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  1. Drop Woodhead for Collins? WHIR

    Think I'd stay put. I think Woodhead is gonna be valuable down the stretch in a .75 PPR, I love the Ravens D's playoff schedule, and Maclin's been hot. Thanks for the help with mine.
  2. I need double digit points. Who gives me the best chance of these two tonight? Thanks.
  3. Waiver Wire Touts - Week 8

    Dontrelle Inman, just traded to the WR-needy Bears?
  4. Well, it's a 20-team salary cap league with specific drop rules, so it's a quite a bit more challenging than your average league. Only guys in the last year of their contracts can be dropped and Ersan is one, so there's some value in that. It also means the waiver wire is somewhat limited. But I didn't want to turn this into an AC post, so again I ask: does anyone have any updates or inside info on Ilyasova's injury? If he is going to be out for an extended period of time, it would make the decision whether or not to drop him that much clearer for me.
  5. Any word about how bad this knee injury is? I'm holding in a deep dynasty league for now, but if he's gonna be out for any significant amount of time, buh-bye. Just wondering if anyone has any "insider" info on his status...
  6. Decided it was time to start a 17-18 thread for Delon. Cory Joseph is gone so he's the direct backup for 31-year-old Kyle Lowry on a contending team. Wright's a former first-round pick who I've seen on a few preseason sleeper/breakout lists. Good size and athleticism for the PG position, solid defender, but can he bring his all-around offensive game to another level? Thoughts on Delon's upside and value this year, and for the future?
  7. Donovan Mitchell 2017-18 Season Outlook

    So now that it appears Exum is on the shelf for awhile, big opportunity for Mitchell. Might even gain PG eligibility before we get too far into the season. Kid's got skills on both ends of the floor...he'll have his ups and downs as a rookie of course but he might have some redraft value and IMO is dynasty gold.
  8. Dewayne Dedmon season Outlook 2017-2018

    Great post, thanks... totally made me rethink his whole "fouls per 36" outlook. Looking further at his career splits, in 78 games as a starter he averages 20:11 minutes and 2.6 PF, with 7.3 boards and a block a game. Expand that out to 30 minutes and it averages out to about 4 fouls. I'll take that with the 10+ rebounds and 1.5 swats that would go along with it. In comparison, as a sub in his career he's played 11:37 minutes a game and averaged 2 fouls, giving credence to the notion of his taking a more aggressive approach coming off the bench. Happy to have added him as my 4th center in a deep dynasty league!
  9. Solid draft overall, especially your bigs. I think you definitely could use some PG depth and trading a center would be the best way to do it. I know Process has the injury risk, but his huge upside and stat-stuffing ability make him someone I'd rather hang onto than Vuc. Float Nikola around your league and see what you can get to fortify the point. Thanks for the help with mine.
  10. Agree with the last post, something seemed to click for Elfrid late last season and the trip-dubs started becoming more frequent. I'd keep Payton here. Thanks for for the help with mine.
  11. Here's my roster: Giannis, Teague, Butler, Draymond, Gobert, Embiid, Horford, Vucevic, Mills, JR Smith, Tucker, D Mitchell, and a free agent pickup when I drop Dinwiddie. So sounds like the consensus is do the deal for Russell?
  12. Trade my 2 & 3 for 1 and 9. WHIR

    I believe I take that. That's two top-end stars to build the rest of your team around. It could also give you the chance, once the draft plays out, to maybe deal one of them for two better players than you would've gotten at 21 and 28. In any case, I'd take the two superstars and go from there. Help please:
  13. Trading KAT

    Neither offer is worth it, def keep KAT. Richardson is a no-brainer fifth keeper and I'm thinking maybe Oubre who's young and has a fair bit of upside. Help please:
  14. Definitely Thon or Brown for me, and it's Thon by a nose because IMO he has the greater upside to be a fantasy stud. Help please:
  15. I'd keep KAT, Westbrook is gonna be very good but no way he repeats the numbers he got across the board last year. Towns is a stud in his own right, and as others have said, you need his stats more. Help please: