and dominate off the edge, it could end up being a long season for our secondary, regardless of whose back there. We are dead last in sacks. That’s a problem.
  7. Talib is out 8 weeks. The early results are troubling, as is our pass rush outside Donald.
  8. Again, play the tape. Mahomes’ mobility and rocket arm strength on the run is awesome, but Goff’s accuracy is otherworldly. As long as his line stays healthy, he’s the #1 FANTASY QB ROS. I didn’t claim he’s the best real world QB, although it’s debatable at this point.
  9. With Mahomes under center in KC and Lord Gordon marinating in NE, Kelce is easily the #1 TE ROS — especially considering Gronk’s injury history.
  10. Can Jaylen Samuels please get some carries next week?
  11. It’s fate that Kevin Harlan is announcing this game — he called seemingly all of the Browns games in 2013, lol.