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  1. Doesn't appear as if Cooper passes the Yankees' eye test either... Jon Morosi of MLB Network reports that the Yankees and Athletics are discussing a trade involving Yonder Alonso. FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal noted Monday that the A's have been scouting the Yankees' minor league system closely. They could potentially be a fit for Sonny Gray, as well. The Yanks want to give Greg Bird (ankle) another shot at first base in 2018, but Alonso makes perfect sense as a rental with Bird likely done for 2017. The A's first baseman is batting .268/.366/.555 this season and has had a breakout year in the power department with 21 home runs. Related: Yankees Source: Jon Morosi on Twitter
  2. 3-5, 4 RBI his second game in AA. What's the thinking on this guy's ETA?
  3. I agree that your SP needs some help, and a MI upgrade would be nice too (2nd or short since Segura is eligible at either), although DeJong's been raking lately. Maybe you can pair DeJong while he's hot with a youngish SP to a rebuilding team for a veteran SP upgrade. That way you're not touching your keeper base but hopefully getting the arm upgrade to put you over the top. Hard to figure out just the right deal though with that 5-year keeper limit... lot of variables. Good luck! Thanks for the help with mine.
  4. Agree with the rest here... to answer your question, I think you're giving up too much. If you're in second place now, you'll get over the top if Villar starts playing even a little bit like the guy he was last year. Stay put and keep the depth. Thanks for the help with mine.
  5. 18-team keeper points league, 25-man rosters, where the keeper formula relates to the previous year's draft round. Bottom line is i just traded for Altuve who I'll keep in a high draft round (3rd), and won't be able to keep Pedroia next year. I'm middle of the pack with little chance of making up enough ground to catch the points leader this season. So I put the word out that Pedroia was on the block for youth or a minor leaguer. Only offer I've gotten is Andrew Moore, who was undrafted so can be kept in any round from 25 on down. Seems like the Mariners are high on him even though he doesn't have elite stuff. I'm wondering if he'll stick in the rotation this year and beyond,. If I can get any value at all for an aging guy I can't keep anyway, it's a win. I just keep wondering if I can get more if I wait until closer to the trade deadline (Aug. 13), or if I should just take the SP prospect now. Is Moore worth it, or am I better off waiting even though there's a chance I could get nothing?
  6. Another QS for the young SP. Do the Mariners view this guy as a part of their future rotation plans? Does he have any dynasty value in fantasy?
  7. Probably nobody. I only mentioned Scooter if you dealt Cozart and had an open spot, but I like pretty much all the offensive players on your roster better than Gennett.
  8. I agree, need to add more for McCullers, maybe Cozart and a lesser SP. As for a pickup, I like Scooter, he's really raking. Thanks for the help with mine!
  9. In general, which of these two SPs is better to own in a dynasty, Gerrit Cole or Jake Arietta? Both have struggled at times this year, but who has the better chance to put it all together in the next couple of years and beyond? Thanks!
  10. I think White is enough in a dynasty. He still has the draft pedigree, prototypical size, and perceived upside. Give it a shot, and negotiate from there if need be.
  11. This one makes a whole lot of sense to me. He needs the RB and WR depth for sure. Wonder if you could get him to add Jesse James to his side since he has Olsen and a solid #2 in McDonald. You could use the extra body at TE and I really like James to break out this season. Although with the 1.4 he might not want to top it off. Either way would work for me though. Thanks for the help with mine.
  12. Agreed, in a vacuum I'd give a very slight edge to Fitz, but the keeper round disparity pushes it to Adams for me. Thanks for the help with mine.
  13. As others have said, surprised there wasn't a better option than Jordy at 1.09. I don't think you reached for Crowell at all, I think that's a great high-upside pick, love him to really break out this year. Definitely prefer Allen over Moncrief. Solid team overall... Crowder and Snead on your bench are nice. Thanks for the help with mine.
  14. Non-PPR standard scoring dynasty football league, start one TE. My roster: QB: D. Brees, J, Winston RB: E. Elliott, I. Crowell, A. Abdullah, R. Kelley, D. McFadden, A. Morris, W. Smallwood WR: D. Bryant, M. Evans, J. Matthews, S. Diggs, J. Crowder, P. Dorsett, D. Funchess TE: J. Reed, V. Davis, L. Kendricks K: D. Bailey DEF/ST: Seahawks Taxi: L. Carroo Guy just drafted OJ Howard at 1.09, has a stable of TEs, and put Gronk on the block, looking for WR and picks. I know I already have Reed (and his backup) but it's GRONK! So I asked if he'd be interested in any one of Diggs, Crowder, or Matthews plus my 1.10 pick. He asked what about my 2018 first rounder instead, with Diggs. So my options are... 1. Trade my 2018 first-rounder and Diggs for Gronk, or 2. Keep Diggs and draft David Njoku at 1.10 as TE insurance (and upside dynasty piece) behind Reed/Davis. Thoughts? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  15. Thought it was about time for a thread on this guy. He's just 20 years old, freakishly athletic, and seems to be the Browns' TE1 right out of the gate. Miami has a history of producing elite-level NFL TEs, and Njoku looks like he has the tools to be the next one. Seems to be a hard worker with a good head on his shoulders. Biggest downside is Cleveland's QB situation, but mediocre quarterback play has sometimes proven to be an advantage to TEs who become favorite checkdown targets. Besides, for once the Browns as a team seem to be heading in the right direction. The Cleveland front office and coaches seem to really believe in him...why else would they release a solid vet like Barnidge? There's a lot of upside here. Am I crazy to think this guy could possibly have a higher fantasy ceiling than OJ Howard?