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  1. Thoughts on Humphries with the QB change in Tennessee? Value up, down, or neutral with Tannehill at the helm?
  2. Several depth charts still list Ish Smith as the starter for the Wiz. If that's how it plays out, how does that affect IT's value? Or do people still think it'll be Thomas's job to lose?
  3. Who would you rather have in a 16-team, H2H, 9-cat dynasty league: Deandre Ayton or Donovan Mitchell? I have a pretty sick team, won 2 straight chips and got upset in playoffs last year. Here's my current roster: Giannis, Embiid, Jrue, Gobert, Conley, Lowry, Horford, Dedmon, Teague, Batum, Gay, and Bojan Bog. Guy offered my Ayton for Mitchell straight up. I've got plenty of stud PGs, and with Conley and Bogs both being traded to Utah I now have 4 Jazz players. Even thought I'm a big Mitchell fan, I like Ayton a lot too so I'm thinking of accepting and adding another stud center. Should I do it, or just keep Donovan? Opinions would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. What's this guy's dynasty value? I know Wander Franco is the next big thing for TB at short... will Adames move over to 2B when that happens? Does he have the talent to be a fixture in their lineup (and a fantasy asset) even after Franco comes along?
  5. Closer dart throw question: Any chance A.J. Minter gets called back up and takes over the 9th inning? Melancon has hardly been consistent, the closer situation has been in constant flux, and Minter seems to have righted the ship in the minors. Would the Braves dare consider that move for the stretch run?
  6. Any value here ROS? Seems to be better of late after ditching the two-seamer...
  7. I'm OTC for rookie pick 1.8, 16-team H2H dynasty, 1/2 PPR. Picks so far: Montgomery, Jacobs, Murray, Sanders, Harry, Henderson, Singletary. I'm thinking WR is the best value play at this point. Lots of solid choices left. Who do y'all think is the best available here? Thanks!
  8. Two rough outings in a row. Just a bad stretch for the youngster?
  9. Thanks. Hope it's not too serious!
  10. Anyone know why Lourdes Gurriel came out of the Jays-Royals game?
  11. Tempting as it is to get Trout, I’d stick with your original strategy and fill those last 2 OF slots with guys off the wire. There are decent enough options there. Def keep Cole. Thanks for the help with mine.
  12. Appreciate the response, but I don’t think I can afford to trade off my two best SP and continue to contend. Anyone else have any thoughts on Pham for Cruz/Cain?