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  1. LOL, this is tongue-in-cheek right, trying to be funny 'cause you actually denied his challenge, not the other way around? P.S. Literally no one in here said Jackson would be a breakout star.
  2. I don't disagree, but my comment was more about talent level than YPC as a stat. When two other players are running through holes like it's Swiss cheese with the same blocking, I start worrying a bit about that third player's talent level when he can't.
  3. What do people think of Pascal's long-term upside for dynasties? Do the Raps seem committed to him as their PF of the future? Does he have the talent to excel in that role?
  4. i did manage to grab Davis and am holding him for now, but I'm not really all that optimistic... and it has nothing to do with Lacy or the Packers scheme. I can't get past the fact that, behind a line and in a system in which two other teammates were consistently getting 5+ YPC, Knile could barely manage 3.5. Just holding out hope that suddenly the light bulb goes on in his new surroundings, I guess...
  5. Bumping it to the late night crew... really struggling with this one.
  6. Agree with the consensus here, you're very strong at guard (esp. PG) but could definitely use help with your bigs. Maybe pair Tyler Johnson and Terrence Jones for a boards and blocks specialist. Probably a good time to get value for Jones while he's on everyone's preseason sleeper list. Good luck, and thanks for the help with mine.
  7. I'd stick with what you have. Very nice team as is, and you need guard depth more than front court depth, IMO. Help me please: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/621526-big-trade-offer-including-klay-embiid/
  8. Very close, but think I'd lean Lopez only because Favors is going into this season with knee issues already... what's gonna happen when he starts logging 30-35 minutes a games running up and down the court on them? Help me please: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/621526-big-trade-offer-including-klay-embiid/
  9. Agree with the above poster, hang tight and see how it plays out. I would however keep an eye on Jones (as someone said previously), Lyles, and Bojan for threes if he gets big minutes in Brooklyn. Help please: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/621526-big-trade-offer-including-klay-embiid/
  10. In an 8-team league i'd definitely do this and grab Harden, arguably the top player in fantasy this year. Help please: http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/621526-big-trade-offer-including-klay-embiid/
  11. Another thing I forgot to mention is that I think Hezonja has some solid dynasty upside as well... so even though Klay seems like the best player in this deal, I'm having a tough time pulling the trigger in a dynasty if it means losing both Embiid and Super Mario.
  12. Just been sent the following offer in a 16-team, 9-cat, H2H dynasty league: My Embiid, Hezonja, and Oubre for his two Thompsons, Klay and Tristan. No brainer? My only hesitations are that I think Embiid could be a generational center and I've been holding him for the last two years looking forward to this day, and I'm also wondering if Klay's numbers will suffer with KD in the lineup. Here's my roster: Giannis, Bledsoe, Draymond, Horford, Gobert, Vucevic, Aminu, Ingram, P. Mills (who I will likely flip for Seth Curry), E. Turner, Embiid, Hezonja, Oubre A lot of youthful talent so I like my dynasty future here, but I can certainly use the threes from Klay. Plus with Horford, Gobert, and Vuc, I have depth at C. But I really really like Embiid. Thoughts?
  13. Pitt's run D gives up the 6th most fantasy points to RB in the NFL, and got absolutely owned by Miami last week. Without Big Ben, I like this game to end up as a ball-control, Pats-playing-with-a-lead type game, which IMO favors Blount. Help me with my Blount question please? http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/621307-flex-blount-pit-or-tywill-atl/
  14. With Shady active I'd go Zenner. His only backfield competition is old man Forsett, so I think he'll get his fair share today. Thanks for the help with mine.
  15. Close between Landry and Diggs here, but probably lean Landry since Diggs is coming off injury. Tannehill's been awful, but think he'll feed his #1 some today. Thanks for the help with mine.