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  1. Was offered his rendon for my segura and Suarez. 14 team h2h redraft I’d be replacing my MI segura with one of Nicky Lopez, Brendan Rodgers, biggio.
  2. 14 team redraft my acuna and vlad his JDM and muncy
  3. Id go Goff. That over under for the game is too much to pass by. forums.rotoworld.com/topic/734490-evans-trade/
  4. 12 team standard redraft. My aj green and Collins His Evans and Wentz My qb: trubisky Wr: adams, Green, brown, coutee Rb: gurley, Chubb, Mack, Collins Thinking of pulling the trigger right now. Worried about the risk of green, won’t really need Collins barring injury. Could use wentz. Anyone have thoughts? Thanks!!
  5. My gurley for his kamara and juju. 12 team redraft. My rbs are gurley, Drake, Collins, ekeler my wrs are adams, Robinson, fitz, cole, Williams
  6. My Mookie for his Goldy Correa and Ozuna This is enough to let him go?
  7. I wouldnt do that trade. Seems pretty lateral, and I like Martin.
  8. So Ive declined this trade once, but was sent it again as a "Last Chance" effort. Team in sig. I give: McCaffrey + Hunt I get: Rodgers I feel like its a fair offer, but dont think my team can take the blow of losing both RBs since I went WR WR WR to start the draft. WHIR AS ALWAYS
  9. Remained in for the other 2 outs in the inning. Didnt look super serious, but we wont know until later. Hoping for the best.
  10. So they would save millions in future contracts, but wouldn't they also possibly make quite a bit by calling him up earlier too? Jersey and ticket sales have to bring some hype to the area. Would like to see how much they offset each other.
  11. Not afraid of the humidor I take it? Fangraphs had a pretty interesting article on possible loss power in AZ from the humidor being installed.