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  1. Cutler or Palmer this week?

    Thanks man. Kinda leaning toward Cutler at this point. Any other thoughts from the World of Roto?
  2. Carmelo Anthony 2017 - 2018 Season Outlook

    The simple act of trading him is a positive. Can't wait to see him try to share the ball with PG and Westbrook, LMAO.
  3. Carmelo Anthony 2017 - 2018 Season Outlook

    Yeah, Knicks were clearly hampered by Melo's no-trade clause. Given the circumstances, I honestly don't think a 25-year-old center with good offensive skills, McBuckets and his jump shot, and the Bulls' 2nd rounder next year is that bad a haul at all (esp. since that'll probably be a fairly high 2nd rounder; Bulls are gonna suck).
  4. Carmelo Anthony 2017 - 2018 Season Outlook

    Haha, no kidding. I hope people realize that last line was completely tongue-in-cheek. Sadly, the Knickerbockers are stuck with Joakim.
  5. Carmelo Anthony 2017 - 2018 Season Outlook

    I think people are way overrating what Melo has left to give to a team. Yeah Kanter is overpaid, but so is everyone in the NBA anymore. The Knicks got younger, picked up an '18 pick, and unloaded a me-first player whose skills are clearly beginning to fade. Everyone knew they wanted to trade Melo, so what better offers were really out there? Now if only they could get someone to give up youth and picks for Noah...
  6. Cutler gets the Jets on the road, and of course gang green has been gashed so far this year. But Palmer has a plus home matchup vs. a banged-up and very beatable Cowboys secondary. Struggling with two pretty good choices this week, so would appreciate any thoughts on this. Who should I start?
  7. Josh Gordon 2017 Season Outlook

    Don't know about ESPN, but on Yahoo you can IR guys like Johnson, Woodhead, and Allen Robinson, so they could be showing up in the "owned" column without taking up an active roster spot. But you can't IR suspended players, so that forces you to use an active roster spot. That's a big difference as far as ownership decisions go.
  8. Ryan Mathews 2017 Season Outlook

    Any new rumblings about a possible landing spot for Mathews? I've been poking around online and haven't found much. Hoping someone might have some insider info. Is he worth a stash, or is he done?
  9. Ardarius Stewart 2017 Season Outlook

    Or you're looking for a stash in a dynasty league, realizing that the Jets are gonna suck so bad this year, they'll use their high pick to take one of the many potential franchise-level QBs in next year's draft. Savvy fantasy owners -- especially those in deep leagues -- also know that a potential #1 WR on a crappy team might be worthy of flex or matchup consideration when said crappy team is constantly playing from behind and throwing lots of passes. Not necessarily saying he's worth drafting, but completely ignoring him simply because he's a Jet is shortsighted IMO.
  10. Taywan Taylor 2017 Season Outlook

    With Corey Davis's health a big question mark heading into the season and the injury-prone Decker now dealing with an ankle issue, might be the perfect opportunity for Taywan to establish chemistry with Mariota and show off his talent. Love having him on my dynasty roster!
  11. Dominic Smith 2017 Outlook

    I totally get preferring one over the other, but to say it's not that close is a bit of an overstatement considering just about every reputable prospect ranking site (Baseball America, MLB, etc.) has Smith rated higher. Just this past March Fangraphs did a composite of the top prospect rankings that put Smith at 70 and Hoskins at 194. Plenty has happened since then, and I'm sure there are varying opinions on upside and who's the better fantasy bet in the long run, but it most certainly IS close.
  12. August Closer Thread 2017

    Glad I've amused you so. All I was saying is I hadn't read anything definitive about Belisle being named the closer since then and was asking for a link. Thanks for being so helpful. P.S. Even when reporting on Belisle's save last night, Rotoworld indicated "Taylor Rogers is supposed to get some save chances too." Is yesterday recent enough for ya? SMH
  13. August Closer Thread 2017

    OK, I'm convinced! Belisle back in there for the save opportunity and he converts!
  14. August Closer Thread 2017

    Twins beat writers themselves have used the phrase "up in the air"... ...and I've read speculation anywhere from Rogers to Belisle to possibly even Perkins when he's back up to speed. Both Yahoo and Rotoworld have Rogers atop the closer depth chart, although admittedly the Twins site itself has Belisle. But I haven't seen anything definitive yet that Belisle is an absolute. He's available on waivers in one of my leagues, so please share a link if ya go it! Thanks.
  15. August Closer Thread 2017

    Anything to see here, or is the Minny bullpen still just as up-in-the-air as ever?