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  1. Clearly he's not getting big minutes at the moment, but what do people think of Portis's dynasty value? Is his upside worth a stash for a team in rebuild mode?
  2. Thanks all! I took the trade, I needed the pop in my lineup. Here's hoping Sanchez continues to rake...
  3. It's an 18-team points league with players kept according to the previous year's round (with small minor league rosters as well). Trade offer is Gary Sanchez and minor leaguer DJ Peterson for Lucas Giolito. Without going into too many league and scoring details (there are a lot of 'em), I'm wondering in general if you'd rather have: Gary Sanchez for 4 years (I'd keep him in round 8 this year) or Lucas Giolito for 8 years after I promote him (still on my minors team, and when I promote him he's round 25 the next draft) Basically that's the amount of years they'd take to reach first-round status based on their 2016 draft rounds. After that it'd be up to me whether I'd want to keep them as a first-rounder or not based on who else slots into that top spot (hope that's not too confusing). I'm really torn here... all signs point to Sanchez being a stud at a shallow position for years to come. But Giolito is still a top SP prospect who now gets to work with pitching guru Don Cooper. So I'd either keep Giolito in my minors for now, and keep Wellington Castillo in round 17 as my C... or trade for Sanchez, slot him into round 8, and use Castillo's later draft slot for another player. (Fading --post-hype? -- power prospect Peterson is just a throw-in I can stash on my minors team.) Thoughts?
  4. So if larger sample sizes are better, let's do Ajayi vs. McKinnen weeks 7-17. ;-)
  5. Now it's between Blount and Quizz, thanks.
  6. Blount has a brutal matchup vs Ravens but is the only clear-cut starter of the 3. Burkhead (@ Browns) and Jacquizz (vs Saints) have much better matchups but are COP backs. Thoughts as to whom I should start as my RB2? Thanks, and leave a link for help in return.
  7. The SF D generally sucks, but playing at home vs. a Jets offense with Petty and now possibly without Mangold again... might be worth a stream.
  8. Did Sergio get hurt tonight? Or is around 20 minutes what we can expect going forward with Bayless back? Ugh
  9. I can honestly say I've never heard this before. Is there some evidence to support this? I'm not asking to be argumentative, I'm genuinely curious 'cause it's totally new to me. Do defenses statistically get worse toward the end of the season? That said, I'd still imagine it would be easier to break the tackles of bad defenses vs. good ones. :-)
  10. This has probably already been brought up somewhere along the way, but Kelley has an absolutely brutal schedule of run defenses through the week 16 fantasy championship week: Green Bay (12th best in fantasy vs. the run) @Dallas (5th) @Arizona (1st) @Philly (8th) Carolina (4th) @Chicago (3rd) Looks like the volume will be there so there should still be some decent fantasy production. I'd just temper expectations a bit.
  11. Standard scoring, non-PPR league. Crowell has the clearer path to touches but Hightower has the cushy matchup in a timeshare. So who's the choice here? Leave a link for help in return, thanks.
  12. I own both Ware and Rodgers, and have Blount on bye... so it's desperation time! 16-team league, .5 PPR. I did manage to pick up West to plug in for Ware, so he's starter #1. Who should I start as my second RB, Smith tonight vs. Atlanta or, given the current Hyde news, Harris on Sunday vs. New Orleans? Thanks, and leave your link.
  13. Depends on team needs... Kelley will get you more boards and stocks!
  14. How much does the knee surgery affect his dynasty value, if at all?