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  1. Except it's the Abdullah thread and people STILL can't find Mr. Abdullah.
  2. Solid 7 innings today... thoughts on his chances of keeping a rotation spot once Matz and Lugo return?
  3. Yeah, but what does this have to do with Philip Rivers? :-P
  4. Spot on! Bravo, this breaks it down in one crystal-clear sentence.
  5. And against a lefty no less! Actually has a higher OPS vs. lefties so far this year...SSS, but a great sign.
  6. Solid game vs. the Marlins tonight. Only blemish was the three BB, but 8 Ks in 7 IP. Anyone see him pitch in this one? How did he look?
  7. So what do people think of Andriese ROS? I realize he pitches in the AL East, but he's shown improvement in his first two seasons and snuck onto a few 2017 preseason "sleeper" and "under the radar" lists. Worth a spot at the back end of a fantasy rotation?
  8. Not sure I understand this response. Don't people come to these forums to hear a variety of opinions? Should we close every player thread as soon as someone makes a comprehensive post?
  9. Another reason to pick him up for this week... Nets play 3 of their 4 games on lighter schedule days.
  10. He's definitely a wild card, but if you can get him at a cheap price/in a late round, it's worth it to see if the new approach and the power is real, IMO. There are a lot of professional prognosticators out there who seem to think that it is.
  11. Higher velocity doesn't necessarily equate to better... ERA: 4.01 in '12, 4.19 in '16 WHIP: 1.309, 1.325 BABIP: .297, .300 Per game #s: Runs: 4.32 in '12, 4.48 in '16 HRs: 1.02, 1.16 BB: 3.03, 3.11 Ks: 7.50, 8.03 So with the exception of strikeouts, all other key per-game pitching stats were better in 2012 than in 2016: http://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/pitch.shtml Now your point about Thames past major league struggles against higher velo may be relevant here if the higher Ks means they're throwing harder... but the notion that he's somehow facing better overall pitching today than he did back in 2012 isn't borne out by the stats.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I really don't have the answer to your question, sorry. I didn't even know having to wait to post was a thing. Welcome to the forums though!
  13. Team and league in sig. Love Nola's upside...while his arm issues down the stretch last year are concerning, he seems to be healthy this spring. Nola owner said he'd do this if Gsellman is named the 5th starter for the Mets. The question is, should I? I have plenty of power bats, and Thames is a bit of a wild card at the moment. But Gsellman is in a position to succeed on a pretty good team. Is Nola's ace upside worth it for me? If he breaks out, he'd form a pretty potent top 4 SP for me with Cueto, Verlander, and Porcello. Thoughts? And leave a link if you'd like help in return.
  14. Kind of good news-bad news for Nola this spring. Arm seems to be holding up fine after last year's late-season issues. But the results have been less-than-stellar. Are you Nola owners mostly happy that he seems healthy, or worried about the pre-season ERA?