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  1. 2017-2018 Trade Deadline Thread

    Come on Grizz, when ya gonna ship out Tyreke?
  2. 2017-2018 Trade Deadline Thread

    D Wade returning to Miami hurt "Bring the Wayne" Ellington's value at all?
  3. Marcus Morris 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    Value completely drop off the cliff with the Monroe signing?
  4. Super Bowl

  5. Super Bowl

    We clearly hang with different crowds then. I personally know many people who are among the nicest, most giving human beings on the face of the planet but who do indeed root against certain teams they can't stand. You may consider that last part a serious personal flaw on their part, but to me it's only sports after all and certainly doesn't come close to defining their entire personal body of work.
  6. Super Bowl

    So hating a professional sports team somehow correlates to how you live your entire life? Okaaaay...
  7. Love DMurray in dynasty, but Lou has a killer playoff schedule and there's a good chance he'll stay put since LAC is just a hair out of a playoff spot. Here's an extension of this deal...what if I could swing a 2-for-1 with another team so the final tally would be this: Get Lou Williams, Larry Nance, and T.J. McConnell Give Dejaunte Murray, Marcus Smart, and Wayne Ellington Better or worse for my championship run, or should I just stay put altogether?
  8. Lou Williams 2017-2018 Season Outlook

    I'm wondering this too, as he may be available for trade in my dynasty league. Is he playing crazy over his head, or is this just finally Sweet Lou getting consistent minutes and ballin' like he always could have? It's startling how good he's been across many categories. Do y'all expect this to continue ROS and into next year?
  9. Who wins this deal?? Whir!

    Much as I love Jimmy Buckets, I think the other side is giving up a little too much. 14 teams is fairly large so good depth is important. While not quite the caliber of Butler, Beal and Middleton are both studs in their own right and Ellington has been a 3-point machine. Not a Chandler fan, and full disclosure I've been burned by Tyreke's injury history in the past so I have a hard time trusting him. Also, I've never played in a points league in fantasy hoops, so I don't know how that affects overall player value. But all things being equal, I'd favor the Beal side by a little bit. Thanks for the help with mine.
  10. 20-team, 9-category H2H salary cap dynasty league. My roster is Harden, B. Simmons, Gobert, Gasol, Hardaway, Ferrell, Ellington, Sabonis, Siakam, Stephenson, Acy, Smart, and DMurray. Sal cap and strict add/drop rules limit roster moves. I currently have the top seed by 8 1/2 games, so I don't necessarily NEED to make a move. But a guy who's rebuilding offered me Lou Williams for DMurray and Smart. I love how the San Antonio kid is ballin' as the starter and he's fun to own at the moment. Smart has his flaws (like he can't shoot to save his life, lol), but he gives me pretty good defensive stats and some threes. On the other side of the coin, Sweet Lou has been an absolute stat-stuffing stud this year. My biggest issue with doing a 2-for-1 is the waiver wire is pretty thin and I can only pick up certain guys with low salaries 'cause I'm close to the cap number... so it might be another Acy-type guy. Is it worth it to grab Lou and his elite stats? Or should I not mess with a good thing and keep the 2 young PGs, esp. Murray? Thanks, and leave your link for help in return.
  11. Wayne Ellington 2017-2018 Outlook

    Bring the Wayne!
  12. My Aaron Gordon for Capela (WHIR)

    Agree with most of the others, Capela could really help your team in some of those harder-to-find stats. Get him! Thanks for the help with mine.
  13. I'd do that deal. You've got terrific guard depth and are def lacking in big-man stats. Whiteside will make up some of those lost points and give you absolute elite FG%, boards, and blocks. Great fit for your team, IMO. Thanks for the help with mine.