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  1. It starts already... Eagles placed RB Ryan Mathews (ankle) on the active/NFI list. Mathews suffered the ankle injury last week. There's been no reason to believe it's anything serious, but it's another reminder just how fragile Mathews has been throughout his career. Rookie Wendell Smallwood is a strong late-round flier. Jul 27 - 3:47 PM Source: Dan Graziano on Twitter
  2. Would love to see them give the young flamethrower Cabrera a chance. I mean, what've they got to lose to give him a try there?
  3. Didn't start today. Is this going to be typical now that Granderson and Lagares are back?
  4. Thanks guys, you helped confirm my initial gut feeling. I declined.
  5. I like it, Verlander has been solid and it's a double win as it helps you clear that needed roster spot. Thanks for the help with mine.
  6. I like the Kemp/Tanaka side, by quite a bit actually. Thanks for the help with mine.
  7. With the team in my sig, I currently sit in 2nd place... and the 10th place team just offered me the following. He gives: Bryant K. Seager Bogaerts G. Cole I give: Goldy Arenado Correa My initial reaction was "no way" and I'm leaning toward rejecting it, but adding Cole would give me an amazing 1-2-3 SP punch with JoFer and Cueto, and the offensive players he's offering are nothing to sneeze at. But the three I'd have to give up are my dynasty anchors, and are arguably the top dynasty players at each of their positions. Am I right to think I shouldn't do this, or does anyone have a differing view? Thanks!
  8. I'm assuming you have a legit shot to win the chip this year if you're making an offer like that for a rental. If so, I'd make that trade. (But if he's deep in SP see if maybe he'd throw in a mid-rotation vet who can help you down the stretch too.) If you have a top contending team, I'm all about maximizing your chances to win this year and worrying about the future later. Thanks for the help with mine!
  9. It's close enough, but I like Salazar best in that deal so I think I'd hold. Thanks for the help with mine.
  10. I'd do the deal. IMO Brantley is the best player of the 3, and if he returns to form after the DL stint he may just vault past some of your lower-end keepers. If there's one position on your team that could use a boost, it's probably your OF. Thanks for the help with mine.
  11. Appreciate the response, but I can't afford to drop any SPs. That'd leave me with just 4 active, and Colon -- although pitching well -- is no guarantee to keep his job once Wheeler comes back. The wire is pretty thin in a 20-team league...
  12. For dynasty team in sig. Burns has been horrible and the Mets are giving Nimmo all the ABs he can handle... and his bat's heating up (HR tonight). I keep trying to be patient with Burns 'cause of the SB upside, but he sits half the time and when he does play he's been brutal with the bat. Should I continue to be patient with Burns or grab Nimmo before somebody else does? All opinions welcome, and leave a link for help in return.
  13. I get that it's SSS from an effectiveness standpoint, but it's the usage (or lack thereof) that I'm most concerned with. It's actually only been two outings in 8 games since he's been activated, Jumbo Diaz is back in the picture as yet another contender for closing duties, and the Reds haven't exactly been brimming with save opportunities as a team anyway. I admit I'm getting a bit impatient, so was just wondering what other people were doing with him.
  14. I've been hanging onto Lorenzen, but I'm seriously thinking it's time to move on. I just don't see him getting very many save opportunities anytime soon, and I'm not entirely confident he can get the job done even if he does. Anyone else still holding him, or is it time to bail?