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  1. Any specifics on the injury? Yahoo just says DTD, and I haven't found any news about it yet.
  2. Never mind, they've changed the ruling, they're all earned runs.
  3. Anyone know why the 3 runs on Hanley's HR are unearned? I didn't see the play, just reading the online play by play, but it looks like CC caught a liner from Betts and the runners advanced on his throwing error. Are they assuming he would have gotten the third out with a good throw, and that's why the runs are all unearned? Just wondering if anyone who saw it expects the "unearned" decision to hold up.
  4. I agree, I like Woodhead here. Thanks for the help with mine.
  5. It's a 0.4 PPR league. Tyrell is the new toy and Gates is old reliable. Jax seems to defend TEs better than WRs, but Gates is still a big-time red zone threat. Who's the better choice to start today? Thanks!
  6. I believe this may be the first Bon Scott AC/DC reference I've ever seen on the Rotoworld forums! Bravo! P.S. I'm starting him this weekend. The social pages say I've got the biggest balls of all.
  7. Yahoo has adjusted Palmer's projected points to "0.00" for week 2. A programming glitch, or do they know something we don't know?
  8. I like it! As in, "Take it to the house, Tyrell"...
  9. Anyone know why Correa came out of tonight's game? He just returned after missing some time -- is he hurt again or did they just pull him as a precaution because it was such a lopsided score?
  10. Undecided on my flex in a non-PPR league: Arian Foster at Seattle or Jordan Matthews vs. Cleveland. Seattle is a stout D but Foster is the unquestioned starter and might be good for reception yardage and a score or two. Matthews is Philly's WR1 against a burnable Browns secondary, but hasn't seen any time at all with Wentz to develop rapport this preseason. Thoughts?
  11. I will readily agree that Charles is an elite talent, and when he comes back fully healthy, he regains the starter's role until the wheels fall off. But anyone who thinks Ware is JAG must've slept through last season. Ware will get his, and in a keeper/dynasty he's a great investment.
  12. Why did I get sucked into this conversation, lol? I occasionally have a hard time resisting obvious click bait headlines too...
  13. Who's on first?
  14. LMAO, how about "He's going to play?"
  15. Stopped short of ruling him out = Every indication that he will play. Um, ok.