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  1. Conley/Gay for Draymond/TRoss?

    Thanks everyone, I hit “accept”.
  2. Klay vs Mitchell WHIR

    I’d do it. I’m a fan of Mitchell but if someone offered me Klay for him I’d take it. Thanks for the reply on mine.
  3. Another strong vote for McCollum. Thanks for the reply on mine.
  4. Wow, you're in desperate need for depth up front, so I get your need to find a center like Kanter. But I think you can do better for Jimmy Buckets, who's by far the best player in this deal IMO. I'd float his name around your league and see if you can get an even better big for him. Thanks for the reply on mine.
  5. Conley/Gay for Draymond/TRoss?

    My bad, just realized I totally forgot to include a key piece of info in my original post, that’s it’s a dynasty league. I’m still thinking it might be a good deal for me, but the dynasty format may explain his reasoning a little more as a rebuilding team. Thanks for the replies so far!
  6. Ingles or Murray 9 cat?

    It’s close...Ingles is solid and consistent but I think I like Murray a little better. He’s the more dynamic player and while he’s underperformed of late, I expect him to find his groove and put up some big numbers as the season wears on. Kid’s got talent, and a good playoff schedule to boot. Help me?
  7. LeBron as a Keeper? WHIR

    Yes, given your roster makeup, it's Lebron easily for me as the 4th keeper. Help me?
  8. Conley/Gay for Draymond/TRoss?

    Ha, no collusion, he first offered Conley and Mudiay for Dray and Ross, and I told him I wasn’t interested in Mudiay and would prob do it for Gay instead “tho I doubt you’d want to do that.” Then he offered it! I posted it here just to make sure I wasn’t missing something. Think he just wants the younger stat-stuffing player for his rebuild. I like Draymond’s all-around game and my team is doing great as is, but think I need to take this. Thanks for the reply.
  9. Yeah, especially if it’s a redraft league I’d prefer Ibaka this season. Agree with the above post about the many mouths to feed in Boston. Tatum is a great dynasty grab but Serge for me this season. Fair trade though. Help me?
  10. I got AD for Kawhi... good one?

    Great trade with an eye toward next year. That’s three sweet keepers! Help me?
  11. Been a happy Bjelica owner most of the season... as long as Sac keeps giving him the minutes, he has a fantasy-friendly game. He was producing decently even before Bagley got hurt. He’d be my choice here. Help please:
  12. Dennis SJ

    Yeah agreed, not a big fan of DSJ for fantasy. Help please:
  13. I’m not too familiar with roto, but I feel like Derozan and Bogdan is a step up for you from Markannen and AG. Thanks for the help with mine.
  14. If you were playing to win this year and someone offered you Mike Conley and Rudy Gay for Draymond Green and Terrence Ross, would you take the deal? I’m thinking yes. Am I wrong? My roster, standard 9 cats: Lowry (IR), Jrue, Teague, D Mitchell, Beverley, Giannis, Green, Embiid, Gobert, Horford, Dedmon, Bojan Bogs, Ross, and Temple. Thanks!
  15. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 14

    I like Winston, that game is gonna be a shootout. Also prefer Drake in your flex, he's been better since Tanny came back. Can you you take a look at mine above?