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  1. Am I the only one in the fantasy universe that hasn't dropped this guy by now? (It IS a deep league, 20-team dynasty.) Is there any hope he has a resurgence in the second half? Anything trending in his favor? I'm feeling a drop coming on... any reason I shouldn't?
  2. Jeez, 7 days into his 10-day IL stint and not one update. Would love to know if this is gonna be an extended stay on IL or if he’s coming back soon. Anyone find anything I might’ve missed?
  3. It's a pure dynasty, you keep all players from year to year. I wasn't sure what your ultimate conclusion was in your response... were you leaning toward yes, take the deal or no, stay put?
  4. Boy this is a tough one. I guess I'd say Conforto too. I was thinking maybe you should just drop Smith, but SP is so volatile you can never really have enough of them. Help me please:
  5. Goldy's not old enough to be washed up, and he's been an elite hitter for a long time. I think he settles in with his new team and rakes post-ASB. Might be a good time to buy low and offer him Polanco for Goldy plus another asset, see if he bites. Help me please:
  6. Non-keeper I voted A by a little. Much as I love Cole as a top-tier SP, I'd prefer the Yelich side in this deal. Best player plus enough talent from the other 2 gives that side the win by a nose. Help me please:
  7. Yup, drop Riley before Senzel. I tend toward greater upside when all things seem equal... and that's Senzel for me. Help me please:
  8. Another vote for the Saurez, Cain, Soroka side. I'm a Mets fan and I have very little confidence in Wheeler. Help me please:
  9. Definitely keep Soto. Wait until Stanton comes back and jacks a couple, then trade him off for a 3B. Help me please:
  10. Maybe throw in another piece to sweeten the pot (Porcello?), offer Joc instead, or perhaps Puig for Thor + ?. Start a dialog and see where his head's at on Syndergaard.
  11. I might consider offering up an OF like Choo or Schwarber as a buy low for Thor. I think he'll turn things around in the second half. Stuff is too good to stay mediocre forever! Thanks for the help with mine.
  12. I think he's a good enough young SP talent to take that chance and use it. The stuff is def there and I expect a solid second half despite Coors. Help me please:
  13. Definitely hang on to Stras/Altuve. Totally agree with the rest here: SPs are equal enough where you don't have to give up a proven talent at 2B in Altuve. Help please:
  14. 20-team dynasty H2H league, standard cats plus OPS and Holds... I put it out there that I was willing to trade suspended Montas for some help with my playoff stretch run this year. (Currently tied with the second-best record in the league.) Guy who's playing for next year sent me a big-time offer that I'm kind of struggling with 'cause it involves young Correa and my team would get significantly older. Here's the offer: My Correa, Montas, Alvarado, and Turnbull for His Blackmon, Bruce, A. Simmons, Price, and R. Iglesias. It would definitely bolster one of my weakest roster spots, OF. My roster: C Chirinos 1B Goldy 2B Dozier 3B Arenado SS L. Gurriel LF Braun CF Pham RF Choo UT Miggy or Grichuk DL Correa SP: Verlander, Morton, L. Lynn, Mikolas, A. Sanchez, Porcello, Turnbull, C. Richard, Montas RP: Diaz, Hand, Strop, Baez, Rogers DL: Eovaldi, Alvarado Should I pull the trigger? Any insights would be greatly appreciated, and leave a link for help in return. Thanks!
  15. Has there been an anticipated return date posted anywhere for Eovaldi? All I could find was this, dated July 6: https://www.bostonherald.com/2019/07/06/nathan-eovaldi-takes-step-closer-to-new-role-as-closer/ Anything new?