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  1. Just to clarify, this is Edwin Encarnacion for David Price.
  2. Standard 5x5 Roto league, is Edwin for Price a fair trade? Or is someone getting much more value out of this?
  3. Very discouraging start tonight following 2 good starts. Thought he was finally getting it back together.
  4. Under the hood looks good for Marquez right now. He's getting a little unlucky. I wouldn't panic yet.
  5. Has he played any 1B yet in those 5 games?
  6. Please rank the following SPs in standard Roto 5x5 for ROS: Tyler Skaggs Tanaka Stroman Hendricks Quintana Lester Thank you!
  7. Has all the talent in the world, his problem has been every time he gets hot, he gets hurt. Then he'll go on month+ long slumps. But when he's hot, he's one of the best out there.
  8. Thoughts on his match up tonight against the Red Sox?
  9. At this point, I think the better chance for Hiura to get the call is if Aguilar and Thames continue to not hit. They’d be forced to move Shaw to first, Moose to third and call Hiura up to play 2nd every day.
  10. Out of the lineup again today. Sounds like this hand issue is a little more serious than they first led on. Anyone have anymore information?
  11. You're missing Royce Lewis, otherwise good.
  12. 3/5 and another 2 HRs today. He’s been hot hot hot.
  13. Thanks Ulls. I agree with all you’ve said. Looking for a few more opinions if possible.
  14. Standard 5x5 Roto Full Dynasty League Forget about need, who would you rather have in a full dynasty 5x5 roto league, Albies or Andujar?