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  1. Yes, I'd do it, the Joker is a fantasy stud and you're deep at PG. I suppose Hood and Ross would be the choices as pickups, but keep an eye on activity at the trade deadline for sure. Help me please: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/637656-dynasty-butlermonroe-for-ingramembiid-will-help-you-2
  2. Yes, I'd do that to get Curry. He's the best player in the deal, he's elite... and in an 8-teamer you want the top studs. Help me please: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/637656-dynasty-butlermonroe-for-ingramembiid-will-help-you-2
  3. I think the trade works well with your strategy. I'm a huge Gobert fan, and I think McConnell fits what you're doing to a T. The only question mark is The Process's health, but if he's fine the rest of the way you get a HUGE upgrade up front, IMO. Help me please with my almost equally as long post, lol: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/637656-dynasty-butlermonroe-for-ingramembiid-will-help-you-2/
  4. I'd personally keep what you have, you've got a deep, solid group of bigs... don't think either of those pickups would be upgrades for you. Help me please: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/637656-dynasty-butlermonroe-for-ingramembiid-will-help-you-2/
  5. I agree with the rest, Beal is the best player in the deal, and this is a win for you. Makes your strong team even stronger, esp come playoff time. Help me please: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/637656-dynasty-butlermonroe-for-ingramembiid-will-help-you-2/
  6. Anyone else? Embiid/Igram or Butler/Monroe?
  7. Big fan of Horford (who also tends to be under appreciated), but Porter has been an elite stat-stuffer this season. I think this may be the right move for you to prep for the playoffs, but a key piece of info you're leaving out is the size of your league, which is significant to any 2-for-1 deal that involved shopping the waiver wire. If it's a deep league with slim pickings on the wire, you may be really hurting your depth if that pickup if a big drop-off from Matthews. But with the info provided, I say go for the best player in the deal (Porter) who also happens to have a good playoff schedule.
  8. I'll def. answer yours, but not sure I understand your response to mine. You said you wouldn't give up Embiid and Ingram, but then seemed to make a case for why I shouldn't keep Embiid. Could you clarify please? Embiid/Ingram or Butler/Monroe?
  9. Gobert side by a decent margin for me. Love IT's game, but Rudy is a fantasy monster and the total package of the other side is stronger. Help me please: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/637656-dynasty-butlermonroe-for-ingramembiid-will-help-you-2/
  10. I like the Kawhi side better, he's such an elite stat-stuffer... but it's close. Keeper-wise Leonard and Cousins aren't too far apart, but Horford tips to scales in that side's favor to me. He's a much better fantasy asset than he's been showing recently, and I'm confident he'll get back to that level of play after the break. Help me please: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/637656-dynasty-butlermonroe-for-ingramembiid-will-help-you-2/
  11. Gotcha. Guess I should've rephrased that to, "Is getting better the rest of this year worth giving up two valuable dynasty pieces?" Appreciate the response, thanks again.
  12. So you're saying make the trade, even in a dynasty? Thanks.
  13. 16-team H2H dynasty league, currently in 3rd place but feel I need to power up a bit to match the top 2. Guy near the bottom of the standings offered me: His Jimmy Butler and Greg Monroe for my Brandon Ingram and Joel Embiid I love Embiid as a dynasty piece, and while Ingram has struggled with his shot, he's still got a ton of upside once he develops more. But I'm all about competing to win in the here and now if I can. Does bringing in stud Butler and solid Monroe make me better for the rest of this year? My roster: Bledsoe, Giannis, Gobert, Vucevic, Horford, Draymond, Belinelli, Mills, Rivers, Roberson, Oubre, Ingram, Embiid. I could definitely use the scoring boost, and I'm pretty deep up front with Gobert, Vuc, Horford, and Dray who's PF-eligible. I'm a little nervous about the upcoming trade deadline with Butler and Monroe though. And the guys I'd be giving up are both good dynasty pieces, although Ingram's slow-developing this year and The Process is an ongoing injury risk, although he's one of my favorite players right now in the NBA. Thoughts on Butler/Monroe for Ingram/Embiid? Thanks!
  14. Clearly he's not getting big minutes at the moment, but what do people think of Portis's dynasty value? Is his upside worth a stash for a team in rebuild mode?