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  1. Waiver Wire - Week 3

    Any love for veteran WR Jarius Wright? 5 catches and a TD on 7 targets last week, and developing some chemistry with Cam from the slot on a team with no viable TE. Pretty good schedule in the latter half of the season as well.
  2. Since you asked, lol... Via trade: Horford 2011... Teague 2016... Holiday and Russell 2017 Via free agent/waiver pickup: Draymond in early 2013 (before he "hit")... Gobert preseason 2014 (same thing)... Dedmon (early), Ellington, Burke, and Rivers 2017 Via draft: Giannis #8 2013... Embiid #4 2014... Mitchell #12 2017 Thanks for the advice!
  3. WHIR Pick only 5 to keep

    This is pretty much spot-on for me, although CP3 makes me nervous with his age and recent injury history. Houston may be looking to get him as much rest as possible during the season to prep for the playoffs. Love Jarrett Allen's upside and DeRozan's a great talent, but hard to throw Chris Paul back into the mix. Guess I'd go with these 5. Thanks for the help with mine.
  4. 16-team dynasty league with one-round rookie/free agent draft, and my late-round pick is coming up. I'm going for the three-peat this year, so I'm not interested in picking some developing rookie project. I'm thin at SF, so have my eye on either Grant in OKC or Osman in Cleveland, both of whom are projected starters. Grant is more proven and has the higher preseason ranking on most fantasy sites at this point, but Osman has an intriguing all-around skill set and big opportunity with the Cavs. Thoughts? My roster: J. Holiday PG, SG D. Mitchell PG, SG Giannis SF, PF Draymond PF, C Gobert C Embiid PF, C Horford PF, C Teague PG D. Russell PG, SG Dedmon C Ellington SG, SF T. Burke PG A. Rivers PG, SG Bonus question: need to drop a player to make my pick. Who should it be between Burke and Rivers? (Need Ellington's threes.) Thanks much!
  5. Charlie Morton 2018 Outlook

    Off the DL tomorrow. Anyone running him out there at Boston?
  6. Greg Allen 2018 Outlook

    Bumping this up. Kid's batting .353 with 5 steals over the past two weeks. A speedster getting on base for one of the best-hitting teams in baseball. Time to start paying attention?
  7. Full disclosure, I usually prefer stud hitters over stud pitchers, and I'm a HUGE Goldy fan. You cite injury as the risk factors for guys like Kershaw, DeGrom, and Thor, but in my mind every pitcher out there carries that risk. This is a tough one though, as Nola has certainly been a consistent top-tier SP all season. All that said, since it's NL-only and pitching is so thin, I think I'd make that deal if the other guy's willing. Most of the top fantasy first basemen in baseball are in the NL, so there's a larger pool there for you to choose from in your draft. Again, I'm struggling with this one 'cause Goldy is truly an elite bat. But with your league settings, it's probably a good deal for you. Thanks for the help with mine!
  8. Thanks for the replies. Maybe could drop Gurriel, but kind of like his multiple-position eligibility and he's got youth and some upside. Here's my roster (we set lineups daily só like to keep max SP if possible): C Gomes 1B Goldy 2B Dozier 3B Arenado SS Correa LF Grichuk CF Kiermaier RF Choo UT Profar BN Bradley, L. Gurriel NA T. O'Neill SP Verlander, Morton, Cueto, Mikolas, Estrada, Urena, Lauer RP Diaz, Hand, Soria, Família, Strop, Hildenberger, Alvarado DL F. Hernandez
  9. 20-team dynasty league, H2H with standard cats plus Holds and OPS. Have to start a LF, CF, and RF. Guy just dropped Jason Heyward. My OF depth is Choo, Kiermaier, Grichuk, L. Gurriel (LF-eligible in Yahoo), Profar (same), and Jackie Bradley. I've got the 4th best record in the league so far, so def playing for this year. Thoughts on dropping JB for Heyward after his big game tonight? Thanks, and leave a link for help in return.
  10. Scooter Gennett 2018 Outlook

    I agree that it's a lot less common, and MLB is clearly juicing up the balls these days so that accounts for some of it. I was just speculating on why people might not be buying into Scooter's sudden power surge. It has been pretty drastic, and there are still a handful of players out there sitting on their arses with 80-game suspensions, even in today's game. Or... he's a late bloomer! :-)
  11. Scooter Gennett 2018 Outlook

    Maybe people see that the reality is he never hit more than 9 homers in a season (minors or majors) prior to 2016 and they're waiting for the inevitable 80-game PED suspension?
  12. Kevin Kiermaier 2018 Outlook

    2 for his last 23. What's up with this guy? Droppable in a dynasty?
  13. Max Kepler 2018 Outlook

    Anyone have any insights on this guy? Still struggling... is he worth holding onto in a dynasty league?
  14. Warriors Legacy?

    The league as a whole was tougher and more balanced then. Not like the cakewalk disguised as the Eastern Conference today.