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  1. Not sure I understand this response. Don't people come to these forums to hear a variety of opinions? Should we close every player thread as soon as someone makes a comprehensive post?
  2. Another reason to pick him up for this week... Nets play 3 of their 4 games on lighter schedule days.
  3. He's definitely a wild card, but if you can get him at a cheap price/in a late round, it's worth it to see if the new approach and the power is real, IMO. There are a lot of professional prognosticators out there who seem to think that it is.
  4. Higher velocity doesn't necessarily equate to better... ERA: 4.01 in '12, 4.19 in '16 WHIP: 1.309, 1.325 BABIP: .297, .300 Per game #s: Runs: 4.32 in '12, 4.48 in '16 HRs: 1.02, 1.16 BB: 3.03, 3.11 Ks: 7.50, 8.03 So with the exception of strikeouts, all other key per-game pitching stats were better in 2012 than in 2016: http://www.baseball-reference.com/leagues/MLB/pitch.shtml Now your point about Thames past major league struggles against higher velo may be relevant here if the higher Ks means they're throwing harder... but the notion that he's somehow facing better overall pitching today than he did back in 2012 isn't borne out by the stats.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I really don't have the answer to your question, sorry. I didn't even know having to wait to post was a thing. Welcome to the forums though!
  6. Team and league in sig. Love Nola's upside...while his arm issues down the stretch last year are concerning, he seems to be healthy this spring. Nola owner said he'd do this if Gsellman is named the 5th starter for the Mets. The question is, should I? I have plenty of power bats, and Thames is a bit of a wild card at the moment. But Gsellman is in a position to succeed on a pretty good team. Is Nola's ace upside worth it for me? If he breaks out, he'd form a pretty potent top 4 SP for me with Cueto, Verlander, and Porcello. Thoughts? And leave a link if you'd like help in return.
  7. Kind of good news-bad news for Nola this spring. Arm seems to be holding up fine after last year's late-season issues. But the results have been less-than-stellar. Are you Nola owners mostly happy that he seems healthy, or worried about the pre-season ERA?
  8. The most impressive play for me was at about the 2:27 mark. Stays so disciplined, doesn't leave his feet on the pump fake, gets the block... and doesn't send it to the first row, but to a teammate. Textbook.
  9. +1. Parker's skills are eroding, and he's most likely done after next year. And Pops is clearly grooming DMurray to take over, so the talented youngster likely gets some meaningful minutes next year spelling TP before taking over full-time in 2018-19. That works for me in a dynasty.
  10. I'd love to hear people's thoughts about Alford as well. Is he a post-hype prospect worth paying attention to? How does he look this spring so far Jays fans? Is the organization still high on him as their CF of the future?
  11. Well, I'm officially on the clock and they're both still available. So far it's 5 for Thames and 2 for Davis. Really appreciate the thoughtful responses, but of course would love to hear a few more opinions before I pick if anyone would care to weigh in...
  12. For me, it starts with Bryant, Arrietta, and Marte for sure. Then Pollock for value as others have said, and I think I like Trumbo last for the raw power in that keeper round. Thanks for the help with mine.
  13. For me it's: Goldy Altuve Kershaw Harper Goldschmidt is the clear choice if he's still there... consistent, power with some SBs thrown in, great park. If he's gone, I like Altuve with his elite all-around production next, and I'd take him even with Dee on the roster. Can always flip Dee or slot him into UTIL if you need the steals that week. After that, Kershaw 'cause it's hard for me to anticipate what direction Harper is going in, and I don't like that kind of uncertainly in my high picks. Help please:
  14. Yeah, I'd do this deal. As you said, the sizable upgrade at SS def makes it a win for you. Help me please: